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Oil/Gas Lease Sale Off Virginia Suspended by Feds

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06 May 2010, 12:06 PM
Interior Dept. cites safety concerns raised by gulf oil spill
Sea gulls in surf at Virginia's Cape Henry. Photo: NOAA

<Update: AP reports that Interior Sec. Ken Salazar has halted the issuance of new offshore oil drilling leases nationwide until at least the end of the month. Here's how the New York Times sees Salazar's action playing out with reard to Shell Oil's plans to drill this summer in the Arctic.>

The Obama administration has been hinting for days that it might reverse course on its support for offshore oil drilling—and today it took the first real step in that direction. Shaken by the uncontrolled Gulf oil spill, the Interior Department has suspended plans for an oil and gas lease sale off the Virginia coastline.

Greenwire reports:

The move comes as the department seeks answers from investigations into the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig and the ongoing leak of hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil every day into the Gulf.

"Obviously your a real idiot. This was an accident and no one is to blame."

Okay. Next time someone backs into your new car in a parking lot, remember you said that. Really.

These guys backed their oil rig into our Gulf of Mexico and broke it. But it was "an accident" so we should all just shut up and not go finding fault.

Everyone needs to wake up and smell the roses. If you want change than one needs to change themselves first. The government is a joke feeding us nothing but garbage and lies of promises of a better tomorrow yet one never comes. If you look around you'll notice that foreclosures are still rising, loss of jobs are still increasing, child are starving in our own country yet everyone seems to look away. Americans are too wraped up in worrying about what they haven't got than to realize and appreciate what they do have and to be thankful that they have more than someone else in another country like those in hatti. Maybe if we weren't so selfish and blind sighted we might see the underlying problems in our own counrty and work on lending a helping hand to those who need it than just walking away from the problem just because its challenging or difficult. The problem is today's America is lazy and it make me sad that even our own government is blind to the truth of the issues concerning our own counrty. Answer me this if we were changing this country for the better than tell me how come so many children are without food afraid they won't wake up, and how come so many of us can barely afford to live here yet they say we are the richest nation in the world. If you ask me it makes no sense. We all need a Wake up call before it's to late and the time to act is now. The longer the government and us as a society wait the worse it is going to get. If you want something done do it your self and speak up for what is right. If you don't try and you don't speak no one will ever listen and the problems will continue. It will be hardwork but the rewards will pay off in the future and not for ourselves but for our children. Think of their futures in this world do you want them to be bright and have them live in a world that is clean and where people help each other in times of need. I am just making everyone aware that we can not have bright futures like this for our children if everything in the present goes to crap. So I ask you as American's, brothers, sisters, and the government what is it going to be?

All American's do is blame others for the problems they created for themselves why can't anyone person jsut take responsibility for thier own damn actions anymore. I personally think that offshore drilling is a bad idea because for one there are very few clean up zones for the tons of oil rigs we currently have in the waters and alot of them are near beaches that are tourist attractions so what if this kind of mess happens there. I can tell you exactly what will happen if Obama goes ahead with this offshore drilling on the eastern coast where most if not all of our sea life preserves are and I mess like this happens than it will be castostropic because alot of sea life will die, alot of people will lose jobs, and the cost of fish, crab and lobster will increase to unbelieveable highs. My concerns are not for the cost of fresh sea food, but for the lose of sea life that is already threatened and the lose of jobs of those trying to protect it.

Obviously your a real idiot. This was an accident and no one is to blame. This country is full of charlatans (politicians as well as general public) that are looking for a good crisis to exploit rather than trying to be constructive and help to build a bettter and stronger America.

This was not obamas fault. Obviously this is Bush's fault because he made a law that its not requriered to put 2 blocks in the oil tunnels. If there were 2 stoppers we wouldnt have all the oilin the ocean.

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