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Huge Salmon Run Coming Sunday To America's TVs

I’ve spent half my life chasing salmon with rod in hand and heart in mouth, but it seems that I am the one who’s been hooked. Enchanted, perhaps, is a better way of describing my love of all things salmon; thus, at 8 p.m. this Sunday, you’ll find me riveted in front of a TV watching the PBS special, Salmon: Running The Gauntlet.

From everything I’ve read and seen, this is one powerful documentary about the Columbia and Snake rivers salmon, and the heroic efforts of those who seek to save them. Shot and written from the point of view of the salmon, it takes you through the life cycle of a fish that faces hostility at every twist and turn of its existence. How any survive is part miracle, and part dedication by the kind of people who surround me here at Earthjustice.  

Get a taste of the action, and more details.

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