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Voters Tell Obama: Get To Work On Clean Energy Future

The American people have reinvested their faith in a President who now has a second chance to put this nation on course to a prosperous future built on clean energy and with a far-reaching goal of ending mankind’s role in climate change.

In the wake of superstorm Sandy, voters saw—and many continue to experience—the impacts of climate change-induced weather. They are convinced and, like us, demand that President Obama take action to steer us away from the fossil fuels that feed climate change. This is the real path to energy independence.

Voters have also made clear that the nation’s natural treasures are not for sale to those who would ravage our lands and pollute our waters and air for short-term gain. They rejected the idea of unleashing the drillers and excavators on a modern-day land rush. They refused to elect someone who promised to weaken fundamental protections like the Clean Water Act, and gut the Environmental Protection Agency. And they are demanding that America’s political leaders reach across party lines to finally start achieving these goals.

Even with this renewed support from America, President Obama still faces the old challenges of a hostile, anti-environment Congress. Earthjustice is prepared to stand with the President as he stands up to the corporate lobbying forces that threaten to outweigh the vote of the people.

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