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CNN Investigates a 'Toxic America'

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02 June 2010, 11:36 AM
Residents of Mossville, La. speak out in debut of a new CNN investigation
Aerial view of a chemical plant in Louisiana.

Breathing isn't a choice. Everyone does it, no matter where they live. But for many Americans, where they live has a tremendous impact on the quality of the air they breathe.

Take a look at Mossville, Louisiana for instance, which is home to 14 chemical plants. The town's residents are plagued by severe health problems like cancer and kidney disease attributed to pollution from these local facilities.

Tonight at 8 PM ET/PT, CNN will profile the toxic plight of Mossville and its residents in "Toxic Towns USA," which is part of a two-night special investigation called "Toxic America" that culminates a "year-long, stunning look into toxic chemicals, health and the environment," according to the network. The investigation will continue tomorrow night with "Toxic Childhood" at 8PM ET/PT.

In 2009, the EPA agreed to start regulating toxic emissions from PVC plants (Mossville has one) thanks to a lawsuit in which Earthjustice represented Sierra Club and two community groups in Louisiana: Mossville Environmental Action Now (MEAN) and Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN).

Take a look at the powerful preview video below and make sure to tune in to this important special. We'll have more after it airs.

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I Know the most dangerous words you can hear are I am from the gov't and i am here to help you
The Toxic waste area that is on the superfund list was offering free walking tours thru the property so you can see how well they are doing. The majority of the problem involves groundwater contamination that is monitored thru "special wells". I have no idea what walking around the grounds would do except to perhaps expose us to carcinogenics know to exist on the property or maybe a photo op for local politician and the corp people...

We have the right to live in a clean non toxic environment. The Government must act to create a healthier environment.

It is not good, if the Governments just think about their money, without thinking about the people, who live in these areas.

my husband of 21 years grew up in Mossville; I myself have lived in Mossville and our two daughters were born in the area as well. we know first hand what this polution is doing to the residents and it is not exagerated. Uncle "Red"s picture was included in those shown of the individuals whom have died in this area due to cancerous and related deseases potentially caused by the polution in the atmosphere (water and soil). My mother in law (Red's sister) died of cancer which started in the breast, then years later she grew a 4 pound tumor in her stomach then it went to her pancreas and that was her end. Aunt "Tee" (another sibling) is currently battling with breast cancer, not to mention my own husband is also currently battling the most lethal type of cancer any individual may develop (((poorly differenciated gastric adenocarcinoma))) he also had a tumor in his stomach having to remove 60% of it and 6 inches of his colon in early 2006; in 2009 he grew another tumor in the bile duct removed by surgery again, consequences of this surgery caused him an empaima and had to have another surgery of the right lung to remove this, he is now at an advanced stage IV undergoing chemotherapy (no longer candidate for suregery or radiation); all is in the hands of The Lord!!!

"please really take heat to helping this situation"

Thank you CNN, Ms Felix, Ms. Subra and last but most defenitely not least Dr. Sanjay Gupta for researching and taking the necessary steps to hopefully achieve corrective action!

Maria Withers....

Mossville LA, is one of Thousands of Town across america who are fighting toxic pollution in this country and around the world I hope everyone will look at this Documentary and ask what is in my back yard!!!

Our government is in bed with BIG CORPORATIONS! Check out on youtube 'Bohemien Grove California'. Big corporations and our politicians running around in the forest worshipping pagen idol. If this ever made mainstream television media the publics eyes would be wide open!

your comment is completely true. greed. the more we have the less we care

This is just pathetic of our government! These people and God knows how many others are suffering from "the man" to make his BUCK! The GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US! This is evident! Look at Mossville and the Gulf right now as we speak! THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!!! We will never be first - The government thinks that they will always be first and MONEY IS EVERYTHING to them.

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