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America's Values, Environment on Chopping Block in Congress

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16 February 2011, 10:38 AM
Amendments to funding bill target everything from wolves to water to health
Wolves are on the congressional hit list

House Republicans are using the oft-repeated refrain of “fiscal restraint” as their excuse for gutting several environmental initiatives that will put the public in harm’s way. But there simply is no excuse for hacking away at health protections that will leave our air and water dirtier and our children and seniors at risk.  It’s not hard to see their real agenda. In many cases their proposals are clearly designed to make it easier for some of America’s biggest polluters to dump their pollution on us rather than pay to dispose of it responsibly. 

House GOP’s Public Enemy Number 1: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The spending legislation introduced this week slashes the EPA budget by $3 billion and blocks the agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. And in a symbolic dig against the White House, the bill also stymies President Barack Obama from replacing departing lead White House climate and energy advisor Carol Browner.
The spending plan also tries to block the EPA from fully implementing the Clean Water Act, while effectively letting major polluters foul our water. This will jeopardize drinking water for 117 million Americans and could leave millions of  acres of wetlands and thousands of miles of streams and rivers without Clean Water Act protections from pollution. But it doesn’t stop there.

 There’s also legislative language calling for water used to rebuild West Coast salmon runs to be redirected to industrial agricultural ventures instead. Thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity related to the salmon industry are threatened by this proposal. 
Our majestic wilderness also is on the chopping block in a proposal to strip the Bureau of Land Management of its ability to identify and protect special wild public lands from development.
The new congressional majority is also attempting to reverse a court ruling and lift federal protections from gray wolves in  the northern Rocky Mountain. By law, lifting federal wolf protections is supposed to be determined by biologists and wolf experts, but some House leaders are trying to suggest their political judgment is better than biological judgment. If enacted, this would be the first time that Congress has delisted as species protected by the Endangered Species Act.
At this point, there are hundreds of amendments yet to be offered on the floor of the House that stand to make this horrible bill even worse. Too many bad amendments have been filed to name them all, but here's a taste: there are amendments that seek to prevent the EPA from protecting you and your family from mercury pollution from industrial facilities, and from arsenic-laden coal ash. Others promote the blowing up of Appalachia's mountains to benefit Big Coal, and the spreading of toxic green slime across Florida’s waters.
This bill is a wholesale assault on our right to breathe, our right to clean water, majestic landscapes and protected wildlife, not to mention thousands of salmon-related jobs on the West Coast. We must have a future to endow our children. This bill puts our American values and environmental legacy in jeopardy for the sake of a chosen few polluters in the short term. It must never become law.

Wolves will never find acceptance amongst attitudinal bias and an over developed sense of entitlement. Nor do they have powerful lobbies in Congress.

Riders are not justice they are badges of cowardice. Illustrating an all too common practice of the casual disregard for valor, while cheapening Democracy.

Yet this is seen as " bold new leadership," and " a monumental victory for conservation." Small minds and egotistical values view wolves only as predators, and not wildlife.

True hunters would not be threatened by the wolf's presence, and real men would welcome his wisdom.

Clear intent of malfeasance is always revealed whenever you must resort to trickery or deceit to achieve a goal.

And this is the mentality of individuals who declare themselves rugged individuals?

Humans stake out their comfortable little niches within a landscape, and proclaim omnipotent rule. The wolf has always defied dominion, a constant reminder that mankind can not conquer all. And there are certain people intent upon extermination because they crave a visceral thrill. Human insecurity has lethal consequences, and closed minds eventually create calloused hearts.

Our depth of stupidity rivals only our height of arrogance. The very freedoms with which we are gifted have become tools of manipulation. Congress' underhanded tag on of a wolf delisting has nothing to do with reasonable or responsible wolf management, but everything to do with willful evisceration.

Humanity is not user friendly, evident in the way we treat one another, and there are those who will abuse this opportunity since the wolf is considered expendable. Wildlife has a right to remain wild, humans have a responsibility to respect that.

Speculative is subject to individual discretion, and everything is relative. The concepts of conscience or a grander scheme of things appears to be lost to personal agenda. Ego is both oblivious and self absorbed, while obstinance never listens to reason.

So, you are upset that congress is taking away the gravy train, stifling an unconstitutional 4th branch agency, stopping the unconstitutional czar appointment and taking judges, that have for too long ignored science, out of wildlife management. Well, get use to it, this is just the beginning of the movement to stop the agenda that has for decades stolen from the people for the few. The governments attempts to pay off their crony's and eliminate state rights has lead to a broke country.

Like B Hemming asked above, when are we going to see the article showing how many taxpayer dollars and federal monies you people have taken over the years. I won't be holding my breath, as you know well if you ever exposed it the general population would be completely outraged. You must have missed the last election, the majority isn't on your side anymore, they have seen through the corruption, deceit and outright lies.

I have some advice for you, go find a real job and quit bilking the taxpayer.

I love wolves...and ALL of nature in its rich diversity and myriad beauty. Do not all our future generations deserve that same sense of wonder in an awe-inspiring world of enduring beauty?

We fail to remember that we are merely tenets of the earth, why would we want to destroy our home? I don't believe in selling out on nature at any cost....especially not for political vanity or corporate profit, yet that pervasive influence remains a stalwart foe.

Government on all levels has forgotten its place and most certainly has no province in deciding the viability of any species. Why is it that whenever politics enters into the equation...dignity, common sense and ethics are slaughtered...?

But wolves don't have powerful lobbies in government and nature is only desirable when it doesn't get in the way of "progress." Oh help us all when she tires of our insatiable stupidity.

We don't see things as they ARE...we see things as WE are.

The point that is totally lost here is that we are also a species...the HUMAN species...and we are not immune to extinction ourselves.

We view the wolf as incorrigible, we despise him for being inconvenient. Yet he has always been a symbol of mankind's loathing of himself.

It is time we learn to face our own demons and learn to appreciate nurture and protect, and that requires a willingness for education, an open mind…and an appreciation for something other than yourself. Not anti-legislation and the inevitable extinction of a keystone species. We set a deadly precedence whenever we allow prejudice or jagged reasoning to interfere with our lives, or impede the legitimacy of justice or honor.

I am proud to be a member of Earth Justice, although sadly, I am not entirely certain that America has any values left.

Subjective mumbo jumbo "Wolf's Lament". Qualitative vs. quantitative.

Each wolf eats a bio mass of 24 elk a year.
Wolf populations grow at a 30 % rate per anum.
Habitat is not infinate in 21st century America.
Active management of predator / prey ratios is mandatory.
If you want wolves you have to cull wolves.
Humans share the landscape.

How hard is that to understand? It's aritmetic not quantum physics.

wolf advocates, Schweitzer's actions & the rulings of U.S. District Court judge Donald Molloy

Environmentalists have been more than willing to risk a range war over wolf delisting , now they have it.
The longer the Defenders of Wildlife / Earth Justice / CBD / USUSA, et. al. lawyers delay, the higher the stakes will go.
Is it about their love for wolves or their lust for legal fees? .
Honnold / Senatore et., al., can walk into Molloy's court room on Feb 22 and drop their frivolous lawsuit that is without merit , shows bad faith, harassment ,improper motive on the part of those plaintiffs. They can produce for the court and the country a nation wide "covenant not to sue" over wolves signed by all the plaintiffs. They have 5 days to draft , circulate, redline and sign the documents that can begin to put an end to the "range war" that they started.

Is it likely ?
No, not at all,but it proves that it has never been about wolves but instead gaming the system for legal fees, revenues to NGO's, and extreme political agendas.

Yellowstone is Dead ....51,000 Youtube views in a month..... 12 minutes
2 hour documentary to be released in two weeks.

Yellowstone is Dead Theatrical Trailer.......2 minutes

How many BILLIONS of Dollars has all these groups collect suing the Goverment? Earth justice you want to step up to plate act like a man and tell all your gullible followers the truth about the 100's of MILLIONS you have collected?

This is not about the wolves but greedy lawyers junk science and corrupt USFWS.

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