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Wrong Tactic for Right Whales

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29 January 2010, 12:47 PM
Navy plans in Florida threaten whales' calving area

There are only about 400 right whales in existence at the moment. Which means the loss of just one of these creatures could contribute to the overall extinction of the entire species.

That's why Earthjustice joined with several groups to challenge the U.S. Navy's decision to build it's $100 million Undersea Warfare Training Range in the calving ground for the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. The range would be 50 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida. This is the only known calving range for right whales. In total, 14 conservation groups are protesting this training range.

We're asking the Navy and the National Marine Fisheries Service to study the impacts of building and operating the training range in this location. The Navy has moved forward with this plan despite protests from Earthjustice and other groups. But we plan to challenge this plan—and protect right whales as best we can.

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we really need to help these whales....THEY ARE GOING EXTINCT!!!

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Earth: reasons to wake up and do the right thing for it and us!

1st why people have made the choice to do the wrong things too the environment. how are we manipulated into not doing the right thing. why it is ok for us to do the things we do. do we rationalize because everyone else is doing it? or at least many do. is that making really ok to do? 2nd why would we do the wrong things to the Earth ? putting toxins’ in the air and water, is to put toxins in a place ware they harm people and all living things! the things that keep us alive!. when is it enough ? as it is now, 3 million people a year are dieing from pollution related illness and 10,000 a week die from cancer and that just in the U.S.A.. but still there is no big movement to change the way we get around or how we do things. people are still not that concerned ! and it blows me away! people will start a war because of a maybe or because of 9/11, not to make light of what happed then or the seriousness of 9/11 but we have a much bigger problems. some still do not believe that the global warming or climate change is because of man, but most that I talk to whom believe that it is not a man made problem, have not bothered to even see the many documentaries’ that have been made, like ( the science and the solutions ) that explains how the earth works and how the gas’s we humans make, are putting thing out of balance . then there are other factors that people have changed things, like the fact that 95% of the trees are gone in the U.S.A. that helped keep the carbon balance, like some of the coal company’s say, trees or plants use carbon and make them grow and in some sick mockery, have a area that they are pumping carbon to show that it makes them grow faster the problem with this theory, is that while it indeed makes them grow faster, when pumped right at them most escapes and is not used by the plants. plants do make oxygen and carbon helps them to grow but if we are make 300 billion tons of pollution every year and only 5% of the trees and most of the carbon is not being used it’s a problem. and back when 100% of the trees were there, there was not nearly as much pollution being made and they were growing just fine! and know humans make 300 billion tons a year!
right now the U.S.A. is using so much coal, that it is said that you could fill rail road cars end to end and in one year of burning, would be enough to cercal the earth 20 times, and that just the U.S.A.. places like china and India its a lot more and most of the standers for clean air and water are not kept. now they can confirm that the remnants’ from the coal being burned can be tract to china. it is now poisoning are lakes and rivers and sky’s and stays in the atmosphere for 2 or 3 hundred years! then the destruction of the Appalachian mountains’ to get the coal to burn and sell to china and others is destroying an area, that is home to hundreds species and extracting it is poisoning wells and get the locals sick! a study was done that shows wind farms on the mountains that are left is a better way to go! even monetarily, but as it is 60% of are lakes and rivers are so polluted that they are not safe to swim in or to eat the fish out of them. they became 20% worse over the years of no caring for the environment or the bush years. and to give you an idea of how other species are doing, now we are losing one every 20 minutes. Did you know that beetles, barnacles, pikas, pine warblers, and many other species are already being forced to relocate because of global warming? How much more will they need to move, and how quickly, to keep pace with global warming over the next century? Which species will be able to survive our shifting climate? Which may not? And what can we do?
I had a biology class on san Francisco bay one of the 5 estuaries’ of the planet and was told of a time when the sky would be covered with birds for 5 minutes at a time! and that was just 60 years ago! that’s like a minute in earths time. now you have to go to specific places to find them. and the water in the bay was so polluted, that at that time almost killed off a bacteria that brakes down plant mater that feeds bugs and worms that feeds fish and birds that feed some of us. and we have the dead zone in the gulf of Mexico the size of road island. and the salmon are having a hard time because the rives and streams do no have food for the baby salmon because of pollution in then kills what would be food for them, not to mention the countless rivers they cant make it up because of dams.
the U.S.A. is not the only one with these problems most countries are in the same boat. it is not only the U.S.A. that is a sleep at the weal and letting coal company and auto companies do as they wish, 200 million cars in the U.S.A. still pumping poisons and the little bit of mileage change is not what is needed! but everyone still thinks! the little bit that I add! will not make much of a difference! and many others are, why should I change! and one hundred million or so cars stuck in traffic for hours every day. the earth is this biosphere with millions of little creatures’ that help it working and we are killing them and us! would you run a car inside your house? would you put poisons in the air you breath or the water you drink ? I say to you your doing it every time you drive and when you get your power from coal! its way past time to stand up! and clean up the way we live on this very special place called earth!

think of the costs of what you are doing! when millions are all doing bad things it adds up vary quickly and as a people we destroying life every day with are careless way of life! we need to have a greater since of how what we do, is having a vary real impacts on not just us but every thing a round us. demand that are government do the right things, by not letting corporate giants get away with not doing the right things. demand that there are environmentally better product are used, and there are many out there that are far less harmful to the environment. one of the problems is the price is to high for many but if massively produced the price will come down and should replace the others! there are now many examples of green company’s that are making good profits and doing the right thing, what will it take to get the worst to clean it up? do we need to start wrongful death suits for the millions that die every year? like was done too the tobacco industry. I don’t see why not! with 30 to 40% higher cancer rates by refinery’s and many other industries killing as well.
and the health cost for the ones living with cancer, it is unreal with 10,000 a week dieing from cancer, how many are fighting for their lives, with it and 46 million in the U.S.A. with no insurance. then there are hundreds of other ailments that kill from the poisons’ that are used, some 60.000 unregulated chemicals’ is what I was told. like D.D.T. and other poisons still made in the U.S.A. but not used here! along with many others. and we get are food from some of these places that use them!
next is the fact that we have a very limited amount of time to change the infrastructure of the way we live on this planet. one reason is that we are killing all the life on it. the second reason is that we are running out of oil! if you have not seen the documentary called (crude awakening) it will tell you the fact that we are using oil far faster than ever and that their has not been a manger OIL discovery in more than 30 years, and with many countries looking for it and using it. if you care about life, the way to go is green and not! drilling for more poison to put in the air and water and your systems that might give you the cancer! they talk about drilling in Alaska but they don’t tell you about the hundreds of spices that migrate every year to that pristine wilderness or the fact that it would be a very small percentage of what the U.S.A. is using every day. and will last only 2 years. but the fact is that we are running out of oil! it may be 20 or as much as 30years left ! of being the primary energy, that’s the time that is left to get ready for that time with no oil and if we use it smart and build a new infrastructure that is not reliant on oil. we might be able to live and get food and stay warm and get around to some extent. if not the world will suffer but its more all living things will suffer for peoples misdeeds, to the living.
I don’t know if you seen the 20 min video on (story of stuff .com) that tells of how this throw away society has made fast work of the worlds resources’ they have a new one out about (carbon trading!) on the same site and it tells, how it will not do what it is said to do. that it will make many rich, and that some of the same guys that did such a nice job with Enron are working on the deals.
fact if you wish to clean the environment, you stop pollutions that make the problem! not pass it out!, like it ok to do, this much here or there, its not ok!
I propose that we have a day of service, like is done for jury duty but for the environment. ware each person use the skills that they have in a way that will help clean up or green there town or surrounding areas. also this can be used with forest management, thinning out areas or what ever needed. maybe pick trash by the rives and creeks or make sheer the local companies are keeping it clean. and that places like schools and or prisons have green houses that can be used to grow seedlings, to plant in vacant lots or peoples yards and especially to replant areas that have had big fires. another thing if someone litters or other crimes that they be required to do things that make things better, like clean up trash or planting. also it would be good if people with yards can plant trees with out getting hit for more taxes. we need billions of trees to help slow the climate change and hold rain to stop flooding and mud slides and for life.
its time for people to change! the way we live ! how we live! and how we look at the world we live in. it must be a symbiotic relationship. we must give back to the earth and the creatures that keep us alive! and we need to get past the thought that the more junk we have the better. what do we need to survive? the more we use the more strain we put on this planet and resources and life on it. a thing that has been around for sometime is to buy local food because the average food travels 2000 miles. I think it would be better for the planet if we live local as much as we can and or take public transportations if we must go . we all need to cut are carbon foot print. it is said that the average family of 4 puts 5o tons of carbon in the air every year, but that can be cut in ½ if you look up your carbon foot print and do the right things for you and you family. plant trees in you yard! to help off set you foot print. grow a garden in your back yard, save money and eat food that you know ware its been and what’s on it and how it was grown. take a brake from the TV and relax out side.
I just wish that people would have as much love for the things that keep them alive as they do for sports! if one tenth of the time and energy was spent on figuring out how to make are lives less damaging to us and the living things on earth who no’s ware we would be or that amount of time being Stewarts of the earth we could save many more spices and one of them might be us! MABE! have the same people when the season done for there favorite sport, get together with the ones they watch the games with work on things to help! call it( team earth) that’s the team that can not lose!
with 6 point 8 billion people on the planet I think if we worked toward the common goal of making this a heath planet, we could get much done, too save life!
if only some were not misguiding others into thinking every thing is fine!
if countries would only spend there money and efforts to helping and not warring with others. the U.S.A. spends 5 to 6 trillion a year on war related expenses’ just think how green we could be if part of that money were spent on greening and the jobs that would create, and the better heath of all living things.
but the lack of education and the greed of big companies keep the death train moving and we are all in the way of greed! and it blows its horn genocide for profit no mater the cost.
but like an American Indian said at a rally, the rich will finally understand when the last bird has flown and the last fish has been hooked , that you can not eat money!
still other talk about colonizing mars. I think it is a star trackers idea of the thing to do. people cant hardly make it on earth with all the things that we need to live! and most would never get to go anyway.
if we are going to make it we have got to make it here!
its time to look at the earth as the only home we have and get busy cleaning house!
lets see what we have to work with and the jobs that need to be done, then think of the best way to get the things done! but with forethought for the years ahead. 20 or 30 years, to prepare by making life doable without oil and coal in way that we keep life healthy and us all in a more sane world, ware we are not poisoning all life with the way we live.
the time is so short with so much to lose!
with 3 million homeless here in the U.S.A. the ones that can and wish to could be given food and shelter for doing things that help!
lets have the news be how we are doing making this a better world.
lets have are TV be used too inform us, on what the problems are and how we are going to work together as a people or with groups or clubs to get things done right.

if you love life do it for all things that live!
if you love nature do it for that!
if you love god! be a Stewart of all of creation !
if you are greedy do it for the money you can make going green!

but what ever you do lets get the change happening!


by: Roger Schmidt 1.27.10

let us know when there's a hearing folks can show up to. my son loves whales, including right whales, and we live close to DC. i think he should be there when they make the decision to destroy the creatures he loves. he's only 6.

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