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Feds Betray Wyoming Wolves

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31 August 2012, 2:11 PM
Shoot-on-sight killing of endangered wolves allowed in 30 days

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service chose a blue moon to announce the delisting of the gray wolf in Wyoming, which will take effect in one month. Is it because a blue moon is also called the “betrayer moon,” or perhaps it’s just before a holiday weekend and they are hoping most won’t notice?

By eliminating federal protections and handing wolf management over to Wyoming, the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision will allow hunters, ranchers, wolf haters and anyone living or visiting Wyoming to commence unconditional wolf killing—without a license and by virtually any means in nearly 85 percent of the state. In the rest of the state, Wyoming will open up a hunting season on wolves immediately after it gains control.

Last year, Congress gave hunters and trappers in Montana and Idaho the right to kill wolves that had been protected under the Endangered Species Act, nullifying a court victory won by Earthjustice that would have prevented the hunts. Since then, management of wolves in the two states has grown increasingly hostile as the states have expanded their wolf quotas and hunting seasons. In the 2011–2012 hunting season, hunters and trappers killed 545 wolves in Idaho and Montana. The two states have designed wolf hunting regulations for the 2012–2013 season that will result in even greater wolf killing.

Even while it approved state management in Montana and Idaho, the FWS previously denied this authority to Wyoming due to its extreme anti-wolf laws—specifically, Wyoming’s treatment of wolves as vermin to be shot on sight throughout most of the state. Today’s delisting decision reverses FWS’s earlier position, despite the fact that Wyoming law continues to allow unrestricted wolf killing throughout 85 percent of the state. Earthjustice attorneys have worked through the courts for years to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies and will continue to fight to protect this majestic species.

Gray wolf and cub. (Shutterstock)

By eliminating federal protections and handing wolf management over to Wyoming, the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision will allow anyone living or visiting Wyoming to commence unconditional wolf killing—without a license. (Photo of gray wolf and cub via Shutterstock.)

Still this thing can be no way justified. Catching them and caging them is different but shoot at sight is unethical.
Exterminator NYC

People: Take the emotional quotient out of the postings. The reality is that ever since Doug Smith and Co. reintroduced the wolves in Yellowstone, he and his cohorts knew and hoped the day would come when wolves would bounce back and the excess would be hunted, just like deer, coyotes, elk, etc. It is going to take more than 20 yrs to have Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana acclimate to the presence of wolves. Many, many people (ranchers, hunters, and environmentalists have worked together to make the wolf re-introduction less emotional and more science based. There is a place for protection in the YNP, TNP, etc., and there are ranchlands which should be protected. Wise heads need to prevail in all cases and yes, there are some idiots who wish to use incredibly painful traps to kill wolves. A bullet is a better and humane way to kill any animal. Traps are my main objection to hunting. Do some research, find out the facts about wolf re-introduction, both the good and the bad. They have helped recreate more natural balance in YNP and GTNL, that is a fact. They have killed a lot of sheep and cattle, too, outside the parks and protected areas. If you want to appease ranchers, then donate to the state funds that pay out for wolf killed sheep and cattle. If you want to hug a wolf, then donate to Greater Yellowstone Coalition, NRDC, etc. Just educate yourselves and try to restrain from the uniformed emotional response.

Love from a California native who spends a lot of vacation dollars in the Greater Yellowstone area, Wyoming, Glacier, and Idaho but respects the ranchers and environmentalists WHEN THEY ACTUALLY HAVE FACTS TO BACK UP THEIR OPINIONS. Enjoy the day.

Janice, this is the best response I have read, thanks for a great explaination of the true good things that are being done. I hope your post sinks in to the uninformed. You are a great American.

Hunters try to justify why they want live targets. They deliberately move into areas and bring their pets or livestock where wildlife exists and then try to "balance" the animal populations by killing. For centuries wolves have hunted rabbits, they do not know the difference between a rabbit and a small pet. Mankind upsets the balance of nature by controlling the environment and then hunters cry because other people protest their argogance. The truth is, hunters find pleasure in killing. It is a deadly sport, not a noble one.

Diane are you serious? The differance between a rabbit and small pet is FOOD to a wolf. What is your idea to balance the animal population?

Thank you lawyers from San Francisco for telling us idiots in Wyoming how to live our lives! You know exactly what we need and don't need. I'm so glad you all have taken interest in intervening in our state affairs. Please keep up the good work.

Bill, please explain, I'm confused, Mick

Wolves have every right to live. All humans do is destroy. No wonder why the world is going to pots. Humans are the monsters.

Wolves have every right to live. All humans do is destroy. No wonder why the world is going to pots. Humans are the monsters.

The wolf population has grown so much that there is no need anymore for federal protection. They handed the situation back to Wyoming itself to take care of the wolves. So now its up to Wyoming to be responsible in how they deal with it. I understand the anger, They should be protected and allowed to live, but I think this can be handled at a state level. Our Federal government needs to focus on the welfare of its people. In that they totally fail and that is where I shall focus my anger. ;)

I am furious that those poor Wolves are being killed for no reason at all. They have the right to live and protect there families and survive just as much as any human. God put them on this earth for a reason but not for you to play your stupid hunting games and kill just because. You should be ashamed of yourselves. POO ON YOU!!!

Why was my post deleted? It must have been under anoynomous. This site sucks, it is so one sided, you must be Obama lovers too.So take my post off for good, this is only for one sided, uninformed idoits, I have tried to give educated facts, but thats not what this site believes in. Good by earthjustice and good luck,I dare you to post this.

Yea Alice, let all those bad automobiles kill them and deer and coyotes on our highways because there is not enough food for all to survive. My "as you say stupid hunting games " pay money for licence, tags and equipment which keep jobs, like game wardens and conservationist. I am a responsible hunter. I WILL NEVER BE ASHAMED OF MYSELF OR ANY OTHER HUNTER! Time for you to get a job and move out of your mom and dads home and contribute like a lot of us. Wolf poo on you.

And yet no one would get mad if this happened to bears or cougars. Hypocrites.

What about rabbits, turkeys,geese, ducks. No one is trying to eliminate wolves, just trying to keep balance. The wolf will survive, they are very aggresive and keen hunters.

this is nonsense!!! animals deserve to live just like humans do!!!! This should not be allowed!

OMG! Ken Salazar-you sold out too!!! For what? Money, the next election?? Can't believe it, how could you? Did you need more help, you just needed to ask us and we would have been there. Did Cheney get his way again just like he did with oil and gas and polluting our groundwater? The fact is that it is all about biodiversity and if the wolves can't exist in Yellowstone they can't exist anywhere. Biodiversity is needed for humans to exist. Republicans, quit being so selfish, it isn't all about you or your money. This is a democracy not a republic.

Okay let one of them move in next to you and kill all the rabbits, domestic dogs and everything else they see fit

The wolves have just as much right to live as the domesticated dogs and the rabbits.

this is nonsense!!! animals deserve to live just like humans do!!!! This should not be allowed!

It should be time for all human kind to start smarting up before it's way too late... Also if the wanna be Americans do not like it in the States they are more welcome to go back where they belong to begin with. The real American "the Natives" could lives with the wildlife for ages. So please try to do the same. Otherwise go back home and stop being a parasite to the real Americans!!!!!

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