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A Video Toast To The World of Earthjustice

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22 November 2010, 3:28 PM
Thanks for helping us make the planet a better place to live

Today, in the midst of Thanksgiving, we invite you to spend a minute and 17 seconds with us as we honor the many Earthjustice supporters responsible for significant achievements this year on behalf of people, wildlife and the wild places we all love.

We've put together a simple, elegant video story of four of those achievements. As one of our supporters—or perhaps someone who might become one—you should instantly see how powerful and important that support is.

One of the stories in the video has direct impact on your life. Because of Earthjustice work, cleaning manufacturers are being forced to reveal chemical—and possibly toxic—ingredients in their products. We're talking about products you probably use or come up against every day.

Another story tells of a vast and magnificent park straddling the Canada/U.S. border that will be spared from destructive mining because of Earthjustice advocacy to the United Nations. Our final stories tell of our work to prevent 2,500 premature deaths, and to convince Hawai'i to approve a rewards program to promote renewable energy.

And these are just a few of many dozens of victories that would not have occurred without the support of many dedicated people.

So, here's to YOU—our hearty thanks for all that you have done and may continue doing to protect this wonderful planet we all share.

In my garden I saw a butterfly breakout of its chrysalis.

God has richly blessed me! I am thankful for having my health, a great job, my church and biological family, living in the pristine state of Alaska, having food on the table and friends, being able to worship as I please, being able to give to causes I believe in and speak about them without repercussions, and having the ability to experience all that life and the Earth tosses at me daily. I am especially thankful for the freedoms that we, the people in the U.S., take for granted. I personally have been a soldier and know the hardships that anyone in the service of our country faces (as well as their families). God bless America!

I have so much to be thankful family, my amazing dog, friends, cyber communities, my small but prolific garden. I am thankful to be able to support groups that work to protect and heal our world in big and small ways. We each make a difference in every choice we make. Choose the future! Make every decision count towards a better world.

THANKSGIVING IS SO CLOSE !! And so I stop and acknowledge every heart in this
world today - in prisons, in hospitals, hostages anywhere, people who love the idea of
war and the idea that patriotism is important, any humanity who seems unwell, ill and sick - ahhh right there I chose to behold instead the realization that Angels are there hiding behind all of this,
for the Truth is that everyone is truly an Angel in drag. An Angel hiding abiding in peace and love
pretending for a short while that there could be anything but quietness, goodwill and God's
absolute Purity of Intent.

Join me in this exciting idea. THANK YOU FATHER GOD, CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS LOVE.

I'm thankful for being one of the lucky few who have a warm place to rest, clean water, plentiful nourishing food, beautiful nature to enjoy, and many other luxuries that we take for granted every day. Thank you to our friends at Earthjustice and other NGOs that continue to exceed our expectations every day and meet each challenge head on in protecting our environment and our lives. I appreciate your hard work and wish you a happy thanksgiving!

I truly would like to thank Earth Justice for all they have done in the past and would like to also ask that they take on more in the future as follows:

I live in Cupertino, Ca. a community with Lehigh Southwest Cement and Quarry, Stevens Creek Quarry and Apple Computer's R & D Manufacturing Facility they are and have been polluting my City and the whole Silicone Valley and the SF Bay Area for decades.

I need to know why Earth Justice does not want to help me close them down and it seems that you are working on big picture issues and I suppose you may have your reasons but I am not sure what they are.

I have breast cancer again and diabetes and will be going in for surgery to have my right breast removed on Dec. 6th 2010. I had already had breast cancer on my left breast and had that removed now the cancer is going to take my right breast as well. This is just one health problem I have even more issues and this pollution has even caused my daughter's death she was 3 1/2 years old and was born with brain damage and suffered terribly. I can share all of the problems later if you listen and help me.

I have been to every agency imaginable and there are two NOV's against Lehigh for air and water but the EPA did not do all of the testing they could do to find out and tell the public what they have been polluted with. I work on the environment every day and I imagine there are many just like us that could and would join as satalight units across the county if you could and would care to organize us. We could all work together and make sure that the US and the world governments are made more aware of the issues and problems and that we develope a grass roots effort to force them to comply if not all is loss. I know you know how much trouble the planet is in but how much is being done to make sure that everyone knows. The human race and animals alike are in great trouble and I am very sad to say there is not a great deal of hope left because the planet had been over mined and we wonder where earth quakes come from. Taking all of the natural resources from the planet is causing the terrible earth quakes, floods, and other problems in nature the earth is crying out and we just are not listening. My
question is how long do we think this can go on we are or they are killing the planet.

I ask that earth justice help me and people like me to stop this injustice now.

I have a lot of information to relay if you wish to help us and the story is really intense but it
would be a waste of my time and yours if you are not willing to help.

Contact me at 408-253-0490 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              408-253-0490      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

I suppose I have a great deal to be thank full for after all I had cancer and am still alive but I am
a victim as well as a survivor. I do not know how long I have on this planet but I will fight for my son Jason he is 21 years old and the next generation. His friend Alex just got word he has cancer and is now taking cemo therapy he is the kindest sweetest guy you could ever meet and wanted to be a teacher.

I cry out for our children and our sweet animals my dog Sunflower died from cancer also please help me.

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