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Stand With Appalachia Solidarity Day

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13 September 2012, 11:28 PM
Live updates from Washington, D.C.

Today's the day that we deliver our Mountain Heroes photo petition to the Obama administration! This massive photo petition is historic—it includes photos and personal messages and stories from more than 13,500 people across the country who wrote to President Obama and his administration for an end to mountaintop removal mining. It's the largest photo petition ever to be delivered to the president, and it's all about ending the nation's most destructive mining practice, protecting Appalachian families and communities, and standing up for clean water, healthy communities, environmental justice, and beautiful mountains and wildlife. (See a photo slideshow of the petition delivery event.)

I can't tell you all how honored I feel in delivering your inspiring and touching messages and images today to our nation's leaders. When I look at this petition and see all your photos and messages, I am moved to my very core. You all have created as powerful and beautiful of a solidarity display as I can imagine.

We're delivering this petition as a part of a much larger event in front of the White House, at which many of our Mountain Heroes from Appalachia will join with citizens from all over, environmental organizations, clean water defenders, faith community leaders, and voices for social justice to call for an end to destructive mountaintop removal coal mining.

There will only ever be one Larry Gibson, but we all must carry on his work. We can honor him by multiplying his voice.

Mountain Heroes photo petition delivery.

The photo petition, with photos from more than 13,500 people across the country who are demanding an end to mountaintop removal mining.

Last Sunday, the movement to end mountaintop removal mining and the environmental justice movement at large lost one of its most dedicated and inspired leaders, Larry Gibson. Larry was excited to be a part of this event and was deeply involved in the planning of it. He felt it was very important that we stand in solidarity with Appalachia right now and call on all of our nation's leaders—regardless of political party—to protect justice, human rights, clean water, and mountains in Appalachia. Larry dedicated 30 years to this work, and he never gave up on this fight. Today, we will dedicate this solidarity event to him and his indomitable spirit, which inspired so many of us.

I'll be live Tweeting the whole thing and posting as many pictures as I can throughout so that even if you can't be here in person, you will get to experience this powerful event.

Please join in on the social media action! Tweet with us today and show your solidarity by using the hashtags #StopMTR and #StandingForLarry.

And stay tuned here for live updates throughout.

One part no one talks about is that American population is growing by about 3 million people per year so 30 million more per decade and immigration is the driving force along the 11 plus million illegals now residing within our borders. Too many people is a recipe for disaster for future generations. as much of the increase in births attributed to new immigrants. Our elected leaders continue to embrace a national philosophy of "growth at any cost" to creating a huge social, economic and environmental crises. The rape of the environment will continue unless the people of this country make a lot of changes.

Sorry I missed your rally had no ride, somebody needs to from a group in OHIO to get to rally car poll or something.

Leave our mountain tops alone.

I wonder why the whole "underground radiation" approach hasn't been used more as a reason to NOT blow the tops off of mountains. Though I'm no scientist, I know that radiation is often at an elevated level around coal seams, and blowing it all into the atmosphere (and down into valleys and rivers) with huge nitroglycerin explosions would tend to affect many more people than was previously thought, including some who could care less about coal mining and the people involved. Trying to track down the source of every bit of radiation is impossible, but it seems that starting to measure it at the source of an exploding mountain might be a good idea. Is anybody even doing this, or not? If this is causing cancers and lung diseases in people living hundreds of miles away, maybe trying to STOP IT should become more of a priority to otherwise non-involved citizens in major population centers. It's not just a "country" problem then, is it?

save the mountain's vital we do it now,

I am a filmmaker in Santa Monica who has written a short (approx. ten minute) anti-corporate personhood script, which requires a stock footage clip of a strip mine explosion. Can anyone hook me up?

I was born in Kentucky. Many of my ancestors were coal miners.

They would truly be horrified at the
"strip mining" and the destruction of the environment around this process encouraged by greed of profits.

No sane person that is brave enough to do many tours of what the strip mining does to the surrounding air, water, and land around this horrific and literal raping of an unreplacable mountain, has a clue.

The strip minng needs to be shut down immediately by our President that has the courage and moral principles to do it. As Master Yoda or do try.

Sorry, my five children are either Star Trek or Star Wars fans.

Any one with a lick of sense knows that President Obama has been working with a Congress that has been sabatoging him from the beginning and will continue to do so. There has to be a process to release someone from their "service in the USA Congress" when all they are doing is undermining any progress that our country needs...I am sure it is in our Constitution...find it and get some citizens that want to serve their country and not line their pockets by special interest profit groups.

Light Love, and healing to our USA

I live 40 miles from D.C. I'm on the EarthJustice mailing let and every other similar one. How come I didn't know about this important rally on ending mountain top removal before it happened so I could attend. Being ever vigilant, our eyes and ears need to be kept open even wider.

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