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Coal -- The Earth's Food Poisoning

When you've got food poisoning, what's the last thing on earth you want? A heaping plate of the offending dish, right? Well—new, dirty coal plants are to the planet what shrimp scampi is to a roiling belly.

Industrial carbon pollution from coal plants is making us sick, driving climate change, and intensifying the smog-filled air that triggers asthma attacks in children and seniors. But in late March, the Environmental Protection Agency aimed to settle stomachs when it released clean air standards to curb this dangerous pollution from new plants.

Already, 680,000 people have submitted public comments in support of these precedent-setting protections. The comments were delivered directly to the EPA earlier today, but do not fear if you haven't weighed in yet. We're just getting started.

Representatives from many groups, including Earthjustice, carry public comments to the EPA's headquarters. Warmer temperatures intensify smog pollution and its health impacts on Americans, including more asthma attacks in children and seniors.

More than 50,000 Earthjustice supporters have already submitted their comments. Earthjustice Legislative Representative Sarah Saylor (left), Campaign Director Jared Saylor (right), and Agnes, one of Earthjustice's youngest activists, delivered the comments.

We have until June 12 to make our voices heard, which may very well mean the public is on a path to do some precedent-setting of its own. The response so far in the first week of the comment period is incredible and a testament to how important these pollution standards are.

Let's keep the numbers rolling in, because more coal plant pollution is something we simply can't stomach.

Have you submitted your comment yet?

Over the past year, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed many measures seeking to restrict the EPA's ability to protect the public health under the Clean Air Act, including the agency’s ability to control carbon pollution. Make sure your voice is heard in support of clean air protections!