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Yes, We're Suing the EPA

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11 October 2011, 10:17 AM
After rejecting ozone standards, groups challenge EPA's decision

Yes, we did it. For the past month several reporters have been asking us about our litigation plans following the EPA’s scrapping of a stronger ozone standard Sept. 2  as directed by the White House.

Today we represent the American Lung Association, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council and Appalachian Mountain Club in a petition filed against EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and the U.S. EPA.

If you have been following our work, you know that Earthjustice has championed stronger ozone standards for more than a decade. And if you are confused, this will clear things up: what we filed today is a brand new challenge. Our 2008 suit involving the Bush ozone standards was put on hold after the EPA pledged to revisit those standards. Of course, the agency never released the stronger standards, so now that 2008 suit is on track to resume. Whether this new suit and the old suit will converge, we don’t know.

We know this though -- the new challenge needed to be done.

Our current standard of limiting ozone to 75 parts per billion leaves thousands of lives at risk.  Strengthening the standards to 60 ppb (as the EPA’s own science and medical advisors suggested) would have saved up to 12,000 lives every year, prevented 58,000 asthma attacks and avoided 21,000 hospital and emergency room visits, according EPA estimates.

So why did the EPA (with a heavy hand from the White House) back down? Politics and money. In this AP story, Dina Cappiello writes:

 But President Barack Obama, facing a re-election race in 2012 and under pressure from business groups and Republicans, rejected the final proposal. He said setting a new standard would create “needless uncertainty” at a time when the economy was struggling.

What a shame. We are calling on the EPA to follow the law, to adhere to the Clean Air Act. Specifically we are calling on the court to overturn the administration’s decision to reject the stronger ozone proposal and order the administration to comply with the law and protect people’s lungs.

As Janice Nolen, of the American Lung Association said during a telephone press conference with reporters today:

The American Lung Association is pleased to be a part of this action today. We wish we didn’t have to be. We wish EPA had made a different decision. 

This is yet again where the rich and powerful hold the rest of us hostage. I'm sooo sick of the energy giants with their tax breaks and their lies about future energy solutions! The Koch brothers and coal giants promise endless, cheap, energy in the form of coal. So what if it ruins the environment and destroys our health. Then theres the natural gas people promising clean natural gas. So what if it causes your water supply to be set on fire?? They promise they will follow the utmost in safety rules, but since when has that happened?? You only have to see what happened in the Gulf to see how quickly the energy industry will ignore the rules in order to increase their profits. I don't trust any of them. Look at the push to stop the new regulations that were just passed! I'm so glad you are suing the EPA. The court system may be be the only way we can win and even that is in question. Look at what the Supreme Court did with Citizens United!


Allowing dangerous levels of ozone emissions is just another injustice perpetrated on our children; goes along with GMOs, fraudulent mortgage agreements, secret use of fracking chemicals, pipeline oil for export while ignoring alternative energy -- the list reaches from sea to shining sea illuminating the corrupt reality of our "democracy"! No wonder we, the 99%ers, are angry. And now, that we can all carry guns....

As that wonderful Frenchman urged in his recently translated pamphlet, "Enragez-vous" ... Indeed, where is the outrage?

Needless uncertainty --- or bowling to political pressure from those who are making millions off the status que? How long are we going to put up with allowing the politions and those who's job it is to enforce standards to ACCEPT bribes, kickbacks, future job offers, etc, to ignore facts and the will of the people?

We now have government "Of huge business, For huge business, and Run by huge business".

We also have TEA PARTY extreamists that have TOTALLY FORGOTTEN what the origional tea party was for. They were opposed to paying taxes with NO representation. The current IDIOTS who are Tea Party are lowering taxes for the RICH will making the middle clase cover ALL the costs of government AND taking the right to vote AWAY from many not in the excessively over rich extream minority!

Hurray! It truly time that the EPA was challenged on their failure to enforce the many Environmental Regulations. Especially with the GOP agenda to eliminate or reduce EPA's capability to enforce these same regulations.
Now we need to confront those GOP representatives who what to compromise the EPA and expose their agenda as supporting those Corporate Polluters & harmful to our health.

Thomas O. Nass’ Paraphrase and Enhancement of W.C. Lowdermilk’s , U.S. Dept of Agriculture 1948, "Conquest of the Land Through 7,000 Years" This Holy Earth

Thou shall inherit this Holy Earth as a Faithful Steward, respecting, protecting and conserving its Environment, its Resources and its Productivity for future generations.
Thou shall safeguard its Fields from erosion; its Soils and sub-Surface from Chemical Saturation; its Waters, its Ground Waters and its Air from Pollution and over-heating. Its Oceans from over fishing; its Forests from desolation; its Mineral Resources from depletion; its Hills from overgrazing by thy herds and its Creatures from extinction, so that thy descendants may enjoy its abundance as once did thee.
As All Nations do share in the Ownership of this Holy Earth. Ergo, if any Nation or its leaders should fail in the responsibilities of their Stewardship, then all of thy Crop land shall become sterile ground with wasting gullies; thy waters unfit to drink; thy air too thick to breath; the meat of thy herds and thy flocks, as the spawn of thy waters and thy oceans, unfit to eat. If any of the above should come to pass, then thy descendants shall gradually diminish in their number and eventually depart from off the face of this Holy Earth.
Why? Because thy insatiable Greed and thy ignorance of thy ignorance shall have decreed it so.
And it will be thy insatiable Greed, if allowed to continue, that shall eventually take this Country down!

Thomas O. Nass, 5th Marine Division - WWII

too bad God didnt put this in the Bible is so perfect...I would love to shove it down the throats of the "christian" tea partiers !

How do I get the EPA to test the air and soot in my area? I fear the oil slick has dumped oil every where in land. It is a disaster.

The nuclear fallout from Japan is being ignored also.

It is worse than an invading army since it is our own who are hiding the dangers to our lives.

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