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"All of the Above" Fails in Face of Climate Change

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14 June 2013, 3:47 PM
President Obama's energy mantra echoes the fossil fuel industry
Climate change increases the frequency of deadly wildfires. (U.S. Forest Service Region 5)

In recent weeks we have continued to experience extreme and destructive forest fires, droughts, and floods. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached new and dangerous levels.

Despite this, President Obama’s pledge to address climate change with meaningful actions has stalled. Since the stirring words of his Inauguration and State of the Union speeches, the EPA has missed its deadline for setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants. Even simple, non-controversial actions like strengthening the efficiency standards for new refrigerators are marooned inside the White House. This failure to act is completely inconsistent with the president’s promise to lead on climate.

Equally troubling is the president’s continued support for expansive and extreme development of new fossil fuel sources. Drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean, fracking across our public lands, expanding coal mines for export to Asia, and importing dirty, carbon-intensive oil from Canada’s tar sands will all drive climate change to even more destructive levels and will destroy ecosystems and damage people’s health in the meantime.

The president wraps his energy policy in the words “all of the above,” a phrase that he cleverly appropriated from his political opponents. Every time he says that our energy policy is “all of the above,” the president misuses his bully pulpit and educates people in the wrong direction, communicating that fossil fuel development is a sensible and responsible path for the country. Instead, the president needs to stop talking as though all energy sources were created equal and are equally desirable. He should make the case forcefully that we need to transition away from fossil fuels as rapidly as we can, and his actions should match those words.

There is a better path. Here at Earthjustice we are doing all we can to prevent Arctic drilling, to retire old carbon-polluting coal plants and prevent the coal companies from shifting to export, to use the power of the law to drive us toward a clean energy future and a healthy planet.

Mr. President, if you stop talking about “all of the above” and actually lead on climate, our country will be stronger and our world will be safer.  We stand ready to help.

Dear Mr. President.

I am a two time supporter of yours and have applauded many of your policy decisions. Sadly, I have been mostly disappointed when it comes to your policies regarding energy and the environment. Your pledge to address climate change was encouraging but an "all of the above" energy approach will never be able to address climate change with any significance. Please, reject the Keystone pipeline, do not allow Artic drilling and minimize fracking. Instead, encourage development of renewable energies now. We must phase out use of fossil fuels as rapidly as possible. You have so much support for this. There are many, many individuals who are trying hard to reduce their individual carbon footprints and it is infuriating to see our governments do so little. If Mitt Romney had won the last election all of the above items would be steaming full speed ahead. You have the opportunity to make a difference. Being about the same age, you and I may not be around to see the very worst of what the rapidly changing climate will do to the earth as we know it, but our children will, and or course their children. Please lead on climate to avoid conditions that will likely be devastating and irreversible to our planet. The time is now.

I am losing faith in the promises you made at election time. Don't back down from the big energy companies that want to push carbon fuels that pollute. We have an opportunity to push clean energies to
improve our environment. We need someone who will go to battle for all the children and people who don't get their say, "Provide clean
air for our planet." We all can benefit- plants and people!!

Dear President Obama:
I have campaigned for you in 2 presidential elections. I have been disappointed with you because of your inconsistent environmental policies. Limiting carbon emissions was a great victory for the environment, as was the moratorium on Keystone XL, but Climate Change needs far more to be done to be halted. You should make the XL moratorium permanent, ban drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, halt strip mining and mountain top removal for coal, set tough new standards for power plant emissions. We desperately need leadership to move the nation, and set an example to the world, away from fossil fuels that are causing global warming to alternative renewable technologies that will lower greenhouse gas emissions.
You are in your 2nd term in office, setting your legacy in history. Now is a crucial time for the environment as CO2 passes 400 parts per million in the atmosphere. Yes, Republicans are trying to stop any progress in saving the environment, but there is much that you can do as chief executive without Congress. However, you will have to be consistent, not "all of the above". The bottom line is not $ signs, it is nothing less than future survival of life on Earth.

"All of the above" is actually an excuse for not thinking. JFK knew what to do in '62: even before solar PV was viable. Now, we only need: local solar PV/hot-water, EVs & efficient storage, a little hydro & geo and advanced nuclear, which not only adds desalination, but production of truly carbon-neutral fuels from CO2 in air & water.

For example:

Mr President:

I am a physicist who has worked in the energy conservation and renewable energy field for over 30 years.

Despite all the propaganda and (mis)information spewed by the vested interests, it is very clear to me that conventional energy sources, including nuclear are an environmental - as well as economic - disaster. Promotion of an extremely aggressive energy conservation program coupled with an equally aggressive development of renewable energy is the only solution that makes economic and environmental sense. We will need a cost neutral program that will create high taxes on energy which will be offset by tax credits for conservation and renewable energy projects.

This is certainly not a opportune time to promote tax increases - but the global environment does not recognize politics. We simply need to get this done!

A first step could be Green Energy Victory Bonds - just like the ones sold to finance World War II. This idea is not mine - it has been promoted for a few years now by Green America (formerly Co-op America).

Please do the right thing and save this beautiful planet and country for the next generations.

Dave Conna

The world needs a one child rule to bring the world population down to something less than 2 billion people. Even if there was no climate crisis this would still be necessary. Think about what causes war. It's simply not having enough. Let's not wait until we're so miserably overpopulated as China has become before we finally do what China did. The United Nations should adopt a one child rule for the entire world. Once an area is sustainable then a 2 child rule needs to be adopted and maintained. Octomom and the Dugars of Arkansas are both crimes against humanity. We should adopt this population policy in addition to going for green renewable sources of energy.

The world needs a one child rule to bring the world population down to something less than 2 billion people. Even if there was no climate crisis this would still be necessary. Think about what causes war. It's simply not having enough. Let's not wait until we're so miserably overpopulated as China has become before we finally do what China did. The United Nations should adopt a one child rule for the entire world. Once an area is sustainable then a 2 child rule needs to be adopted and maintained. Octomom and the Dugars of Arkansas are both crimes against humanity. We should adopt this population policy in addition to going for green renewable sources of energy.

It is time to end the rhetoric and go into action - pretty words are meaningless and promises have been broken, and the future of our children is at stake. Climate change is real and other countries are leading where we are failing.

Mr. President:

You've won your second and last term in office (I voted for you in both 2008 and 2012). How about leaving a legacy of real leadership that you and your children can really be proud of. Clever rhetoric strewn with tired euphemisms doesn't fool anyone with an once of critical intelligence when it comes to the specter of climate change and what causes it. We have to rapidly move away from the use of fossil fuels, including natural gas, to produce energy or launch ourselves on a short painful journey into extinction. The dance with the devil of Big Oil is over.

Do you really want to go down in history as the President who remained the feckless shill of Big Oil as it ferried the world past the tipping point (350 ppm of greenhouse gases) into oblivion for corporate profit? Particularly so when it was clear to any critical thinker that courageous leadership would have saved the day?

Sources of abundant, renewable energy abound along with the technology and scenarios to utilize them at scale. All you need do is to quit taking the advice of corporate plutocrats who have a vested interest in the status quo and reach out to the innovative thinkers and reputable scientists who are ready to serve the common good.

Don't let us down, Mr. President, we're counting on you!

Dear President Obama, Like many people I know, I voted for you twice. The first time, we knew we were doing the right thing. The second time, we saw you as the lesser of two evils, nonetheless,we are and were by the second go, sadly disilliusioned with your food, water, energy, environmental and many other policies and stances. One wonders what happened to the real Obama we elected. You have had opportunities to protect the most vulnerable and to make decisions that would ensure a higher quality of life and a longer-range, more sustainable plan for all areas of public interest: the environment, our food and water quality; healthcare; jobs, the elderly and disabled, single parents, low and zero-income students and more. Please make energy-related decisions that are not in the interest of corporations, and that protect invaluable, irreplaceable habitat. Please replace the "Monsanto-philes" whom you've provided such access and power over the USDA and other arenas of public life. Please protect arctic wetlands and old growth forests and the fragile integrity of the earth's crust, its ozone layer and make policies and commitments to mitigate and ultimately do away with our dependence upon fossil fuels, whether foreign or domestic that keeps us weak and ultimately will destroy the chance for your daughters and my grandsons to have a full life expectancy with enough clean air, water and food.Thank you for listening.

Corenne Stewart

Thank you for an excellent e-mail - that pretty much sums us how I feel about President Obama.

I keep hoping that he, now that he never will need to get elected again, he is much more free to do the right thing.

I keep hoping....

Dear President Obama:

At the beginning of your first term, I sent you three movies--"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", "Dave" and "The American President"--in the hopes of inspiring you to give us "the change we need". Unfortunately, in my opinion, you failed. Starting with healthcare and the financial legislation, you never supported any meaningful change. While your conservative and corporate approaches were rejected by Republicans who opposed them and gave us even more conservative/corporate legislation than they originally supported, you had no real vision for "the change we can believe in",

While your "all of the above" policy is better than "drill, baby, drill", it presents no real leadership or vision to stop climate change. Except for the "Lily Ledbetter legislation", I believe that your legacy will be pretty uninspiring. You have a chance to try to change it with climate change and environmental policy.

Use the bully pulpit aggressively to advocate for real change. Start with a "Green New Deal" to make a committment to alternative energy sources. Retain the ban on nuclear energy, take a stand against tar sands oil, stop Keystone XL, call for repeal of exceptions in laws to exempt fracking from regulation and ban it, freeze and phase out coal plants, ban mountain top removals, etc.

You may fail because you have to get approval from Congress but be assertive and use your bully pulpit. Be a leader and create public opinion to support strong measures to stop climate change and protect the environment.

Let us propose a new national policy, that the United States will now lead the world into a new green energy economy. It is our responsibility and our privilege to protect our generation and those to come.
Excessive greenhouse gases have destabilized the climate and are increasing destructive to our economy, basic resources, and shores.
All government laws and practices should be re-examined and revised to put us back on track to a stable atmosphere.
To create a green economy we need to do three things: reduce our use of energy, invest in clean energy instead of fossil fuels and conserve our water, soil, wetlands and forests.
If a democracy cannot promote a sustainable economy and protect the basic resources of life, it will not long survive.

When will the intelligent, progressive, liberal community, especially the entertainment folks, end their blind idolatry of this Corporate Agent occupying the White House. Nothing he has done since his inauguration has been remotely progressive/liberal. His healthcare scam immediately eliminated any true healthcare reform instead further certifying in law the looting of the populace by the private insurance industries. Orchestrated and manipulated by his fellow DINO(Democrat In Name Only) Senator Max Baucus who had Single Payer healthcare advocate professionals arrested while allowing AARP and all other private lobbyists guaranteed seats at the table.

Obama's policies in foreign affairs and the National Security State are identical to the Bush/Cheney Dictatorship established and funded by the rest of the DINOs and Republicans in CONgress to operate in total secrecy and operate as a criminal enterprise throughout the world. All funded by budget-busting expenditures into the "private" armies and worldwide search and destroy missions kidnapping, torturing, and incarcerating for life anyone they could.

The Obama environmental policies are created in the Corporate think tanks of Wall Street and designed to give false cover to continuing the worst of all previous administration policies. The oceans, especially the Arctic, are opened to drilling by the worst offenders in the worldwide oil monopoly. The giant machines built in South Korea destroying the Canadian Tar Sands ecosystem are allowed to travel up the federally-controlled Columbia river system and over the highways blocking all other traffic to reach their Tar Sand destination. Only quick efforts by local activists delayed and prevented the movement of these giant entities over rural roads through pristine areas. No aid to dissenters given by anyone in the Obama Administration. Obama has joined with the ultra-CONservative government of Canada to continue the wrecking of the Northern areas of the Continent including Alaska along with Canada.

The final gift by this lame-duck performing Agent will be the approval of the Keystone Pipeline to drive a toxic stake through the heart of North America to join the EXXON excavators of Canadian wilderness to the toxic fuming refineries of Texas. All to add to the trillions in wealth sucked out of the world's economy by these monopolistic Robber Barons carrying on the legacy of the worst of the 19th/20th Century Robber Barons. This last gift will ensure the post-administration life of this Agent as he joins Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush in the massive accumulation of wealth through "speechifying" throughout the world before their true constituency, the Corporate Oligarchy, in recompense for jobs well-done to destroy the United States Constitutional Republic and all human rights and democracy contained therein.

True environmentalists, progressives, and liberals can no longer appease this and the rest of the traitors occupying the seats of government as they carry out their traitorous agendas to destroy every environmental and human decency left on the planet. The current One Party coalition of democrats and republicans ruling this nation has rejected every tenet of environmentalism, human rights, and democracy. Time to wage all out war on both with every means available. Anything less will be guaranteed failure to protect the planet from further destruction by the blasphemous barons and their cowardly agents embedded throughout our governing system through elective manipulation and false propaganda.

Time for a little revolution?

I agree with Richard Morgan. Obama has let us down. His wife speaks of good nutrition, yet Obama does nothing to stop GMO products from
not being labeled. Most products need to be labeled, but not GMO?
Why do they get special privileges? Oh, huge corporations can side step the rules again!! We just put the right people in the right places for government control and play politics with peoples health and well being, and keep them poor paying taxes for the rich. We have
such a bright future to look forward to here in American- no longer the free or allowed to protect ourselves, and condemned to corruption at the highest by our own congress.

Mr. President, do the right thing for your children's and mine. No more fossil fuel, clean our precious air.

CLIMATE CHANGE/Environmental issues needs to be priority number 1.
The way I see it is: No life on Earth, no politicians.
No Earth, no place to sing. No Earth, no place to dance. No Earth, no place for legislators to have meetings nor negotiations. No Earth, no place to have children. No Earth, no beautiful garden.

Dear President Obama,

I am not a scientist, but most of the climate change deniers aren't scientists either. We taxpayers have funded many agencies such as NASA, the NOAA, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. What is the point of doing so if our government doesn't then pay attention and act upon what these real scientists have learned? We don't need to destroy our planet by dredging up and burning every speck of fossil fuel that remains. We are smarter than that. Clean energy technology exists and could keep us all healthier and happier. Please do not approve the XL Keystone pipeline. Instead, support the intelligence we have in these good agencies and lead us to a cleaner and healthier future.

Mr. President: I voted for you twice. I trusted you to take action on several things, including climate change. You have not delivered, it seems you got caught in the Washington trap, and things are now about politics as usual. Your "Hope and Change" seems to be dead. Please take some time to look at the issues you ran on and focus the rest of the term on trying to deliver on some of these promises. You do not have to be re-elected, Use that freedom to really try to change things.

I am disappointed in where your presidency has gone. I know congress blocks you at every turn, but stop backing down. Compromise is good, but not if the other side gets what they want and your supporters get nothing. I fear the lobbyist have gotten to you.

Please act on climate change and make it clear to us and congress that this is an important issue. This includes a clear energy policy, a clear support for more efficient machines from cars to refrigerators to hot water heaters. Please don't support or ignore the desire to drill in the arctic. A bigger focus on conservation would reduce the need.

Thank you. C.S Evans.

Dear Mr. Evans,

You have stated my position so perfectly that all I can say is: "What Evans said, 100 times over."

Mr. President, all my friends feel the same way. PLEASE stop caving in to the treasonous Republicans! They are trying to destroy this country so that they can feed off its carcass. They are the worst kind of parasites. In nature, successful parasites don't kill off their hosts. The Republicans want to kill us all. If they are not stopped soon, there will be blood in the streets! With the current number of guns owned by
Americans, don't you think there will be civil war?

Mr. President, when I first heard you speak publicly, I thought, "this is the man that is going to do what he says and not back down to Big Business nor be "bought" by lobbyists". During your campaign speeches, I was convinced that this is the man that WILL create the "change" on which he is basing his campaign. The ESSENCE of your campaign, Mr. President! I voted, enthusiastically for you at both elections! What you do now, or don't do, is going to affect your children's future and every generation thereafter, taking for granted that there will be a future for anyone living on this quickly dying planet. Think about it, Mr. President, think of your children ... if you truly love them. Take action NOW on making this earth a place that we all will be able to inhabit.
Thank You, William Jenkins

Mr President:
I worked for your elections & voted for you. Use your power to clean up the environment, promote renewable energy & conservation, stop coal exports, stop tar sands oil, stop artic drilling.
Thank you,
Jim Groat

I remember attending a rally for Obama in Florida and hearing Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz use "all the above" as a rallying cry. At that point I stopped rallying and wanted to bring out my Bronx cheer. Elections are about making choices and not about multiple choice answers on a multiple choice test. Here is your list of candidates - "all of the above". As with so many of his policies the rhetoric far exceeds the action and outcome. The President will not compete for elective office again and you would think he could throw the political caution and fuzziness of "all the above" out the window. His legacy will be health care insurance reform and, we hope, immigration reform. The third leg of the stool should be his initiatives toward clean energy and environmental safety and responding to global climate change. Without the third leg of the stool the stool doesn't stand (a chance).

Health care reform?? No limits on premiums sold to us by "including more" we will have to pay for when the point was we could not afford insurance -- Groups with astronomical premiums - illegal immigrants 12 million still using the emergency rooms but now they can bring their families? Immigration reform for the bosses -- to get that cheap labor in construction, restaurants, yard work, things that used to be entry work for citizens -- slaughterhouses, factory farms, -- the kind of work we do not want to continue because it is poisoning our climate and our food and is cruel beyond belief -- but you think it is progressive to keep it going with slave labor - that is your immigration reform. Obama's aunts and uncles are here illegally and they are in public housing and food stamps or were before it became public. How about a million more to help the economy? Obama sold out Sea Shepherd to Japan and when the courts were not enough to stop Capt Watson, he sic ed the IRS on him. SS is fighting now to keep its 504 status. We have the records of Obama's delegate offering SS in exchange for some BS favor. I will bring back the link.

But in the meantime the White House seeks to distract us from Obama's failures by arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Whereas George Bush exposed and fought the brotherhood of hatred for women in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama brought the Brotherhood of hatred for women to power in Egypt, abandoned the first Lybian government who said terrorist killed our ambassador in Lybia by insisting that the terrorist's given reason was the correct one - a video insulting Mohammad did the killing of our ambassador - and the democratic Lybian leader was swept away without US support to be replaced by the Brotherhood of hatred for women.

NOW when it is clear the Obama administration has spent trillions of dollars on turning legitimate citizens --- ( animal activist, climate warriors, people who use the telephone) into criminals instead of doing the obvious to protect us from immigrant terrorists (pay attention when Russia says watch these guys) and protect us from climate change (animals burning alive in the west); NOW Obama creates this trumped up emergency in Syria. Obama is actually arming the Muslim Brotherhood (and worse) in Syria so they will control chemical weapons and the nuclear bomb.

I would personally vote to impeach Obama as a traitor to the USA.

And the other party, the so called alternative made up of the actual climate changers, has McCain up front shouting for even more for the Syrian Brotherhood of Hatred for Women.

If I had my way, I would run Elizabeth Warren for president and Bernie Sander as vice president, and put Hillary on the Supreme Court. I would make a cabinet of women including Condi Rice as Secretary of State. Wipe clean the White House of all the male left anti Semitic theorist that have infected this country with their virus and start fresh with the people who have defended the rights of citizens against the global corporate elite.

No more pandering to the's time to save the planet

Unfortunately, the big polluting corporations know how to lobby and also how to claim that tackling pollution will cost jobs, will hurt the economy, will damage something or other, etc. Joseph Stigliz has covered this frequently in his books ('The Price of Inequality', etc.) And in a recession (depression?), the onus is on jobs, growth, etc. etc. Citizens are going to have to be determined if there's any chance and that means a life of inconvenience (24/7).

President Obama, along with the rest of our elected officials, already knows what needs to be done to save this world we all have to live on. The question is whether he will find the courage and integrity to go up against the powerful conglomerates who are invested in maintaining the status quo. I am usually an optimistic person, but I don't see much indication that Obama will do anything. Sara Ogden

We need to protect our nature to survive.
Please, do better to protect our nature and little people.

Oops, I thought I was sending a petition letter to president Obama. Never mind what I wrote. Haha.
Have a great day!

man, I couldn't agree more! tell me more.

Dear President Obama,

Keystone is personal with me. I stood outside in the cold for hours two month ago with protestors waiting for you to arrive for your fundraiser at the Getty home in San Francisco. I believe you arrived at dusk when I with freezing fingers was looking for a bus to go home. I came in with a group from the East Bay. I did this for my two daughters who must now and will inherit a different world than the one I have lived in and still enjoy. They, my daughters joined thousands of marchers in the largest protest on climate change in Washington’s history, the month before. Megan my younger daughter, graduating from SAIC in Chicago sat on a bus eleven hours to attend that rally and then she returned to school the same way that night on the bus. She earlier had changed her focus from art to activism, helping start community gardens, visiting the coal mines of southern Illinois, joining forces with another student to lead the call to SAIC, her college to divest its portfolio from fossil fuel companies. Alex my older daughter, a nursing student at John’s Hopkins drove in with her boyfriend from Baltimore to be at the rally. Her goal is to become a nurse practitioner/public health worker and to work in rural Kenya. My husband and I joined the largest San Francisco climate rally asking you to stop the Keystone pipeline, as congress its self is too beholden to the oil companies to do it. I counted on you to do this, but I am hearing on the grapevine that you will join with the congress and let that dirty oil continue to fuel the heating of our planet.

Whether the oil companies are able bring the heavy tar sand oil across our country without spilling it and harming local environments is not the point. (Obviously in Mayflower they could not). Whether we pay some more for gasoline without refining that particular oil is not the point. (We will fill our tanks anyway and some of us may need to eat more beans). Whether thousands of jobs are created for a while in building this huge pipeline (ten times the size of the Mayflower spill pipeline) is not the point. (You can’t be building that pipeline forever). Whether that oil travels through the US and enriches American companies instead of being sent by foreign tankers from Canada directly to China where it will fuel Chinese cars and be polluting more anyway is not the point. The point is we as the people of the United States protecting our children, and all the children of the earth and their children must take a stand and turn sharply from fossil fuels with its capacity to heat our atmosphere melt our ice caps and sink the land we live on. Our scientific community has proven this will happen if we do not change our course.

We must be brave just as those republican senators who stood with you, showed courage, possibly at the cost of their livelihoods and voted to end the republican filibuster that stopped the gun control bill from being voted on. They knew they must take the stand for what was right to protect the children of this country even if the NRA would mark them down and cost them their primary.

Now it is your turn. You stand on the helm of the ship with the wheel in your hands. The iceberg is dead ahead. Only turning the wheel as hard as you can, a sharp right turn might save your ship. A slow ark with “all the above” will never make it. The sharp right may not make it either and the men, the old, and the captain may go down, We all may not live as we have in the past, but the children, our children may have time for the lifeboats. They may have time to turn this disaster around. That is why I supported and voted for you.

I am your base. If anyone is your base it is I. Yes, I voted for you, bumper stickered for you, believing I could trust you and thought you probably would make the better president than Hillary in your first election, but I did not give more money than the average citizen with our family’s income. But in this last election I gave at least thirty times (probably fifty times) more money to your political action committees and democratic races than I did in 2008. Each day leading up to the election I was sick with fear that we might elect Romney who would give those big business what ever they wanted, so you asked and I gave, and gave again. He lost you won, but it took me weeks to relax.

Here is my un-melodramatic ultimatum, my pledge. And let me say this will hurt me, but I will not give any more to “Organizing For Action” if you don’t do everything you can to stop keystone. I will still support organizations dedicated to taking the house and keeping the senate, but I will not support you.


Kathy, you speak my mind. Thank you so much for devoting your intelligence, heart and time to writing this letter.

I support clean, renewable energy like solar and wind power. Please keep your stance on this issue strong!

This situation is even more confusing considering that President Obama doesn't have to worry about reelection. He should be pushing an environmental agenda full force, but he seems to be going in the opposite direction. The recent gutting of endangered species protections certainly doesn't help either.

Clearly Mr. Obama can decide to lead the world into a new, energy-responsible and safe future, and courageously move the USA - and the world - away from energy sources that only compound human-induced global climate change, are filthy and contribute generously to human health problems, ecosystem devastation (tar sands!!!, oil drilling in NIgeria, Ecuador, the Arctic!!!) , and move the world to develop the many and diverse other energy sources that are clean, renewable and decentralised and become a true leader, true to his words and promise, OR he can play, as most politicians do, a very dirty game of trying to please the powerful fossil fuel lobby and theirn deep pockets (which true politician would not?) with his "all of the above" energy policy. A policy that is cowardly and not becoming of someone with the pretense of being a real leader... Don´t disappoint us Mr. Obama: No te Keystone XL pipeline, No to unregulated, free-for all fracking, NO to drilling in highly sensitive ecosystems such as the Arctic, No to continued subsidies to the most profitable and dirty energy moguls in times of austerity and belt-tightning! We ARE WATCHING!

1. Clean coal is an oximoron.
2. Without efficient energy storage (currently we don't have inefficient energy storage) wind and solar cannot produce a significant fraction of our total energy requirements. The wind and solar people need to stop assuming that energy storage will be there when we need it. It is a difficult problem.
3. Much more emphasis should be placed on geothermal power. If Yellowstone blows we have had it, but untill it does the geothermal resources there could probably supply the entire country with power, not to mention Long Valley in California. If you live in a tectonic (earthquake) zone you should be able to get your power from geothermal sources.
4. Pressurised water reactors are not safe and too costly over their totthoriumal lifetime. The Thorium salt reactor should be developed. A study should be done on the total lifetime costs, the cost of power generation, the total environmental impact (from removing the Thorium from the ground to disposing of the wastes), the impact on proliferation, and the scalability of the system (could practical Thorium salt reactors be built on an assembly line).
5. The real total envionmental impact of any system must be calculated in a way that systems can be realistically compared (wind and solar have a small impact per unit area, but require enormous areas and no one mentions the enviromental impact of energy storage).
6. All systems should be in an evaluation (inclulding ocean thermal, tidal, and ocean current).
7. The people doing the evaluation should be unbiased (not proponents of any particular system).

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