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Congress v. Endangered Species - Wolves Up For A Vote

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17 March 2011, 12:09 PM
At any time, Congress could remove species from endangered list

<Editor's Note: Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen has released a statement about the organization's continuing efforts to protect the gray wolf.>

The fate of gray wolves—and of the Endangered Species Act itself—may be voted on at any time in the climax of an historic struggle in Congress over budgeting and political philosophy.

Congress took its first stab at approving a full fiscal year 2011 budget on Feb. 19, and unfortunately the House GOP majority and some Democrats proposed slashing billions in public funding and eliminated safeguards for our air, water and wildlife, as well as two dozen anti-environmental policy provisions (riders).

The Senate alternative, unveiled March 4, excluded all of the these anti-environmental riders except one: a rider ordering the Interior Secretary to reinstate a court-overturned 2009 rule. The rule delisted wolves within portions of the northern Rockies, including Montana, Idaho and portions of Utah, Oregon and Washington. It insulated that rule from court review. If enacted, this would be the first time in the ESA’s history that Congress has legislatively delisted a species.

However, on March 9 the Senate rejected both proposals to fund the federal government for the remainder of FY2011. For now, the wolf has been granted a temporary reprieve, but the inclusion of even one anti-environmental rider in a bill eventually passed by the Senate would greatly complicate negotiations for both them and the White House when facing the revolutionaries of the House with their basket full of harmful provisions.

For years, Earthjustice has gone to court to ensure that wolves can recover from the brink of extinction in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Wolves in the lower-48 states were essentially wiped out a few decades ago and have made a slow comeback in the northern Rocky Mountains after reintroduction into Yellowstone National Park in the mid-1990s. There are now just over 1,600 gray wolves in this region, but the proposed delisting would allow the Rocky Mountain states to maintain at most 300 to 450 wolves—far short of the 2,000 to 3,000 number needed for a sustainable, fully recovered population.

Earthjustice and other conservation groups are concerned because when Congress enacted the law in 1973, it specifically stated that delisting decisions are to be made by wildlife experts in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service—not by politicians.

The very idea that congressional leaders are targeting the gray wolf sets an alarming precedent and could spell disaster for other “politically unpopular” animals—grizzly bears, salmon and polar bears among them.

Although the short-term spending bills that are keeping the government running for now are devoid of anti-environmental policy riders, the fight to protect our air, water, and treasured wildlife is not over. The current resolution expires April 8, so we can expect another round of attacks in the imminent future.

<EDITOR'S NOTE: Some comments generated by this blog item have been personal and derogatory. Please tone down the personal attacks or we will start removing offensive comments. Please be respectful. Thank You, the editors>

You are correct the elk and some other wild animals are now infected with Echinococcus Granulosus amoung other diseases. However, your broadly encompassing hypothesis is incorrect, wolves are actually the difinitive host spreading Echinococcus Granulosus across the land. Prior to introduction of wolves from northern Canada, this parasite was virtually non-existant in northern Rocky Mountain wildlife. As a wide ranging predator, wolves are now responsible for spreading disease and parasites across the west.

Dale, how do you respect wildlife by killing it?

How do you respect wildlife by supporting the greatest wildlife slaughter in modern times? The only wildlife you are supporting is the Non-Native and Non-endangered Canadian Gray Wolves. You all need to face the facts,humans are part of nature and wolf numbers must be managed to provide a balance.

Wolves are supposed to eat elk. There is no such thing as a balance. Instead of worrying about wolves, worry about the numbers of your own species. It's not slaughter. It's NATURE. The sooner you understand that and accept that wolves eating elk is perfectly natural and it will always be, the sooner you can move forward and accept reality.

Actually I respect predators more than any other wildlife. I actually was not that concerned with the original agreement to put 100 wolves in each state. Our states can support a reasonable population. I am opposed to unmanaged numbers of wolves that destroy elk herds like in YNP and the Lolo area. I am opposed to wolves destroying the last remaining caribou herd in ID/WA, I am opposed to wolves depredating on ranchers livestock. People like you made your mistake by not being reasonable and allowing wolves to be managed by the states. In the end you will cause fewer wolves to be accepted by society.

Dale, that is not proof. I asked you to provide proof THAT PROVES THAT WOLVES ARE SPREADING DISEASE to elk. You have nothing. Just accusations with no proof to back them up. You don't have to post a link to tell me about the disease. You have no proof, no facts, nothing.

Where is the proof that elk are infected with the diseases that wolves carry? I ask you one last time. provide the proof that proves elk are infected with e.granulosis? You don't have any.

The problem isn't that the facts aren't being provided to you is that you are in denial of them. You have drank the cool-aid and you are steadfast on the bs you were sold.

People like you are the biggest hypocrites around. You whine about wolves killing for sport. Are you not aware of all of the animals that hunters kill for sport? Hunters by far kill many more animals and many more animals for sport than wolves ever will. You people are so far from reality, it's not even funny. Wolves ARE SUPPOSED TO EAT OTHER ANIMALS AND THEY USE THEIR TEETH TO DO IT. IT MAY NOT BE HUMANE TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU, BUT IT'SNATURAL AND THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING THAT WAY FOR FAR LONGER THAN YOU CAN COMPREHEND. You are not a truthseeker. You drink the anti wolf koolaid and use every common myth that has been debunked to date.

I have provided the documentation from WSU that 62% of tested NRM wolves are carry and spreading the disease, here are the pictures from the lungs of infected ungulates.

You are a losing this discussion face it.... you have nothingn but factless emotion.

You have no proof they are not spreading the disease, I have now proved wolves are the definitive host, wolves spread the disease in their scat, and ungulates are infected. Documented, photographed proof....LOL

No Dale, you are. cARRYING it and spreading it are 2 different things. There is no proof what so ever that wolves are spreading it. Here are some facts for you, things you clearly don't like because you don't have any of them. Not one animal or human has gotten a disease from wolves since being reintroduced.

You are opposed to wolves and other predators simply because they eat elk and deer. You make money off of killing animals. You do not respect wildlife one bit. It's just a way to make money off of providing hunters chances to kill animals. Dale, people like you see wildlife as nothing more than a cashcow. You are not a conservationist nor will you ever be. Washingtonites want wolves in the state. You hunters in WA are the very small minority. How do you should respect to wildlife by killing it? Do you even know what 'respect' truly means?

Respect? As hunters we fill our freezer with the most natural and organic form of protien available. Respect? Why dont you ask native americans about the respect one feels for an animal harvested to feed the family, to get thru the long winter with sustainable food. How is it YOU cannot respect that...oh I know you buy your food at the store...very natural..with its little "all organic" sticker on it.
Its not that we as westerns and hunters want to kill all the wolves or that we think them eating deer and elk are bad, its the fact that when one spends time out in the wilderness and forests every week....we KNOW the offical numbers are diluted. There are more then 40 wolves in oregon and washington....considerably more. They MUST me maintained.....we have to manage the ecosystem and its wildlife, it will not balance itself. The pendulum swings in either direction in favor of the prey or predator and that swing can take decades. We dont have that luxury....we must manage wildlife to keep the numbers at healthy levels for all animals, including humans. Hunting is major part of that management.

You should check the facts about who is making money off of wildlife. The wolf has been a most impressive cash cow for certain "environmental groups"

cOME ON Dale, you expect anyone to believe that? You want to chase cougars up trees with dogs just so they can be shot. you don't like having wolves in WA justbecause they are going to eat deer and other game animals, animals you make a living off of with your outfitting business. Give it up, you aren't fooling anyone. How is chasing cougars up trees with dogs or just shooting them having respect? Your definition of respect is clearly different than others. As I said, you don't care about wildlife in the true sense. You only care about killing wildlife and your comments on wolves and cougars prove that. I asked you for proof about wolf diseases. Like I expected, you could not come through with the proof I asked for.

Come on Dale, post the proof that wolves are spreading disease. Now is the time to back up your lies with some solid proof, not just some assumption you are making up just to demonize wolves. People like you Dale do not own wildlife and should not decide on what is best to manage wildlife. We non-hunters outnumber you Washington hunters by the thousands. We want wolves in our state. people like you DO NOT CARE ABOUT WILDLIFE. You only care about killing it. That is how you earn a living. I guess getting a honest job was out of the question.

Here's your proof:

Echinococcus granulosus has a two host life cycle with canids as the definitive host for adult
worms and ungulates as the intermediate host for the larval worms. The adult worms are small, about
3‐5 mm in length, and live in the small intestine of canids (dogs, wolves, foxes, dingo, and jackals). The
adult worms lay eggs that are passed in the feces of the canid and are accidently ingested by ungulates
(deer, elk, moose, caribou, domestic sheep, domestic cattle, etc) where the eggs hatch in the rumen and
migrate to the thoracic or abdominal cavity and form sac like structures called hydatid cysts. Within the
hydatid cysts, hundreds of immature tapeworms bud off the lining of the cyst. If a canid consumes a
hydatid cyst, the larval tapeworms develop into adult worms in the small intestine of the canid.

A total of 63 intestinal tracts from wolves that were lethally removed by USDA Wildlife Services
personnel or hit by vehicles between 2006 and 2008 were submitted to the Washington Animal Disease
Diagnostic Laboratory for detection of E. granulosus. Of these, 39 (62%) were found to be infected with
the parasite (Foreyt et al. 2009). A comparable number of wolves from Montana from the same time
period showed a similar prevalence of E. granulosus (Foreyt et al. 2009).

Echinococcus granulosus, also called the Hydatid worm or Hyper Tape-worm, is a cyclophyllid cestode that parasitizes the small intestine of canids as an adult, but which has important intermediate hosts such as livestock and humans, where it causes hydatid disease. The adult tapeworm ranges in length from 2 mm to 7 mm and has three proglottids ("segments") when intact - an immature proglottid, mature proglottid and a gravid proglottid. Like all cyclophyllideans, E. granulosus has four suckers on its scolex ("head"), and E. granulosus also has a rostellum with hooks.

In canids, E. granulosus causes a typical tapeworm infection, and produces eggs that are passed with the dog's feces. Intermediate hosts include herbivores such as sheep, deer, moose, kangaroos, and wallabies, and any other organism (including humans) that ingests dog feces. In the intermediate host, eggs hatch into oncosphere larvae that travel through the blood and form hydatid cysts in the host's tissues. These cysts can grow to be the size of a softball or basketball, and may contain several smaller "balloons" inside the main cyst. In the related worm Echinococcus multilocularis, the outer cyst is not present. If the outer cyst ruptures, new cysts can form at a different location in the body. Each smaller section contains several juvenile worms, and dogs may eat millions of them, resulting in very heavy infections. Hydatid cysts occur in organs like the liver, brain and lungs, not in subcutaneous tissue. Though this has never been tested experimentally, it is assumed that infected animals make easier prey for canids.

Symptoms can include liver enlargement, hooklets in sputum and possible anaphylactic shock when the immune system reacts to ruptured cysts. A cyst diagnosis with ultrasound, MRI, or immunoelectrophoresis.

E. granulosus life cycleHydatid disease is treated with surgery, taking special care to leave the cyst intact so new cysts do not form, and mebendazole over a long period of time at low dosages.

The best way to keep dogs from being infected is to prevent them from eating infected offal. The best way to avoid human infection is to avoid ingesting food or other substances contaminated with dog feces.

Diagnosis in the definitive host, the dog, is difficult by ordinary microscopy as it cannot differentiate between Taenia and Echinococcus eggs. Detection of antigens in feces by ELISA is currently the best available technique. The prevalence of Echinococcus granulosus was found to be 4.5% in Bangalore, India by a study conducted by Centre of Advanced Studies in Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore employing this coproantigen detection technique. Newer techniques like PCR is also used to identify the parasite from DNA isolated from eggs or feces.

Where is your proof of this Dale? post the proof. dale, what you Washington hunters don't understand is that you hunters DO NOT OWN THE WILDLIFE IN Washington. The wildlife is not there just so you hunters can shoot it. You are anti-predator and you care next to nothing about wildlife. All you care about is killing it and that is why you have an outfitting business. You view wolves as competition. People like you are a threat to wildlife.

To clarify your statement: The people of Washington own the wildlife. Some people contribute more than others to wildlife conservation. Through license sales I literally create thousands of dollars of revenue each year for wildlife management, much of which is used by WDFW for non-game species management. Hunters like myself are responsible for saving eagles, butterflys, frogs, and paying for wolf management.

HOW MUCH DO YOU CONTRIBUTE? (afraid to post your identity?)

Yes dale, we all know you pay to kill animals. How do you respect wildlife by killing it? You are a hypocrite. You make a living off of killing animals and yet you claim you respect wildlife? That makes so much sense Dale. Dale, anyone can see right through you. Your only concern is keeping wildlife around SO YOU CAN KILL IT AND MAKE MONEY OFF OF IT. You clearly aren't capable of getting a real and honest job. i hope you lose your outfitting business. You are a joke and a fake conservationist.

Dale, get it through your thick head. HUNTERS do not own the wildlife in WA. The wildlife is not there just so you hunters can kill animals. You better remember, there are many more non-hunters in WA than hunters. Hunters are a very small minority in WA. Who are hell are you and your hunting buddies to decide how many wolves should be in WA? OFCOURSE, all you care about is having large #s of game animals around to kill. It's sad that a very small minority of people feel that they should be the only ones who have a say on a state's wildlife.

Dale, that is not proof. I asked you to provide proof THAT PROVES THAT WOLVES ARE SPREADING DISEASE. You have nothing. You don't have to post a link to tell me about the disease. You have no proof, no facts, nothing.

Considering how much wildlife we killed during the Gulf oil spill and now the radiation about to settle into the ocean from the nuclear reactor killing off marine life, the least we could do is protect some species!

Yes protect the ones that kill off other ones ,brilliant plan.


If the 33000 Blackbear in WI depredated at a rate of $285 per year as the 700 wolves in Wisconsin did last year. We would see almost 10 million dollars of dead pets and livestock. The wolf is different! True wolf lovers (like myself) recognize the limitations of this animal! All I see is anti-hunters and enviromental lawyers still pushing for more wolves! Protect habitat instead promoting this garbage! There will be no local support for this animal when you are through!

Wolves take about 7 % of a prey population. or less. This level is comprised of the ill, the injured, the weak, and the excess young which all species produce because of predation and chance.
Strong studies show that deer, for instance, when pressured by predation, increase their reproduction. Before gun hunters arrived, massive populations of large mammals existed in North America, in balance.
Repeatedly it has been compared to the Serengeti, in such a way as to have been far more astonishing and complex, filled with vaster herds and species.

THe claims, continuously shown to be false, of wolves significantly reducing any populations, are not supported by fact or statistical observation, but instead, as the above commentor shows, politically motivated, and so the arena must be in the political forum, or else, as with all other human endeavor, it would be once again attempted to be decided with guns, poison, and further extermination of all life which is not controlled for financial human profit.

The domestic species of sheep brought diseases that wiped out bighorn and some other native species to dangerously low levels.
Cattle brought with them brucellosis/undulant fever. Cattle and sheep overgrazing wiped out the grasslands in the southern plains, and to some extent in the north, where woody plants and alien opportunist species took over for the foreseeable future.

Hunting pressure began to exterminate the bison as early as the 1780s, until smalpox wiped out the Comanche, who traded southern plains bison. Later, billions of passenger pigeons, carolina parakeets, eskimo curlew were extinguished, by gun hunting.
Pronghorn, a magnificent species, and bison , were almost extinguished by gun hunters.

Then the US grassland became free grazing for British investors who made cattle the food of England, when previous beef food was grown only in GB for the smaller population before the industrial revolution.
While black bears remain here, they are diminished, and very few people see them. Grizzly were nearly exterminated in the US portion of North America.

As we jknow from Yellowstone studies, elk without wolf predation danaged the ecosystem, and it was only rebalanced when the Yellowstone wolves helped change elk behavior back to normal.

The disgusting politicization of nearly everything, due to the human intent and capacity to profit from absolutely everything, and so make it into an economic/political issue - this is our unconscionable moral and ethical failure.

It is up to each of us to individually regain respect and reverence for other life, and to cease diminishing ourselves, and our world, with this whiteman's lack of ethical relationship with other life on earth.

How small and selfish are the arguments, when exposed to a more honest, real assessment of ourselves.

"Wolves take about 7 % of a prey population. or less. This level is comprised of the ill, the injured, the weak, and the excess young which all species produce because of predation and chance."

More bs by the denial clan.

Oh my god!! the gray wolf is one of my favorite animals and congress is trying to hurt it again. I just did a speech on gray wolves saying what they went through and how people have helped them. Now I'm going to have to change it because congress is being stupid. I mean this is our home why the heck is everyone trying to kill it. We should be preserving our wildlife so kids can see them and not just hear about them from books. People are depriving kids. How many species are gone? How many will some of us never see? How many do you think will be killed in the next ten years? I swear thats why all these natural disasters are happening. The earth is pissed off and fighting back. She wants us off. You know the earth is going to kill us if we don't help fix what we messed up. I just hope I'm not around when she finally succeeds.

I always love coming to these sites that are populated by so many emotionally intoxicated wolf lovers that are so mistaken on the realities. They have been taught romantic versions of nature at a very shallow level. The belief that all was wonderful before man came along, and always ignore that extinctions were also a very common reality during those times. The belief in the 'balance of nature' is yet another lie that has been propagandized into the minds of the vast population that has become completely detached from nature and it's raw and brutal realities.

I keep reading that this issue should be decided by biologist, yet every biologist involved has stated that these wolves in the NRM are far past recovered. It is the same people that say that science should be used, are in fact the ones continually taking this issue to court to have a judge over rule the scientist, yet they continually want to ignore this hypocrisy. Something that only emotionally based thought processes allow, the ignoring of facts you don't want to see.

No state in this region has stated they want to completely remove wolves, in fact they all have minimum legal numbers they have agreed to and that meet or exceed the standards put forth by wolf experts in 50 CFR Part 17 from the USFWS.

I know many people here just can't wrap their heads around reality, or that they have been sold a pile of dung and will continue to base their opinions on raw, unfounded emotion. Yet hopefully, at least a few, will actually be willing to look at the real facts in this wolf situation that has now become so out of hand that congress is being forced to define the intention of the law that has been so seriously abused by activist judges and welfare lawyers abusing the equal access to justice act.

Enough. Grey Wolves have already been brought to the edge of extinction and are now being slaughtered and gassed in a national park of all places and may actually reach the true extinction along with the Buffalo, which we have already almost succeeded in wiping it once as well. We need every species in our global ecosystem that has not already been made extinct for both the Natural Resourse Services that peer reviewed studies have found we could never afford to replace. Not to mention the innumerable species we have driven to extinction without even knowing that they existed, what part they may have played in the health of the biosphere or might have placed in human health. All of the species we retain need protection. Especially if we already know that they do. If it is a matter of saving some money then we would do well to do our utmost to retain the species, large, small, plant, animal or microbe that we can.

Adrienne, it looks like you spend too much time on Ralph Maughan anti-hunting hate web site...... Join the real world, real wolf huggers recognize the limitation of this animal and are calling for management. The only ones still pushing for more wolves are rich environmental lawyers, anti-hunters and wolf biologist that are on the tax rolls of this high maintenance killer.

Canadian Grey wolves are no where near extinct,there is 40,000-50,000 of them in Canada ans Alaska alone. That does not count the 10,000 or so in the lower 48. Stop drinking their cool-aid Adrienne. They are using this Non-endangered species to line their pockets plain and simple. They take advantage of peoples emotions by misrepresenting the wolf and people of the west and mid-west. Making demons out of hunters and ranchers. When in reality it is they who display diabolical tendencies.

For those misrepresenting Christianity---mankind, including Christians, are to be good stewards of God's Earth and His creatures. This means not abusing, exploiting or massacring any creature for greed/profit, cruelty, selfishness or amusement. God's Word says those who destroy the Earth will be destroyed. Rev. 11:18b: "The time has come for judging the dead...and for destroying those who destroy the Earth."

It is the duty and responsibility of every moral person, and anyone who claims to be a Christian, to defend, protect and preserve to the best of his or her ability God's magnificent creation and wondrous biodiversity. This of course includes sparrows, lions, whales, lemurs, beetles, cacti, whitebark pine trees, and wolves. All life is to be respected and defended. (And no, this doesn't include pathogens for the smart a##es.)
Because a species isn't highly regarded by some (wolves could easily out-survive the majority of them) doesn't give licence to destroy such species. Predators play an important role in keeping deer and their kind healthy and strong. And greed/gluttony and selfishness never take precedence over ethical and responsible wildlife management.

Being an ethical and responsible Christian respecting, defending and preserving God's creation and creatures is what every Christian is dutifully supposed to be doing. Not doing so is the sinful, selfish aberration. Don't believe Satan and his minions of destruction and greed; they will be destroyed.

I understand eating, but I don't understand the joy of killing? I am in absolute awe of the cathedral of nature and I can watch a living creature for hours learning its perfect fit into the puzzle of the natural world. Gazing upon an inert carcass is boring and depressing.

Why kill for sport???

I kill for the food. If you don't understand the joy of killing you must despise the wolves because they defiantly love to kill. You should see them in action, Its most impressive. Usually they start eating their victims while their still alive if they eat them at all. It Does not seem to bother them a bit. They have no mercy.

No you don't, hunters are the biggest hypocrites around. They whine about wolves killing for sport. Aren't you aware that many hunters today kill animals for sport? hunters KILL MANY MORE ANIMALS FOR SPORT than wolves ever will.

No you don't, hunters are the biggest hypocrites around. They whine about wolves killing for sport. Aren't you aware that many hunters today kill animals for sport? hunters KILL MANY MORE ANIMALS FOR SPORT than wolves ever will.

Yes actually I do. Every since I was a baby I have been eating organic wild meat. I hunt for the meat. As soon as it is legal I will be hunting wolves to save my wild meat.

The elk and some other wild animals are getting various diseases that may spread to the cattle in the region. The wolves can kill those diseased animals and thereby protect the cattle from costly and potentially fatal infections.

Doc...Which animal do you think spreads those diseases? It's the wolf.

Toby, wolves don't spread brucellosis to cattle, it's the elk that does. Nice to know you are very short on facts.

Wolves carry diseases like rabies,Canine Distemper,Canine Parvovirus,Infectious Canine Hepatitis,Oral Papillomatosis,Parasites(These include at least 24 species of nematodes (roundworms), 21 species of cestodes (tapeworms), nine species of trematodes (flukes), heartworms, and three species of acanthocephalia (spiny-headed worms). Wolves are also susceptible to being infested by fleas, ticks or mites.),Heartworm,Hookworms,Liver Flukes,Tapeworms (At least 21 different species of tapeworm have been known to infest wolves),Mange,Lice,Leptospirosis,Brucellosis,Lyme Disease,and Blastomycosis.
Most of these can be passed on to pets, humans, and other wildlife.

It has become necessary to have Congress delist wolves due to misuse and abuse of the ESA and the Court system. By all measures the wolves are far beyond recovered. In 2000 they met all goals for recovery and the process to delist began

Good faith negotiations on wolf reintroduction back in the mid 1990s set goals that all could live with but now that is not good enough. Elk and Moose have seen drastic declines in their populations to the point they are in serious decline -- avg age of an elk in Yellowstone is now 9 yrs with almost no calf survival. Moose are non existant probably "extinct" in the Park These issues should be of grave concern since the balance of nature has been turned in favor of the predator -- with wolves being the dominant and most significant predator

Every state has used MINIMUM counts on the numbers of wolves leaving numerous wolves uncounted and yet the numbers show wolves have far exceeded all recovery goals. That should be success but due to frivoulous lawsuits, sound info being ignored we are left with no alternative but to have an act of congress remove the wolf from the ESA --- people liike Earthjustice are the cause of the demise of the ESA due to their utter failure to understand the environment, big game, predator and man relationships and try to manage these

Nature will balance itself but in the process there will be wild swings and that is not healthy for the environment -- face reality -- a managed ecosystem is best and there are more than enough wolves that if you allowed unlimited shooting you could not remove all of them

Congress must act since Earthjustice and others can not balance their desires with others who live on the planet

The anti-science anti-environmental anti-wolf comments I've read sound believable. That is coming from the alter-ego of bloggers who rather enjoys playing the role of "God the loser human decider." Deceiving readers with garbage propaganda on this comment blog doesn't change the truth, scientific studies, or the expert opinions of environmental scientists based on natural facts. People who have devoted their lives to protecting the remaining wild species in American ecosystems and the global landscape deserve to be commended.

If people want to get the garbage misleading version of what's going on, then can just turn on their TV news, radio news, or newspaper and get the US Corporate Mass Media version from the 7 corporations who own it and the government. They don't need your to read your crap on this website.

History dictates that most the time, men in control who have made important decisions or applied a ruling against protecting the land air, and sea have done it to line their pockets and gain more power. The US political system has been gamed. Sold out to the all mighty dollar, and it's probably has the most sellout politicians in decades since European white men conquered this amazing place. The former stewards, Native American Indians, were outstanding protectors of nature that lived in North America.

Most American politicians are a group of sellout political puppets who represent big money special interest groups, energy corporations, and multi-national bankers, not the American people. They create misnamed legislation that is often both morally and ethically criminal and treasonous. Then their politicians vote in favor of the damaging legislation that lately reverses or weakens a previous law for their corporate contributors.

This situation of screwing the American people and the remaining endangered species will prevail until Americans wise up and fix the broken system.

Until then, best people can hope for is that the valuable work of talented environmental groups like Earth Justice, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Union of Concerned Scientist to name a few will continue to somehow hold the line and protect our wild animals and humans until help arrives. The current situation is a volatile ugly corrupted system run by the super wealthy who make up 5% of the US population.

Jack the science on this matter speaks for itself,all you have to do is open your eyes to see it. Defenders of Wildlife and the likes have grossly ignored it for so long in order to put a end to hunting and ranching. Now we are faced with loosing certain elk herds for good. The Moose of the Yellowstone are on the brink of extinction.
Your comment,"Most American politicians are a group of sellout political puppets who represent big money special interest groups, energy corporations, and multi-national bankers, not the American people. They create misnamed legislation that is often both morally and ethically criminal and treasonous." can certainly be applied to Defenders of Wildlife and the likes. in one 6 year period these self proclaimed "environmental" groups filed over 1500 lawsuits and received over $4.7 billion from the taxpayers of this country for reimbursements for their legal fees. The wolf has been used as a cash cow for them. Many Americans grow weary of the anti-human sentiment these groups promote. Its time to get in touch with reality. Many of our ungulate herds are running out of time.

Do you know why lawsuits are required to protect wild species? Because with the current system, lawsuits are the only way to fight wilderness destructors.

You are so worried about moose extinction from wolves at Yellowstone but could you support that argument? I say doubtful,but go ahead and list your scientific studies that support this opinion and I'm not talking about some redneck article from the Cattle Rancher Weekly. I know all about the hazing and killing bison in Yellowstone in the name of stopping a disease where not even 1 case of proof exists. Not even 1 case Buddy.

What about allowing ORV in the Yellowstone National Park? Hundreds of snowmobiles for rent right at the entrance. What about the fact that grizzlies are inbred because their population has been basically trapped on the Yellowstone Island for 80 years and they are about to lose their 3 major food sources? What about the fact that a Yellowstone to Yukon corridor would eliminate this problem? But brown bears were taken off the Federal Endangered Species Protection List by US Forestry although people from around the world overwhelmingly commented against it. Why? Because some people wanted to hunt them again and actual population numbers were falsified. Earth Justice successfully sued and got the de-listing reversed.

Poor cattle ranchers, trophy hunters, land developers, and energy corporations, and bankers? Because wiping out wild animals should be as easy as clubbing seals. And if a mining company is awarded a mine like copper or uranium they pocket everything they take out on the national forest and don't have to adhere to any standards. Oh there's a good spot for a new housing tract and a McDonald's.

You think you can point your finger and apply the same description of the current U.S. fascist government to Defenders of the Wildlife Chief? A government that does this song and dance about how it's a not a corrupt government of liers but a consent of the governed? BS!!!

I would say, continue being part of the herd that drinks the Kool-aid, however, my instinct is that your helping mix it. And how bout the Congressional move to do away with the Federal Endangered Species Protection all together? Just let bankrupt states and big money be the decider right??? Your argument has convinced me.

Now Jacky boy,take it easy , you are going to give yourself a heart attack. Your not talking about some redneck article from the Cattle Rancher Weekly? Ahh I see, you prefer the distorted facts you receive from the Enviro Nazi's... I feel your pain. The good news is...there is help for you. Simply stop drinking from their cool-aid trough and soon your pain will ease. Please come join us here in reality... It troubles me to see someone in such distress. One day at a time my friend. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Well stated.

Wolves are fair game for delisting based on scientific NOT political means. Why is that so hard to understand? Once they are removed, they can be added only by political means. Of course, by the time it is realized that needs to be done, the wolf killer, toby bridges, and his buddies will have killed all the wolves. What will they kill after all the wolves are gone? Some folks just have to kill. I think this has a good chance of passing with the way Congress likes to tag bill upon bill together and then vote on the package so the good, the bad, and ugly are included. Of course, it doesn't help that Salazar is not an environmentally-friendly Secretary of the Interior. I feel sorry for all species currently protected by the ESA because once this precedent is set, then all the others can be removed too.

Molloy,The Hitler of elk and this buddies Defenders of Wildlife and the likes are killing all of the Elk,Moose and Deer. You guys don't care about all wildlife and defend only wolves.

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