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Wolf Killing Is Back On State Agendas

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20 October 2010, 11:34 AM
Congressmen try legislative end runs around court ban on hunting

Since Earthjustice attorneys won a court decision in August ordering the federal government to once again extend Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the northern Rockies, state governments have been busy trying to come up with ways to kill wolves anyway.

The court ruling meant that Idaho and Montana had to call off plans for wolf hunts this year. Montana tried changing the names of its hunt to "conservation hunt" in a bid to get federal blessing to kill endangered wolves. Idaho submitted its own wolf-killing proposal, which would remove all but a handful of wolves from Idaho's upper Clearwater basin.

While the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rejected Montana's unlawful ploy, it is still pondering Idaho's plan. In another ominous development, Idaho recently announced it won't lift a finger to monitor or enforce existing protections for wolves, including anti-poaching laws. At the same time, a handful of Congressmen have announced plans to introduce legislation that would categorically eliminate federal protections for wolves—a species whose near-extinction in the lower-48 states provided one of Congress's motivations for adopting the Endangered Species Act in 1973.

These Congressional efforts threaten to undermine Act's integrity as one of our nation's strongest tools to protect species and ecosystems from human-caused destruction. It's not clear when Congress will take up these measures nor how far they're likely to go.

If Congress exempts wolves from the Esa, or if Idaho, Montana and Wyoming successfully pressure the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to once again strip wolves of protections, wolves will be "managed" by state governments that want to kill them.

"...liberal dogooders..." my, my. can't people like you use another group to blame for what you don't like? The problem in Idaho is that folks in the state wiped out the wolves and frankly how long have you even lived in the State of Idaho? My grandparents homesteaded in Idaho and there were many wolves there when they arrived in the 1800s and over the years the wolves were hunted down and almost extinct when Defenders started the program to re-introduce them into their native habitat(s). As far as walking your child to the bus stop with a loaded weapon is concerned: assuming you actually LIVE remotely get a reality check - if you live in the wild, then you deal with the creatures you SHARE the space with. Try some different rhetoric and educate yourself.

The reason you should not be left to manage the wolf issue is that it has been shown that you are only looking to manage them right out of existence. Your the intruder in that area...You and your family are the ones that shouldnt belong there....its the wolves that were there first....not you...or your family. If anything should be culled and removed...its people like you...from the Idaho, Montana ecosystems........Since you choose tojust kill them off...and not allow them to co-exist....then it is you...that should be removed.....SIR.... & yur family.

It is amazing to me that sooooo much effort has been put into wolf reintroduction & protection. At the expense of ALL of the other wildlife successes you have focused on the protection of the alpha-preditory wolf. Their existence in the lower 48 is NOT from hunting, but from the development of our sea-to-shining-sea USA. How about some focus. With all of the money and efforts wasted on Wolf re-introduction we could have maybe funded education appropriately... worked on disaster relief... ended the Gulf War... balanced the budget... But, NO! Heaven forbid that the REAL issues have any focus and that the TRAINED wildlife agencies across the Western United States do what they see as the best for the species within their borders. Really. If you are really that good of a lawyer, do something to 1) help the country and 2) focus on something that doesn't waste more and more time, efforts, and money that the tax payers provide. Get a focus!

I believe they're lawyers that focus on issues that you are discussing. Maybe they have not done their jobs correctly and were not focused.

I have respect for everyone who has a different opinion; however, when the opinion is irrational and illogical, it just does not make sense and I have to comment. Your statement indicates - why so much effort related to wolf reintroduction and protection? Have you ever thought about the amount of resources and waste of money that goes into and/or went into original wolf elimination efforts in the first place. Take a look at what Alaska spends each year on very cruel poison and aerial hunts and tell me if that is a good resource of tax payers money. I have also read questions of wolves existing in places beforehand. Go out to your own State Govt websites and/or US govt. websites. Facts show that the gray wolf was eliminated from the Northeastern US (east of Michigan) by the mid-19th century [5]. In the West, the eradication of one of the wolf’s primary prey animals, the buffalo, led to increased conflicts with the burgeoning livestock industry, and the war against the wolf was passionate and relentless. The last wolf was destroyed in Yellowstone National Park in 1926, in Arkansas in 1928, in Washington State in 1940, and in Colorado and Wyoming in 1943. In the Southwest, Mexican gray wolves (a subspecies of gray wolf that is a bit smaller than their more northerly cousins), which in addition to Mexico originally inhabited Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, persisted until the 1970’s, but in the end their numbers were unsustainable small. The last five known Mexican wolves were removed from the wild in Mexico in 1980 and put into a captive breeding program.

There are many valid reasons for reintroduction. Had the wolf disappeared on its own due to "species" issues and not completely man, than I would agree leave it alone; however that was not the case at all. Valid reasons for reintroducing the wolf also relate to a balance in nature. It has been shown that there is an overpopulation of many wild ungulates as a result; which is deer, antelope, etc. if you did not know. If I had my say they would be reintroduced in the Northeast as well (only where original populations can be proven). Nature has a way of balancing far better than humans. Most people in the west speak on old myths and legends rather than sound facts of wolf packs, hunting, and behavior which is why most people in the US do not want to leave wolf control to your State Legislators. You also speak of tax dollars related to reimbursement. Much of the reimbursements related to farms and their animals also has to do with donations rather than tax dollars. There are many wildlife organizations that also reimburse the farmer for an occasional cow/calf that might be eaten. Get a grip. I have a farm as well with chickens. Do you think I want to eradicate all fox because they have eaten a few of my chickens?

You are lucky as you have beautiful nature all around you. Don't forget that the wild nature you are so aggravated with also supports your State's income. Visitors to the West pay to see the natural beautiful parks and wildlife as they were intended, not a bunch of cows that could be seen anywhere.

Get the facts.

Managing wolves...for our ecosystems...has nothing to do with the Iraq war....or taxes or balancing the budgets....these are totally unrelated. The issue of wolves...has to do with quality of life....protecting heritage...that should be allowed to spite of mans wish to eradicate them. How would you feel...if all the sudden...a far superior race showed up on the scene...tried to push you off your property....& was also intent on exterminating you...your kids...and your Would you like that? Would you be happy about it? Put yourself in the wolves paws for just a second if your even capable...theywere here first..and deserve protections from someone like you....If people would or could co-exist with them...we would not need to divert time and effort or money to protect them..but because humans feel they deserve to have everything for their own use...and feel they are masters of the universe...everything is at greedy, bigotted, ignorant, arrogant....and for this reason....needs to be watched...and watched closely...or everything..not just wolves will be lost need to get a grip...sir.

In response to Focus, thank you for your input. These earthjustice lawyers are nothing more than a waste of our taxpayers dollars. Why can't they leave Idaho's business to Idaho? You earthjustice lawyers disgust me. You have no concept of reality other than the liberal delusion that you have ingrained in your delusional minds. You morons don't know the first thing about wildlife management.

OH...and I suppose you do know the first thing about managing wildlife???...whats that shoot first...ask questions Also...just fyi....the earth justice lawyers work for protections based on donatations & other private funding.....not tax dollars........that is how they are funded and you need to get educated. Then again....its just resent wolves living in an area you live in....and you just want them all means necessary. You sir disgust are obviously a right wing...tea bagging...gun toting radical. You sir...are the problem....I would feel safer around a pack of wolves...than around might pull your gun out and shoot me...if i dare disagree with are a menace...and People just like you. Idaho...and Montana.....local and state govts are the Killers.....not the wolves......God/nature put wolves here for a reason...& they deserve to be left alone.........

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