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Public to EPA and Obama Admin: Cut Global Warming Pollution

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31 August 2010, 4:31 PM
New poll shows majority of voters support EPA action

In 2011, the EPA is expected to propose the first-ever limits on global warming pollution from coal-fired power plants—good news, considering these pollution giants are responsible for a third of CO2 emissions in the United States. To the industry lobbyists and their mouthpieces in Congress who are resorting to all sorts of fear-mongering to smother these critical efforts: take heed—the American public isn't on your side.

A new poll from the Benenson Strategy Group, commissioned by NRDC, polled 1,401 registered voters and found that 60 percent support the regulation of global-warming gases from power plants and refineries, another significant source of such pollution. And in a vote of confidence for the EPA, 54 percent expressed confidence in the agency's ability to control the emissions.

Along with a suite of other pollution control rules the EPA is and will be pursuing, the forthcoming rules to limit global warming pollution from coal plants provide a tremendous opportunity to protect our health and planet while building a clean energy future. Those on the payroll of big polluters will try to keep us stuck in the past, but a vocal American public that demands strong action on global warming from the EPA and the Obama administration can help carry us forward.

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This is a great site and it's refreshing not to see too many politically stilted and or inane comments about the necessity to clean up the environment. There is however a major point that many many people on the side of the environment are missing. America is run on greed, selfish robber barons like the Koch brothers do not care about their children, their grand children or the planet. There are two ways to get comprehensive and agressive legislation passed in the U.S. The first is a Pakistan styled flood somewhere where white people live and the second is to convince by demonstration and very simple explication the benefits for the greedy. Changing our economy over to environment friendly creates real long term and well paying jobs, helps the planet, and can make lots of MONEY for the greedy. We all have to sell this to the big corporation morons that protect the status quo. Instead of retching about coal let's get them to re-tool to sequestration plants while we develop alternatives that can be cheaply and safely mass produced. It's not the environmentally minded nor the intelligent that run the country it's the corporations that pay Limbaugh's and Beck's salaries. We've got to make them understand that their greed is safe in a green economy.

yes, we all should!

The Solar Roadways project is a solution for weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels entirely with an infrastructure that our governments are already looking for: an intelligent highway system combined with a Smart Grid.

We've entered our project in the Ecomagination Challenge, which could provide up to $200M in funding for the next big idea in renewable energy and Smart Grid technology. We could really use your votes to get the funding that we need to make the Solar Roadways project a reality. It could mark the beginning of the end of our need for fossil fuels.

Thank you very much - Scott & Julie

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