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Love Matt Damon? Hate Fracking? This Film's For You!

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05 April 2012, 5:07 PM
Matt Damon to star in new feature film about fracking

I'm not going to even try to hide my excitement at the news that Matt Damon co-wrote and is starring in a feature film, titled Promised Land, about the controversial gas development technique known as fracking. The actor has made his concerns known about fracking's link to water pollution in this two-minute spot by Working Families Party so I am extremely eager to see what kind of message a full-length feature film will deliver.

Matt Damon is also a co-founder of, and earlier this year on World Water Day, spoke about the plight of millions who lack clean water:

With Gus Van Sant directing and lots of other big names like Dave Eggers and Frances McDormand attached to the project, I'm also wondering if the oil and gas industry will have to launch yet another Academy Award boycott like they did over Josh Fox's Oscar-nominated documentary GASLAND.

There are not many details on the script yet, but based on the few clues in a Variety piece, here’s my plot prediction: Matt Damon stars as an oil and gas industry executive who has a change of heart after an encounter with an embattled landowner played by the fetching Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men). I can't decide if John Krasinski (The Office) will be typecast as a good guy or if he'll get to stretch creatively by playing a malevolent industry-type.

Filming begins later this month in frack-free Pittsburgh. Word has it they’re casting for extras in the area this weekend. I am more than a little tempted to answer Hollywood's siren call.

I LOVE FRACKING, for if I didn’t I would hate the light bulb.

Life is a balance, a give and take, and advancement of industry, science and technology is part of this. The masses demand life improving activities, at least in a free society. You and I are just trying to get over our parents’ imprint and better ourselves and often in America that means making more money, working, interacting with friends, family and society, staying healthy, having a few vices, and buying stuff. I am just stating facts not judging.

In our media driven (aka big business selling news) world certain small and non-representative groups and people become unjustifiably influential at a local level and in “the media”. When “the media” picks up on and supports these influencers it is mainly because it sells “papers” but really they are just pushing fashion. Fashion is all about joining the cool group so your ego is fed. So if you want to sell papers just feed your buyer’s ego.

Purveyors of fashion do so because they have a positive attitude toward the product they are selling and it provides them with an opportunity to make money (more money than other pursuits). Dress designers sell dresses cause they like them, IT folks because they like computers, car folks, actors and movie makers, oil and gas folks, food guys, journalists… So journalists are just sales guys who happen to like journalism and they feel they can make enough money doing it.

So journalists have found a new fashion and a good market for their wares…and it is anti-fracking hysteria…and it sells to the masses like hotcakes. And it is self fueling as more and more people want to be anti-frackers cause it is so cool and so righteous and at no cost. You can be cool and be on the “right” side of the issue…hell, buy me two cases of that water.

But is it so good for everyone?? Well first of all it irritates the hell out of me, so there is a downside. But really it burdens society with fear, hysteria, hypocrisy, ignorance, and may hamper development of resources that the country needs. Oh, yes, no tears, but it burdens our public oil companies and makes them less profitable. You cool folks might delight in this fact, but only a fool shits in his own nest. So cool folks would rather put their GDP and taxes into the hands of ignorant whining personalities instead of into highly intelligent and hardworking folks who invent new technology. Do cool folks say I want my kid to grow up to be a malcontent or a Rice University trained engineer?

So why do cool folks hate big companies? Big public companies are all owned by us, you and me in our mutual funds. Remember Enron, they were once the largest US company (market cap) and do you know why? Because we all bought them because their stock kept rising and made us MONEY! (see paragraph one). I digress.

I love driving in the countryside with the top down and warm sun beaming down on my face with the smell of flowers. I also love driving to Aspen, CO and hanging out in the old buildings and sometimes hiking up mountain paths and viewing old mining buildings. I love buying photos of the old Crystal Mill.

I am not a fan of sunburn, nor of sunscreen, don’t like it when bugs hit me in the face, or coyotes eating my pets, or ice on the road, or when I hit bumps, and I sure don’t like drinking plain water (non-bottled). So I am a fan of pesticides to get rid of pests, love methanol to clean my windshield, want fresh asphalt to smooth my ride, can’t live without plastic bottles (non-bis?), and need my sunscreen. I want organic flowers from Whole Foods (flown in using jet fuel all the way from Chile. What gives here?

So are you a fan of light bulbs? Or are you all about candles and hand crank generators for your computer…I am guessing the former since you are on the web reading this. Oh yeah light bulbs.

Light bulbs used to be cool but now they are losing their coolness with all that energy they use, and my God, the mercury. So light bulbs have ruined America just like fracking threatens to. It is time to ban light bulbs and fracking, we don’t need em. BUT WAIT if you live in the North East or California and are a caring environmentalist with a social conscience there is an answer to this dilemma. God has blessed you enlightened few with a solution…God bless the fashion chasing media!! How about we ban fracking, but not the light bulb, in our communities and do what we have always done…let those less-than cool rednecks in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana screw up their land and deliver our energy to us somehow (certainly not via pipelines because they are not cool). Eureka this is the solution, but remember don’t kill any cool birds or fish (RE: BP blowout), never mind the worker’s lives, and for sure don’t dirty any First American’s land because they hate progress and money unlike big companies (“I guess I own stock in them”).

SUVs…don’t get me started. Don’t hate the light bulb, public companies, or fracking…hate your addiction to SUVs, big homes, someone else’s pain, needing to be cool at any cost, ignorance and foolishness. Too much of anything is bad, including fracking, so use your brain.


Fracking is happening in other countries as well.How about outhouses instead of flush toilets?Calearth homes and self sustaining gardens.

Malaria could spread across continents.

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