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Senators Still Aren't Moved by Gulf Oil Spill

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07 May 2010, 1:57 PM
Offshore drilling still favored as monster oil slick stays offshore
Sen. Nelson (D-FL) with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in 2009.

The as-yet unrestrained Gulf oil spill has produced a gusher of political rhetoric along with its 200,000+ daily gallons of oil, but positive political action is just a trickle so far.

Aside from some hardly permanent pauses in President Obama's offshore oil program, and two state governors' change of heart, many politicians seem to be straddling a fence that stretches from here to November.

Take the U.S. Senate, for example, where climate change and energy legislation are stuck like tarballs, according to The New York Times<Update: The New York Times takes another look at what's going on in the Senate.> More than two weeks of dire oil spill headlines haven't yet moved swing voters to greener positions, says The Times. Not even senators from gulf coast states in the bullseye of that ominous, growing mass of oil offshore.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is flummoxed by his colleagues.

"People up and down the coast are in a panic," he said. He can't understand why senators in the spill-kill zone aren't as upset as he is, and ready to do the right thing by turning their backs on expanded drilling off their own shorelines.

Maybe it's because that mass of oil is more ominous than "real" right now because it is still mostly offshore. Are they counting on wind and tides and crossed fingers to keep it at bay forever? Is it because the visual body count so far—of oil-soaked birds and turtles and fish and other creatures—is still too small to make the public gasp loud enough for senators to hear. The invisible carnage taking place in the depths and far offshore apparently doesn't make for good, visual sound bites.

Or, maybe the senators are waiting on a technological miracle fix by BP, so they can brag about how American ingenuity has done it again. Can't we all just move on?

Fundraising Management for Oil Spills and Other Environmental Catastrophes

For twenty years we have worked to clean up the south Florida wet lands after storms and man made disasters. Now know as Florida Costal Conservation we are working to compile resources and equipment in locations across the state of Florida to be ready to respond to these issues without delay.
Our goal is to educate the citizen and protect our wet lands thru direct supervision. We are looking to make a direct impact on the environment. We are working with the Sierra Club and Other Environmental groups. We are enlisting the Oil Companies and other business who’s waste and daily operations effect the coastal wet lands.
We are seeking foundations grants given to U.S. tax-exempt organizations or Corporations whose daily operations can have an unintentional effect or the environment because of human error of major weather related events.

We are looking for Companies and Foundations whom:
Invest resources in :

What has been neglected?
What affects the most people?
Where can we make the greatest change?
How can we harness innovative solutions and technologies?
How can we work in partnership with experts, governments, and businesses?
We look for foundations who are will to invest in:

Groups that Produce measurable results
Use preventive approaches
Promise significant and long-lasting change
Leverage support from other sources
Accelerate work the foundation already supports

We seeking assistance from Foundations and Large Corporations who can help us to create a Private " NATIONAL GUARD STYLE " Operation: Why?
We believe a well planned private National Guard Style Non Profit Organization could have an enormous impact on support and relief after hurricanes and environmental disasters.

Maybe having the correct amount of resources already in each city would help. We cant stop drilling any more them we cam stop the next Environmental Weather Catastrophe. So lets listen to these guys! They want to create a real safety net! I think its a great idea!

EVTN has a voraxial separator that will separate oil from water. It separate approximately 99% of oil from the water. The pump recycles the oil on the spot and returns the water to the ocean/Gulf, it’s a win-win situation. The largest separator has a capacity of separating up to 100,000 barrel per day. The technology is proven as the State of Alaska is using it and the U.S. Navy is using it.

EVTN is a Florida company based in Broward county. The original inventor, Harvey Richter, was a Palm Beach County resident. He partnered with the current President, Alberto DiBella to manufacture and build the voraxial separator. Mr. Richter is now deceased but his daughter and grandchildren are all Palm Beach County residents.

However, this is not a local, political, religious or race issue. The Gulf region includes not just our State but other States and, therefore it is a National environmental issue. The spill will have a domino effect across the country.

We have contacted all of the local news agencies in addition to others and all we hear about are products like powder to drop on the water, then it has to be scooped out---bla bla bla. Hair tubing-please get serious.

This environmental event will impact all of us and the response to pass it on to affiliate stations is not acceptable.

The Company just needs some exposure and we are disappointed that no one will give it a look and consider featuring it on newscasts or in the newspaper.

The voraxial separator is ready to be deployed. The Company has even offered to donate a separator. The separator can be shown to you anytime. All you have to do is contact me or the Company and we will set it up for you - all you have to do is show up with your camera crew.

Please help us to save our coast, our wildlife and our economy.

You can view videos at

I am mostly conservative. I voted for Ron Paul, want small government, personal responsibility and own a gun for self defense. I also have a brain and don't understand why most of the "right' follows whatever the Republicans say about our collapsing environment. People, get your heads out of your @$$'es! Earth's ecosystems are collapsing and I think we have reached the point of no return. I run on Biodiesel, recycle everything, don't eat meat, and consume next to nothing. Stop complaining and start acting, NOW!

Vegan, you are the rare epitome of the true meaning of the word "conservative" One who actually conserves resources rather than wasting them. The right wing in this country no longer has anything to do with this principle. The word has been bent to the point where it no longer has any relevance when used in reference to ones political views when the environment is also involved. I wish both the left and the right could take a page from your book and start living a more conservative life style. Sadly though, this is never going to happen until the planet forces it up us. And by then it may be too late for homo sapiens (the “Knowing Man”) What a joke our name is in certain regards.
In any event, I commend you for your life style choices. I wish I had the fortitude to change mine to be more like yours

We need to wake up and smell the coffee. The oil spill is terrible but so is putting it in our cars and burning it then we breath it. Coal plants emit so much pollution but thats ok because it don't wash up on our beaches. It's to bad we can't go green quickly because we all are going to get lung cancer. We have the technology to do it but everybody is to damn lazy or stupid. Maybe once the Gulf of Mexico is full of oil and loops around Florida and up the east coast we will have a real push to go green. Solar panel the south (a start)very expensive I know but at least you can still fish and swim at the beach. We need to get rid of fossil fuels before they get rid of us. I just WANT EVERYONE TO BE HEALTHY!

P.S. I lost my wife to lung cancer. She was 40.

Chemical reactions double in speed for each 10 degree C temperature increase. Since Gulf water is about 30C, compared to something like 0C for Prince William Sound, oil can be expected to clear about four times faster. It not a good scenaria, but perhaps not armageddon either.

video of oil spill tarballs is being suppressed by CNN and YOUTUBE.....

Will God permit this abuse indefinitely? No, Senators. God's Word at Revelation 11:18 confirms that he is going to, ".....bring to ruin those ruining the earth". That was penned some 1914 years ago. What do you think, Senators: Who back then would ever have thought of the earth being ruined? Perhaps you ought to fear God rather than man. Any one of Jehovah's Witnesses can enlighten you thoroughly on this matter with the Bible. And Senators, Jehovah is God's name. Consider yourselves introduced.

Please spare us the drama about god’s wrath, and instead, why not send a letter to your congressional representatives and state senators telling them that they won't get YOUR vote unless they do something serious about stopping the oil companies from any new deep water and arctic drilling. Speaking of voting, please keep in mind that though the Republican Party will undoubtedly try to turn this issue to their advantage, it is the Republican Party that historically is by far the friendlier to the oil industry. We as a people need to start demanding ALL of our politicians start thinking about the future of this planet more, lining their war chests with corporate dollars less, and generally start acting in a more responsible manner. Time is running out for us humans, but it's not any god we need to fear but only ourselves and this wonderful but seriously damaged planet that we are lucky enough to share with the rest of the living creatures on it. If we can’t stop polluting this world, soon it will not be able to support life as we now know it.

One says pray.Another says write to your representative.Both are dillusional.If you have not noticed by now niether one of these choices work.That makes them non-choices.If the Founding Fathers had told you to let religion and corporations run your life you would have ignored them.

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