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Today's Report From Copenhagen

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17 December 2009, 7:54 AM
Highlights from the climate change conference on Dec. 16

(Editor's Note: This file presents news and information from the Copenhagen climate change conference on Dec. 17, distilled from news outlet reports. Check for updates during the day.)

<Update>: A leaked draft document at Copenhagen suggests that the political agreement being forged will allow the planet's temperature to rise so high that disastrous consequences will result.

<Update>: Money appears to be thawing the stalled climate change negotiations. China, in response to Hillary Clinton's promise (see paragraph below) to pay, is now signalling its willingness to cooperate. Sounds like a major break.

The U.S. will contribute to a $100 billion annual fund to help low-income countries deal with the effects of climate change, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton announced today - a sign of hope at a conference mired in low-income vs rich issues, reports The New York Times With President Obama on his way to Copenhagen for a climactic summit tomorrow, Clinton's pledge may help strengthen the president's bid for international leadership on the issue. Perhaps more immediately important, the funding promise seems to have gotten conference talks going again. But time is running out...

President Obama leaves today for Copenhagen, but his hopes of making the U.S. a credible climate change leader could be torpedoed by Congress, warns Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen. Legislators are shaping a compromise that allows existing, dirty, coal-fired power plants to escape crucial pollution controls.

Climate change disputes are heating up the Republican Party faster than the planet, reports The Christian Science Monitor. Sarah Palin is accusing Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of choking his state's economy with green policies, and Arnold says Sarah has her head buried in the snow. Some strong Republican legislators are on Arnold's side, but Sen. James Inhofe (R) of Oklahoma is on his way to Copenhagen, not only to debunk global warming science but to warn confreres that Congress won't support strong limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

The list of what hasn't been resolved yet in Copenhagen is long. Here's The National Post's scorecard.

For perspectives, news and information from environmental groups at the conference, check out the The Copenhagen New.


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In my opinion it is about 10 years too late to reach some serious conclusion or deal regarding the climate between developed and developing countries. The latter need to develop their infrastructure to the level in developed countries and they do not want to pay more for that in terms of climate penalties than the developed countries payed in previous 100 years. As such the only possibility to do a deal would be 10 years ago, when China and India were not so strong economically. Now, it is simple too late, at least in my opinion.
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American people, and can only harm the Ionosphere surrounding this planet, as well as the natural electromagnetic energy that makes mother Earth what she is. We are 'not' the divine intervention...but we have been part of the bleak circumstances we see, and it needs to stop. There are too many issues to contend with at Copenhagen without losing the freedom that our independence has brought us, and fought for by our servicemen.

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During the conference some countries stated what actions they were proposing to take if a binding agreement was achieved. In the end, no such agreement was reached and the actions will instead be debated in 2010. Listing by country or political union. Sections in alphabetic order, table according to higher objectives.
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Until now we were used to used our credit card but now we need to go back to our roots and to spend only what we have and not what we`ll have

I must say that giving away money the American people DO NOT HAVE 'IS' a very bad idea. And who's paying for this nice contribution?

It is important that we note the restrictions and improvements that must be made to the coal industry. However, it is also imperative that everyone understands that the processing of coal takes enormous amounts of fresh water that would better be used for safe drinking. All chemicals should be 'banned' from water, as it is necessary sustenance for all life. Since the 'clean air technologies' have been hidden since the 1960s, let us also note that people are in need of jobs. Opening up the technological opportunities and general labor required to create these models are a necessity. It would improve the quality of air as well as the quality of living standards, which are beginning to suffer in the U.S.. We need to reduce emissions; however, the Climate Change that is now taking place IS an all natural event. We 'are' at the ending of a 26,000 year cycle. The Axis of the Earth 'has tilted,' which the scientists and governments have 'not told people' but is obvious by the exceptionally enormous Sun that is currently visible in the Northern States. Folks must keep in mind, that during this time of change it is 'not' going to assist the planet to pass a treaty, which will put many people below poverty level. There is 'not' a treaty, or a tax that can reverse this situation. I can only hope this is understood, and that people realize that a greenhouse affect is 90% cloud vapor and water. The other 10% being Co2, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and O2, with the quantity of Co2 @ a mere 0.038%, which is a little over 1/3 of 1%. This amount is very, very minute and is necessary to sustain the life of trees and plants, in order that they can produce the O2 that we breath. In other words...oxygen. I understand that many terms and conditions are also within this treaty for global governance. I choose not to be taxed for the air I breath. I was born on this planet with the divine right to exist on it, without having to pay for something that is in more than abundant quantity, and is not 'owned by governments or special interests.' Who do they 'think' they are to do such a thing? I have not seen signatures from the Divine Creator turning the Earth and Universe over to them to own and tax. I do, however, reject and condemn the continuous spraying of the atmosphere with chemicals such as Barium, magnesium, copper, aluminum crystals and sulfur dioxide in such massive quantities, that they're choking the life out of this planet; not to mention the millions of metric tons of 'fuel emissions' from the jets spreading it around. At the cost of 'killing off' what is left in the oceans, and by suffocating all life with chemicals, I choose to promote a sustainable future 'without geo-engineering' the Earth. This was a very horrendous decision, and one that REQUIRES immediate reversal. I also reject and condemn the use of HAARP as weather and electronic control, for weather and all else. These experiments, which have been taken over by the military using secretiveness and procedures not approved of by the American people, and can only harm the Ionosphere surrounding this planet, as well as the natural electromagnetic energy that makes mother Earth what she is. We are 'not' the divine intervention...but we have been part of the bleak circumstances we see, and it needs to stop. There are too many issues to contend with at Copenhagen without losing the freedom that our independence has brought us, and fought for by our servicemen. We do not need global governance and tax demands, which will make us 'slaves' to a cause...we need the freedom to make decisions and carry them out amongst ourselves, setting a 'time stamp' for urgency. This will force the technology out of hiding, and out of the hands of massive corporate interest and the oil barrons, creating smaller groups of companies, with the new blood for creating a sustainable future.

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