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Shut Down the Government So They Can Blow Up Mountains?

[Update: Amid hurried negotiations late Friday to avoid a government shutdown, House sources indicated that a possible deal has been reached to prevent weakening the government's regulation of mountaintop removal mining and climate change emissions. The uncertainty of this deal makes it all the more important for citizens to contact the White House and their congressional representatives to demand hands off of the Environmental Protection Agency.]

We've all seen the reports that say what is carrying our federal government quickly toward a total shutdown is not a difference over spending cuts but rather some costly ugly ideological demands by House leadership. First, we heard they were demanding blocks on clean air protections, and now we are hearing that a rider making mountaintop removal mining easier may be at the center of this political bargain.

If this is true, House leadership has managed to sink to an even lower level, by trying to use the innocent people, mountains and waters of Appalachia as their political bargaining chip -- just so the leadership can tell an extreme faction of the party that they secured a political "win."

Using this budget negotiations process as a way to help coal companies blow up mountains and dump their toxic waste into Appalachian streams and water supplies is an abomination. The White House and the Senate must not even consider sacrificing the people of Appalachia and their mountains and waterways for this political deal.

The people of Appalachia and their water, health, homes and mountains will not be a sacrifice for an ideological budget battle. This budget bill will not go through on the backs of our American brothers and sisters in Appalachia!

Please call your senators and representatives now and tell them that an entire mountain range must not be laid to waste for a desperate, eleventh-hour political bargain.
Please call the White House and tell it to oppose any deal that allows for companies to blow up mountains easier and faster, bury streams, and contaminate water supplies for whole communties of people in Appalachia.

Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your senator or representative.

Call the White House Comment Line at (202) 456-1111.

Please call now!

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