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Esperanza Spalding In Tune With Earthjustice

When the President of the United States invites you to perform at his Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, there’s only one answer: yes. When that same performer offered to partner with Earthjustice to help raise awareness and support, there also was only one answer: Absolutely, yes!

Esperanza Spalding is a three-time Grammy Award winning musician whom we are lucky enough to count among Earthjustice’s most loyal and committed supporters. Her most recent album, Radio Music Society, was awarded two of the music industry’s most coveted awards: one for Best Vocal Jazz Album and one for Best Instrumental Arrangement (Accompanying Vocals) for the track, "City of Roses."

For more than six years, Esperanza has personally supported Earthjustice in our work to protect endangered species and to preserve wild lands as well as our campaigns against coal and Arctic drilling. This year, Esperanza has generously offered to support Earthjustice through her music—and her artistry.

Earthjustice will be the beneficiary of a percentage of certain merchandise at Esperanza’s U.S. Concert Tour this spring. In addition Esperanza has designed an exclusive, special edition eco-friendly scarf for Front Row Society, available at Nordstrom stores in 2013 with 10 percent of the proceeds benefiting Earthjustice.

Esperanza is best known in jazz circles, though she has also distinguished herself playing blues, funk, hip-hop, pop fusion, and Brazilian and Afro-Cuban styles. Esperanza has distinguished herself in environmental circles as one who is deeply committed to helping fight for a healthy environment.

We are excited (and grateful) for Esperanza’s support and we encourage you to check the tour dates and enjoy the Radio Music Society experience live. It’s an amazing show by 2011’s “Best New Artist”. (For a sneak preview of Esperanza’s music: download the Endangered Species track from the Radio Music Society album—the proceeds benefit Earthjustice as well.)

A portion from the sale of certain merchandise on Esperanza's Radio Music Society's North American tour
through April will be donated to Earthjustice.  (Courtesy of Esperanza Spalding)

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