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Thank You, Rep. Janice Schakowsky!

Last week, this time, Earthjustice was responding to news of a resolution introduced by Rep. John Carter (R-TX), seeking to block important clean air protections. Using the Congressional Review Act, Rep. Carter aims to undo protective health standards that will reduce mercury and other toxic emissions from cement plants. If successful, Rep. Carter's resolution would strip health protections from thousands of people who suffer from respiratory and other health ailments caused by cement plants' pollution.

But today, we’ve found an ally in Rep. Janice D. Schakowsky (D-IL), who submitted a letter to her congressional colleagues disavowing this effort.

Rep. Schakowsky calls on her colleagues to oppose Carter's resolution, emphasizing this important point: "I urge you to protect children’s health…" Rep. Schakowsky's letter details the many health benefits of cleaning up polluting cement plants, including the prevention of 2,500 premature deaths and reduction of health care costs by as much as $18 billion every year.

We’re pleased that Rep. Schakowsky understands that clean air saves lives and money. We’re also pleased that she understands the severe impacts mercury exposure has on our children. And we’re pleased she’s defending the EPA’s "common-sense" rules. She concludes with:

The Clean Air Act saves lives. Let’s allow the Clean Air Act to do its job. I urge you to oppose H.J. Res. 9 and other efforts to roll back important public health protections.

Thank you, Rep. Schakowsky, for defending your constituents’ -- and all Americans' -- right to breathe clean air.

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