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A Proposition Against Clean Energy

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20 October 2010, 9:53 AM
The nation's best, and only, global warming law at risk

A state ballot box is the current battleground in national and international efforts to reduce global warming pollution. Fueled by millions of oil industry dollars, Proposition 23 asks California voters to repeal the historic Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which has helped to lure billions of dollars in clean energy investments and create thousands of jobs.

What makes this fight most critical is that unlike national clean energy legislation or an international agreement to reduce global warming pollution, California has a solution that already exists. And it's working.

If Californians reject Prop 23, it will send a strong signal to the nation and the world that demand for action on global warming in the U.S.'s most populous state—long a bellwether on environmental issues—is alive and well. A victory over Prop 23 will renew momentum in other states and at the national level for concrete actions to reduce global warming pollution, which can only help in future rounds of international negotiations.

The primary backers of Prop 23 are Valero Energy Corp. and Tesoro Corp.—two Texas oil companies whose operations include polluting oil refineries in California—and the Koch brothers, shadowy oil barons who over the years have written checks for many efforts to assail global warming science.

The opponents of Prop 23, however, are a far more diverse bunch. The coalition includes business associations, groups and leaders, labor unions, faith organizations, health professionals and environmental groups, Earthjustice included. George Shultz, who served President Reagan as Secretary of State, is co-chairman of the campaign to defeat Prop 23.

We are united by a vision that clean, renewable energy is the best way to protect our health, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and drive economic growth. And California's clean energy economy is thriving.

Roughly $9 billion in private investment has poured into the state since Gov. Schwarzenegger signed the Global Warming Solutions Act. While other industries in the state have lost jobs, California's green economy has been adding them. More than 500,000 Californians are employed in jobs connected to the clean energy sector, including 93,000 in manufacturing and 68,000 in construction.

But those jobs—indeed, California's entire clean energy economy—are at risk if Prop. 23 passes. California's Global Warming Solutions Act assures investors of a stable investment climate for clean energy in the state for years to come. Without such assurances, investors will take their money elsewhere, most likely overseas to China, Japan and other nations that are aggressively pursuing clean energy technology.

It is short-sighted and senseless to throttle the one sector of California's economy that is currently growing by leaps and bounds. Instead, we should be looking for every opportunity to transplant what is happening in California to other states, in order to drive economic growth, fight global warming, and protect our communities. California, after all, doesn't have to be the only state to reap the benefits that come from a strong law to reduce global warming pollution.

der de dehr...unless you are wealthy or evil...come to your senses...if not; let the fire consume your dutty soul...just wait!

As they say "as California goes, so goes the Country". Californians must say
NO to Proppsition 23. It is best for America!

Not one penny for billionaires; save your children and grandchildren.

Ignore the noise; ignorance is not bliss.

You use computers and cars, but would reject science. Get real!

Professor Shawn Kantor of the University of California at Merced recently wrote a report that shows that over 100,000 new jobs in renewable energy will be created in San Joaquin Valley alone, largely because of California’s new clean energy law (AB 32). That is the law that will be overturned if Prop 23 is passed. This proposition is funded by Texas oil companies, and is designed to protect their profits, not the economy of California. Professor Kantor’s nonpartisan study clearly shows that Prop 23 is not in the interest of California.

Now is not the time to turn the clock back on reducing green house emissions or to undermine our efforts to slow/reduce global warming. PLEASE vote NO!!! on Prop 23.

Reject Proposition 23!!! Global Warming; Is real, The Clean Air Act needs to be stronger!, The EPA needs to step up on violations from the Big Polluters, and Oil Barons like the Koch Brothers, should be named as enemies of the State!
I'm am telling everyone I know to say No to Prop 23!
The threat of Global warming to all of humanity, is similar to the scourge of Nazi Facism of World War II.
The scourge of Nazi Germany; Created a Worldwide Conflict, which cost Millions of lives and scarred all of Europe. The scourge of Global Warming, threatens all life on this planet, is scarring the World with super storms( Currently Giant Typhoons affecting China) record heat waves in Greece and all over the Americas.
We have the power and the know how, and the technology to halt Global Warming.
We as Americans, owe it to the world and step up our fight against Global Warming, many other countries are doing so.
Defeat prop 23, Boycott Valero and divest from all of Koch's holdings, America needs to join the rest of the World, to combat the scourge of Global Warming, all life on this planet depends on it!!!

Nooooooo to 23 propostion...

Environmental Hypocrites like James Cameron want to defeat Prop 23 but here is how he lives

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