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The Great Promise of Clean Air

Meet Tommy Allred. He lives in Midlothian, TX, a town of fewer than 10,000 roughly 18,000 residents that also hosts three of the nation's most polluting cement plants.

Like millions of kids across the U.S., Tommy has asthma. He developed the condition after his family moved to Midlothian, when he was two years old. First it was pneumonia, then double pneumonia, bronchitis, fever, and inexplicable coughing followed by shortness of breath.

Upon examination at Children's Hospital in Dallas, a pediatrician remarked to Alex Allred, Tommy's mom, in a telling way, "Oh… you live in Midlothian."

A diagnosis of asthma followed, as did numerous trips to the emergency room. Alex said recently, "I honestly did not believe how bad asthma could be—and you don't—until your son or daughter falls to the ground, they turn purple and they stop breathing."

Tommy's condition spurred Alex to action. She has become a passionate, compelling voice for clean air protections. Most recently, she lent her voice to this powerful new commercial from the League of Women Voters.

The video ends with Alex saying, "Don't just support cleaner air for our kids, promise it." The video is part of a campaign that calls on elected officials, community leaders and individuals across America to make a promise to protect the health of children and families from air pollution.

In this photo, taken as part of the 50 States United for Healthy Air project, Alex holds a photo of her and her son Tommy playing in the yard. Photo: Chris Jordan/Earthjustice

For Tommy's sake, and for the millions of other children who are impacted by air pollution, the promise of clean air is one that we need to keep.

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