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Plugs for Two Excellent Websites

Forgive me if you already know all about these two sites, but for anyone who doesn't I thought I'd take a minute to recommend both, without reservation.

The first, and I daresay lesser-known, is Wildlands CPR. I came upon this fine institution when I was writing Roadless Rules about roadless areas in the national forests. Wildlands CPR is occupied primarily with roads, the removal of unwanted, unneeded and damaging roads on national forests and Bureau of Land Management lands and elsewhere for the benefit of people and wildlife alike. They also keep tabs on off-road vehicle regulations and debates. It's quite a narrow focus, and quite a worthy program.

The second is the now-venerable Grist, out of Seattle, which I've boosted before. I had dropped my (free) subscription to Grist's weekly news feed when I went on vacation a while back. I only just now resubscribed, and was quite impressed with the improvements that have taken place. Grist covers everything green, with plenty of politics (where else can you find Donald Trump's position on climate change?), and plenty of consumer news and tips. And the most outrageous puns in the movement.

Check 'em out.