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Senate Quashes Murkowski Attack on Clean Air Act

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10 June 2010, 3:08 PM
53 senators stood up for clean air
Sen. Lisa Murkowski

You can breathe that sigh of relief.

At the end of the hours-long debate on the effort by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) effort to keep the U.S. EPA from controlling greenhouse gases, 53 senators came out in support of America's right to clean air. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) said the Murkowski resolution was a choice between "real science and political science."

The vote of 53-47 killed the resolution but did not end the debate on whether the EPA should monitor our nation's global warming emissions. (More on that later).

In a statement, Earthjustice senior legislative representative Sarah Saylor said:

The Senate was faced with an important decision today: Will it work to protect the American people, safeguard our environment, and promote a clean-energy economy—or will it work to protect the worst polluters, the ones who use their deep pockets to try to buy Washington?

The American people won today. One of our nation's most effective environmental laws, the Clean Air Act, stands intact after 40 years of serving public health and our planet.

The Senate has spoken and our nation's leaders agree that we need this cornerstone Act, and in fact we need every tool we have to shift our country toward a prosperous and healthy clean-energy future.

We thank and applaud the 53 Senators who stood up against irresponsible polluters and voted for accountability and responsibility.

For the last several months, we have heard many of the senators who supported this resolution, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, argue that the Senate should be legislating climate change and energy policy. So now that that this matter is settled, we take them at their word and look forward to seeing the Senate move forward immediately on advancing and passing a strong, comprehensive climate change and energy Senate bill. We also look forward to seeing the historic clean cars standards take effect on July 6, helping reduce our dependence on oil.

As our worst environmental disaster in American history continues to unfold, there's never been a better moment for our nation's leaders to hold polluters accountable.

This vote was a nail-biter. Way back in September, Murkowski introduced the effort as an amendment. The initiative developed into a resolution and gained support from the likes of Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE), Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and others.

While we won this vote, there will be others.

Our intel tells us there remain a few industry-influenced senators and representatives who are forging their plans to thwart the EPA's efforts to keep our air clean.

But today, we can cheer for a historic win.

The large "global" energy companies are classified as "Super Major Corporations," or "Super Majors." These lifeless inventions of The King of England were created to enslave the people of The United States of America by way of The Original Thirteen Colonies in North America in which each colony was a separate corporation owned by the King. Now British Petroleum, a Super Major has purchased it way into writing rules and regulations under The US Minerals Management Service where BP polices itself while drilling for oil in US waters. The Super Majors have utilized "legal bribery" by way of "lobbyists" in Washington DC to derail the Environmental Protection Service special investigators and prosecutors attempting to enforce The Clean Air Act and The Clean Water Act while gaining the ability to drill for oil in water a mile and more deep which has never been done in US waters and where a disastrous oil well "blow out" has taken place in Australian waters. The CEO of Exxon Mobil stated that they do not have the ability to timely stop a deep water oil blow out and further they do not have the ability to timely "clean up" an environmental disaster brought on by a deep oil well blow out. It is time to revoke the corporate charters of these super major corporations that destroy the lives of US Citizens and the beauty of The United States of America via massive disasters and then fight in US courts for decades to not pay for their disasters ie. Exxon Valdez. These corporations have also corrupted The US Supreme Court decisions regarding one person one vote in The United States by being designated as "persons." Corporations are not persons, were never persons, and will never be persons; corporations are illusory inventions of The King of England to promote the sovereignty of the King. We beat the King and his corporations in The Revolutionary War yet US citizens are still bowing to the Kings invention turning the people of the US into "subjects/serfs" again because of corporate corruption of The United States of America.

"Bolus of insight" from a great poet regarding the breach between an unsustainable civilization and a self-sustaining, "strong earth".

The Purse-seine, by Robinson Jeffers, 1937

.......I cannot tell you
How beautiful the scene is, and a little terrible,
then, when the crowded fish
Know they are caught, and wildly beat from one wall
to the other of their closing destiny the
Water to a pool of flame, each beautiful slender body
sheeted with flame, like a live rocket
A comet's tail wake of clear yellow flame; while outside
the narrowing
Floats and cordage of the net great sea-lions come up
to watch, sighing in the dark; the vast walls
of night
Stand erect to the stars.

Lately I was looking from a night mountain-top
On a wide city, the colored splendor, galaxies of light:
how could I help but recall the seine-net
Gathering the luminous fish? I cannot tell you how
beautiful the city appeared, and a little terrible.
I thought, We have geared the machines and locked all together
into inter-dependence; we have built the great cities; now
There is no escape. We have gathered vast populations incapable
of free survival, insulated
From the strong earth, each person in himself helpless, on all
dependent. The circle is closed, and the net
Is being hauled in.......

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
established 2001

If the EPA starts enforcing new, stricter regulations on electric plants in an effort to reduce CO2 (you know, the gas that plants need to live), I'm assuming that YOU will pay the extra few hundred dollars a month that will be included in my electric bill. Who do I send the bill to for payment?

Use less electricity, then you won't be paying that extra few hundred a month.

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