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Florida's Fingers Crossed Over Gulf Oil Spill

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22 July 2010, 9:25 AM
Nightmare is easing, but the toll and cleanup are at hand

We have our fingers crossed here in Florida that the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is finally plugged. This has been a nightmare summer for all of us.

Now we begin the grim tasks of assessing the damage to vast stretches of some of the most productive wetlands and shorelines in the world—wetlands that no one knows how to clean up.

We will see what toll the oil and dispersants take on wildlife. And we will see how oil, sprayed by dispersants and now floating around in the water column, behaves in storms.

Our other task is to make sure that the government and the oil industry learn from this disaster.

Earthjustice has filed nine lawsuits related to the Gulf oil spill, and we will see these through in the coming months—or years. This pollution tragedy exposed serious gaps in America's regulatory system. It has failed to protect the environment, the wildlife, and the public from harm.

Our aim is to formulate genuine and effective safety regulations. We want real disclosure about the risks of oil well blowouts—not the make-believe scenarios that oil companies have submitted to lax regulators year after year. And we will show that the inherently limited oil spill containment capability proves that some areas should simply be off limits to oil drilling.

Through legal action, we are making the case for effective oil spill response—not the fictitious documents which greatly underestimated the potential for catastrophe from blown-out oil wells. We have seen starkly that the oil industry has spent 30 years improving its techniques to extract oil, but has done nothing to improve its methods of containing a spill or cleaning it up.

 We have been blindsided and shocked by the massive pollution of our Gulf. Our shock is now giving way to resolve—resolve to make sure this never happens to the places we love again.

Well done! Thank you very much for professional templates and community edition

Boy, is this ever misleading. The Gulf threat is NOT past, and in fact, it's just beginning. The use of Corexit (a close cousin of Agent Orange and in fact, made by the same monsters) is now in the bloodstream of every living thing along the coast and who knows how far the wind has carried it? As one biologist said quite prominently, "the use of corexit made this two-dimensional problem a three-dimensional one." And then there is the threat of methane being stirred up and swept ashore with the potential to kill thousands during a hurricane. The ecosystem is quite dead, and those at the top of the food chain along the Gulf are already dying a slow death. The scientists on the ground doing the measurements are trying to get the word out, but I guess Mr. Guess has not gotten the memo.

I wish you were accurate about that plug, but I wouldn't be so sure of that, Mr. Guest.

PROOF that the "new cap" BP installed in the Gulf was NOT over the well that exploded and destroyed the New Horizon Rig.

PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20

PROOF the "new cap" is on the FIRST well that BP blew up in February...

Latitude 28.738132500000003
Longitude -88.36592777777777

Latitude 28.73778527777778
Longitude -88.36682805555554

Check this out
Use the above decimal mapping coordinates on the live marine traffic map linked below (as you move the map around, the coordinates change). You will see where the ROVS are in relationship to the TWO well blowouts:

It appears the SKANDI NEPTUNE, which has been showing images of the "new cap for the BOP" is at the location of the FIRST well that blew, and NOT the second well (that destroyed the rig).

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