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Shell’s Hell Continues

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12 September 2013, 4:17 PM
$1.1 million fine for polluting the Arctic air
The climate impacts of drilling in the Arctic are enormous. (Florian Schulz /

The Environmental Protection Agency slapped Shell with a substantial $1.1 million fine for polluting the pristine air of the Arctic while exploring for oil during 2012.

That’s when Shell could NOT stay out of the news, making headlines with its drill ship breaking towing lines and slamming into rocky beaches. That’s when their oil containment/spill response equipment was “crushed like a beer can” according to officials, during testing before heading to the Arctic. That season was filled with mishap after mishap and it turns out that they weren’t just hurting their own reputation. They were fouling the air and risking damage to America’s Arctic.

The price tag for the antics in the Arctic that resulted in not one well that reached oil is now more than $5 billion dollars. But concerns about Shell's ill-fated operations do not end with the company's inability to meet the requirements of its air permits. Shell's air emissions include carbon pollution, like the soot coming off of those dirty oil rigs that spew black, heat-absorbing soot right onto the Arctic ice.

Scientists have found that the Arctic ice cap acts like the world’s air conditioner by cooling the whole planet. But tapping into and burning oil from the Arctic Ocean not only pumps carbon pollution into the air, it is a one-two punch to the Arctic, further melting ice that is already at its lowest ever-measured levels, while the Arctic is already warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean will be uniquely bad for our climate – and the costs far outweigh the benefits.

It's time for the Obama administration to recognize that drilling in the Arctic Ocean is a no-go if the U.S. is really going to do something about climate change. And Shell could start by investing its next $5 billion in renewables instead of more dangerous Arctic drilling.

It's not just the Obama administration that needs pressuring but all your representatives and senators in the House! People like Mitchell and Boehner need to be voted out cause they don't give a damn, their for big corporations and big oil and people like them and the Koch brothers with all their money will continue to support them there by letting all loopholes to let big oil companies do what they want and go where they want and the hell with the environment and our wildlife, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and global warming and the devastation they cause to our health and our world! Everybody needs to take a stand to stop not only Shell but the mining, the fracking, and xl pipeline! As you all know the rich keep getting richer and the poor still keep getting poorer as you can see by the more cuts they want to make which is the people who are in dier need- why don't they take it out of there own pockets and make the rich pay for a change and have corporations pay and big oil pay what they should instead of letting them off so easily! When are these idiots going to wake up is what I want to know???

big corprations hate em all

big corprations hate em all

Only one million? They are probably laughing their heads off!

I hope pollution in Artic air will be solved. Can you also check this car insurance quotes here,

That's like getting fined a penny for 'not' just running a stop sign, but for running over a stop sign and smashing it to smithereens.

What a joke. These lame industry fines are calculated into the bottom line from the onset.

$1.1 million? That's not even a hiccup to Shell. Make it HURT! And stop the drilling anywhere in the Arctic. We need the cooling effects of the Arctic and without them, we lose everything-- our comfort, our foods, our health. That's worth not driving another mile.

A million dollars?
That is NOTHING for Shell!
STOP ALL DRILLING in the Arctic Ocean!

Exactly right. These companies need to be hit HARD in the only place they understand, their wallet. If the drilling won't be stopped by our government, they need to have significant penalties imposed when they disregard the needs of the environment. Loss of money appears to be the only thing they understand.

Shell or any other major company should never be allowed anywhere that will hurt the environment. I for one will never do business with shell, or any company that they are affiliated with. NOTHING IS THAT IMPORTANT that they have to contaminate the earth
& water with their oil & contaminates. ANY COMPANY LIKE SHELL SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ANYWHERE, because all they do is pollute.

Corporations must learn that the environment is not only "theirs" to use but belongs to everyone and penalties must be brought upon those who forget this.

Join me and share your thoughts with David Hone, Climate Change Advisor for Shell on his blog or on Facebook @David Hone Climate Change Blog and @David Hone

Please keep on fighting against polluters! I will keep signing petitions to save our environment and wildlife!

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