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EPA Reversal May Cleanse Florida Coal Plant

One of the last dirty coal power plants on tap in the Sunshine State could get cleaner, thanks to new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Lisa Jackson and her wise decision to take another look at regulating carbon dioxide emissions under the Clean Air Act.

The proposed 750-megawatt Seminole Electric coal generator in Palatka (Northeast Florida, south of Daytona Beach) got its approval from Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection in September 2008. Representing the Sierra Club, Earthjustice filed an appeal in Florida's First District Court of Appeal a month later.

Earthjustice's lawsuit points out that Seminole Electric isn't planning to use the best available technology to control the damaging pollution that will spew from the smokestacks. Any decision the EPA makes on carbon dioxide regulation will have bearing on our case.

We're urging Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to direct his Department of Environmental Protection agency secretary Mike Sole to withdraw Seminole Electric's permit and start again.

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