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"Drill Baby" Attacks Climate Bill

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15 July 2009, 12:03 PM

American politics is a wonder. Let’s say you’re unhappy with the climate bill narrowly passed by the House of Representatives a while back. You think you might be able to influence the Senate and an eventual conference committee if you could get an opinion piece published in the Washington Post. Who would be your best messenger? A respected scientist to argue about the science? A Nobel prizewinning economist to attack the economics of the bill? Maybe a former government energy official from the not too distant past? How about Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin? The soon-to-be-former governor of Alaska and Tina Fey lookalike who ran for vice president on the McCain ticket? Why, yes. Sarah’s your choice.

The article she signed  is a political screed, almost utterly bereft of facts and running contrary to most accepted science. Grist Magazine has a series of careful rebuttals as do Huffington Post  and The Atlantic .

But the questions remain: Who cares what Sarah Palin has to say about how to rescue the climate and why in the world is the Post giving her its bully pulpit?

Sarah Palin shows us just how many blind, ignorant (and greedy) people there are living in America now just by the sheer numbers of supporters she rallies. Her entire agenda absolutely sickens me as well as the sheep who follow her. If all we care about as humans is ourselves & monetary profit....we're doomed. We don't deserve this beautiful place called Earth.

WELL PUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Greg's comment - agreed and very well put

I'm hoping a cable TV network will find a sit-com for her so she can have the attention she craves. She is such a drama queen! I am disgusted at men who are thinking with their penis, not their brains. Her attacks on wildlife & wild lands is enough for me to wish her gone from public life forever.

Sarah Palin is a despicable person. Her character has been defined in her actions against wildlife. Her rigorous support of the program of aerial hunting for wolves and predatory animals speaks volumes for the kind of person that she is. As governor of a pristine state such as Alaska, she does not protect the wildlife and critical habitat, allows the mass slaughter of wolves and other natural predators, offers a bounty to the "kill for fun bullies" who engage in aerial hunting when they present the severed leg of a wolf, and promotes the "drill for dollars" mentality of the big oil companies in damaging critical habitat areas, because thats who she is in bed with. Her campaign with McCain was a general farce and proved that ethical policy decisions for the good of all is not in her making. She is a vile, self centered person, as well as a political disaster waiting to happen at the expense of the American Public. She does have a brain though and is a very calculated individual, as her cold-hearted manipulations of political policies as governor of Alaska displayed. Then when the state needs her she resigns because her aspirations have outgrown her need for Alaska and her constituents. Beware of her cutesy, folksy, hockey mom crap. It is smoke and mirrors, one aspect that the Republicans have taught her to be good at, in order to cover up her shallow, mercenary attitude. An attitude that does not value all life equally, cares nothing about our planet in peril, and is ready to line her pockets with all of the percs that she can gain from politics. Actually I'm glad that she is running because it will make the Democratic and Independent candidates jobs a lot easier. Edward J. Palma, Branford, Connecticut

The Palin comments I could not have said better.....I totally agree with you....she is a menace and needs to be stopped, corralled, harrassed, and hog tied at every turn regarding her anti-environment campaign....she is very much concerned about lining her pockets though...yes do not be swayed by her cutesy, folksy, all america hockey mom is a devil in disguise type image.............i would trust a wolf pack and even hang out with them before approaching this Devil woman....she touts her christianity, all about god, right wing religious creationist opinions.......but yet attempts to deystroy all that is good in nature to line her pockets and pat the back of her oil industry and sports hunting slime.......they are all barbaric, demonic menaces to this planet......avoid, shun, ignore, reject and wake up to the menace of Palin...!!!!!!!

Because that is Sarah's new job. She has secured funding and is going to be running the circuit to kill "Clean Energy". Let me see if I can guess where her funding is coming from?

If no one quoted her or said a word about her, she would no doubt disappear from our thoughts and minds. Let's not say anything about her - I think she is a sick, brain dead person.

They are giving her a place to spew her republican written garbage. They think that we are so dumb we can't see through this kind of political bashing. She has already started on her way to a loss in the 2012 presidential elections. The Republicans are already doing everything they can to bash Obama. All they are doing is hurting themselves when they fill the airwaves with the Republican bad mouth people like the one's on Fox News. I'm sure we will see a lot more of Sarah on Fox over the next few years. Personally I hope she is the Republican candidate in 2012. Then we will show them that just being a woman is not enough to get elected. The women of this country are smarter than that. I think the Republican Party is dead, at least for the next 10 to 20 years. They think they will breed new Republicans in our schools. That means they think that they have control of the school system. We better keep an eye on what's being taught to our kids. We could even teach them at home?

Here we are - proof again that Sarah Palin is apparently inacapable of writing or saying anything intelligent or anything worth listening to. I have never, ever seen any ideas or concepts worthy of any attention or consideration actually attributed to the woman. After that painful-to-watch debacle that was her campaign, followed by her leaving elected office way before her term was up for no known acceptable reason, can anybody tell me why they would expect her to suddenly have acquired a brain AND the ability to use it? Not a very likely occurrence.

Totally correct and very well put. John McCain lost my vote and my respect when he choose a totally incompetent and embarrassingly ignorant individual to run as his campaign mate. What a terrifying proposition--to consider Sarah Palin as president or vice-president of this country.

I agree 100% and wonder how anyone could think Sarah Palin has a brain.

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