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Nanuclear of the North

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17 March 2009, 11:53 AM

Quick—what country exports the most oil into the United States? Saudi Arabia? Venezuela? Iraq?

Nope. Canada. And the oil we get from our northern neighbor is about the most ridiculous energy bargain imaginable. Most of the stuff comes from vast deposits of tar sands in Alberta. Eventual emissions of CO2 are three times as much as from an equivalent amount of conventional crude oil. Mining the sands requires razing wide expanses of boreal forests and the peat soil beneath the trees, an inconvenient substance the industry sometimes calls "overburden." This is clearly disastrous for wildlife as well as for groundwater and air quality.

And now the capper—extraction of the tar sands and conversion to usable oil is so energy intensive that Canada is considering building nuclear plants to generate the electricity necessary to mine and refine the sands. This would be, according to a series of articles and links gathered by Grist magazine  (make sure to look at the photographs), the first time so-called "clean" nuclear electricity would be used to provide decidedly unclean fossil fuels to keep global warming rocketing along on track.

People really are nuts.

it's better than the alternative, which is burning natural gas to heat the water to remove the tar from the sand. You aren't going to get around the fact that they are producing oil there and, as an added bonus, when it's gone, they can export the nuclear energy, too.

Mining the sands requires razing wide expanses of the north face outlet boreal forests and the peat soil beneath the trees, north face jackets on sale an inconvenient substance the industry sometimes calls "overburden." This is clearly disastrous for north face outlet wildlife as well as for groundwater and air quality.

Power & Profit. AGAIN.

The prime minister of Canada is Stephen Harper. He is from Alberta, and also garners most of his support from there. As such, he is as corrupted by oil money as Bush was in the US. It's time to say, "Harper (Bush-lite), be gone!"

Oil extraction from tar sands also wastes a lot of water...
There was a good interview with Mike Hudema, of Greenpeace Canada, that aired last month about this. You can watch it here:

I can't believe you are furthering efforts for fossil fuel production!! We are trying to move away from this technology....did Bush move to Canada and are you having him make energy decisions? You really need to rethink your handling of this...

This has to be stopped TODAY because we are killing off innocent animals that have nothing to do with our energy and that is a fact.

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