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Genetically Engineered Crops: Coming to a Store Near You?

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16 January 2014, 6:41 AM
Consumers fight for protections and labeling
Clouds over a soy field. New GE corn and soy varieties have been engineered to resist the effects of 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Worster)

This month, Maine became the second state in the nation to require labels on food that contains genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. The state’s decision is part of a growing, nationwide effort to assert the right of consumers to know what they’re eating. Currently, more than 26 states are considering proposals to require labeling of altered foods, including Hawaiʻi, where Earthjustice is pushing for laws requiring labeling of GE products.

Despite support from 9 out of 10 Americans for labeling, the USDA recently made it even more likely that the next generation of GE corn and soy will soon be on the market—unlabeled and without any restriction or oversight whatsoever.

Are GE crops more nutritious or better tasting? Do they grow with less water or have higher yields? No on all accounts. Most GE crops to date have been created solely to resist herbicides. The most popular have been Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” crops, which tolerate the Roundup herbicide with glyphosate, its active ingredient. These crops offer consumers no benefit, but they allow farmers to freely douse their fields with herbicides without killing the crop. This convenience resulted in half a billion additional pounds of toxic herbicide being sprayed on U.S. fields between 1996 and 2011.

Increased herbicide isn’t the only problem brought by these crops. When the same herbicide is sprayed on a field repeatedly, a few naturally resistant weeds survive, reproduce and eventually take over. Now, more than 60 million acres of U.S. cropland are infested with glyphosate-resistant weeds. Industry’s solution to this problem was just to genetically engineer crops to resist a different, more toxic herbicide: 2,4-D.

These new corn and soy varieties, known by the trade name “Enlist,” are engineered by Dow Agrosciences to resist the effects of the herbicide 2,4-D, and other herbicides. If 2,4-D sounds familiar, that’s because it’s infamous for being a major component of Agent Orange, the Vietnam War-era defoliant. The herbicide itself is toxic to the liver in small doses, is associated with higher risk of Lou Gehrig’s disease, malformed sperm, and possibly non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It’s currently not approved for use on lawns and gardens in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Kuwait and the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario. Meanwhile, the USDA acknowledges that allowing these crops on the market will likely more than triple use of 2,4-D in the U.S.—an increase of tens of millions of pounds per year.

In addition to increased use of a toxic herbicide, these new crops carry all the same problems as the old ones. Just as Roundup-resistant crops produced millions of acres of glyphosate-resistant weeds, constant use of 2,4-D on fields of these crops will inevitably lead to 2,4-D-resistant weeds, further escalating the cycle of weed resistance and chemical use. Wildlife living in and around croplands will see 2,4-D drifting into their habitats, threatening their existence. Biodiversity will continue to drop as monocultures of corn and soy dominate the landscape. Neighboring organic and conventional farmers will risk damage from drifting herbicide, and will have to test their crops for transgenic contamination or risk losing their GE-sensitive markets. Contamination will continue regardless, since it can and does happen in so many ways, from cross-pollination to all kinds of human error. And with industry fiercely resisting the labeling of GE products, consumers will continue to be denied the right to know what they’re eating.

Yet the USDA, instead of being more alert to these issues and seeking to ameliorate them, tries harder and harder to avoid dealing with them. It refuses to look at impacts of transgenic contamination or higher 2,4-D use on people, plants, or wildlife. Worse, it takes the position that these are not its responsibility, although it’s USDA’s approval that’s causing these impacts. As for the herbicide’s effects, the USDA says that’s the EPA’s problem, but it remains to be seen whether the EPA will restrict this program in any way. And as far as the USDA is concerned, farmers and consumers are on their own if they want to avoid buying, selling, growing or eating GE products.

Left with little assistance from the federal government, states are taking it upon themselves to protect their communities from GE foods and their herbicides. Recently in Hawaiʻi, the Kauaʻi County Council passed an ordinance requiring disclosure of pesticide use, buffer zones around sensitive areas, and disclosure of GE crops being grown. The ordinance was passed following several incidents where students at a local school fell sick after pesticide spray drifted into the school yard. Upon the ordinance’s passage, three multinational agrichemical companies—Dow, DuPont, and Syngenta—sued the Council. Earthjustice testified in favor of the ordinance and now is preparing to go to court to intervene on behalf of community groups to defend the county law and Kaua’i’s residents.

If you’re concerned about the impacts of allowing a new generation of GE crops to grow freely, support our fight by submitting comments on the USDA’s Environmental Impact Statement at!submitComment;D=APHIS-2013-0042-0050.

This is nauseating! The USDA = MONSANTO. Monsanto has taken over our govt. to play games with all humans on this planet, force their poison onto us for their greedy profits.

MONSANTO is the most EVIL corporation on this planet.

There was tests done on mice eating gmos and the third generation became unfertile and had huge lumps of cancer. Population control that kills the poor people, the 80% of families not cut out for the new world. In a way it's genocide, in another its a pesky weed killer. While the "soft" kill is going on certain industries will prosper. If you have a lot of money you can buy out the news and not air anything that would damage your reputation. Monsanto has one objective, monopoly over the food supply. They already have plants that wont give seeds so every year you must buy more. You wanna know what you can do? The body doesn't need food every day. Also we breate too much. So stop indulging in these earthly desires, you'll be much healthier and giving them less money. Right now only a few countries are allowing gmos. So until we get them labelled starve them from are slave wages.

If the companies had nothing to hide they would be happy to have everything listed and explained on the labels. If the USDA wasn't in corporate America's pocket, it wouldn't hesitate to do its job and protect the American people. We want the truth on our labels!

Why can't I have the right to purchase real food rather than GMO stuff? Put labels on everything so that I can make my own decisions.

Why have GMO products from Monsanto been forbidden in Europe if they are perfectly benign?

The huge companies are in the business of making money, not making healthy choices (or using common sense or compassionate ethics, either). Interestingly, it is the same drug companies making money in the GMO business as those selling drugs to combat human illness. Double profits!!

We need more "resistant" foods like we need two (2) anuses. There is absolutely no way that these products can be controlled - keep from contaminating not GMO products - evidenced by GMO corn. Before long corporations like Monsanto will be controlling "all" of our food supply. I fear for us. Don and WE CAN! :-))

People have the right to choose what type of foods they consume. Isn't putting nutrition into our bodies one of the main reasons we eat? The same goes for wildlife and the rest of the environment, We're already in trouble when it comes to the decline in bee population.

This is really a sad situation! Most of the U.S. Population really does not understand nor do they want to understand the impact this has on all of us and future generations. People in general just dont care! They just want to go about there silly little lives, without the hassle of having to understand, and the chemical companies are banking on this. People just don't care. I know all of us who do will continue to try our hardest to spread the word, but in the end lets pray that our dumbed down population realizes what is being put in our childrens foods, it's in everything! Chips,micro-pop, soups,cereals,bread, canned,baked goods,etc. At the end of the day it is up to us as a people to all stand up to this grave situation if we want this poison out of our food. I don't know if that's going to happen. Let's continue to spread the word and pray.

This is really a sad situation! Most of the U.S. Population really does not understand nor do they want to understand the impact this has on all of us and future generations. People in general just dont care! They just want to go about there silly little lives, without the hassle of having to understand, and the chemical companies are banking on this. People just don't care. I know all of us who do will continue to try our hardest to spread the word, but in the end lets pray that our dumbed down population realizes what is being put in our childrens foods, it's in everything! Chips,micro-pop, soups,cereals,bread, canned,baked goods,etc. At the end of the day it is up to us as a people to all stand up to this grave situation if we want this poison out of our food. I don't know if that's going to happen. Let's continue to spread the word and pray.

Is GMO food as 'harmless' as DDT was when it first came out? We need to acknowledge that we don't know and breeding crops to resist bugs simply means bugs continue to mutate to resist pesticides - which they have already done. Europe rejects GMO foods - the reason probably being that their Governments' health services (which cover all citizens already) would have to cover the sickness from GMO! Now we are beginning to cover all US citizens' health, sickness caused by GMO needs to be studied and future medical expenses taken into consideration.

As we move into 2014 I find that we have not made much progress as a species. The wildlife of this planet has taken the cruel brunt of our selfishness, ego, and instinct of survival above all else. "How will we feed the growing population...?" is the theme of humanity today. We do not keep ourselves in check, its time cull our herd. War, domestic violence against women and children, man's continued inhumanity to man, insane farming practices that murders the very system that feeds all of life as we know it and then
greed ... These traits make up our true nature and legacy thus far. Instead of doing things correctly and morally from the start, we just go ahead and do the same thing over and over again, History repeats as faithfully as the sun rises each day. Then the results are swept out to sea, wafted up to the heavens or buried only as deep as we can dig, only to surface again, embarrassingly and wreak havoc with our health and that of the planet. Is it not strange that man will bury his trash and waste in his own neighbors yard, then smile each morning without concern for the future and well being of those that will be violated when said refuse comes back to kill, infect and destroy all in its path. We are not evolved, we are not kind, we are not intelligent although at times we seem like we may be capable of it. Greed, monetary gains, religions and power rule humanity, isn't it time we admit to these foibles and make mindful, compassionate and loving decisions for our forests, seas, atmosphere and all living things from micro organisms to the largest living beings first. Them first, us second, only then we will find peace and harmony together and finally evolve as a species.
Wake up humanity, the trash is burning and we are next.. !!!

We have documented evidence that spraying increased amounts of herbicides kills beneficial soil microbes, beneficial soil fungi, and earthworms. All of these soil components help improve fertility and improve the opportunity to increase crop yields. If these herbicides in the form of GMO corn, alfalfa, sugar beets and soy are potent enough to cause increased harm to the stomaches and general health of dairy cows, and kill soil biota, why is it that we think people will escape the poisonous effects of GMO foods on their health?

Many species are showing the effects of environmental contamination from herbicides, pesticides and many other chemicals including fire retardant chemicals used on fabrics for furniture and children's clothing. If sensitive animals such as fish and frogs are reacting with cancers and negative genetic mutations, why would we think we would be immune to these same kinds of responses? The increased incidence of cancers all over the world coincides with the increased contamination of our environment in the form of herbicides, pesticides and other chemical contaminates.

Trying to submit on the form connected by the llins above will not accept information. What a ruse. here is what I wrote:


GMO plants, seeds, and foods are a HARMFU to the health of the PEOPLE in the United States. Why is it that the US no longer cares about its people and is more concerned with companies, companies that most have sent American jobs overseas, starving families? That wasn't enough? Now the US will allow the companies to hurt the same people?

The Europeans are NOT ALLOWING GMO because they do not want harm coming to their people, especially in one of the basic needs for life. EUROPEAN COUNTRIES CARE ABOUT THEIR PEOPLE, WITHOUT WHOM THERE WOULD NOT BE A COUNTRY. The US does not. Shame on the US.

For the most part, FARMERS DO NOT WANT GMO SEEDS nor do they want bullied into buying new seeds each year and penalized if they use seeds from the year before that they bought and paid for. That is ludicrous and that the US government is going to allow this is absurd. So how long will it be before a clothing company penalizes us for wearing an outfit from the year before? Sound silly? So does what Monsanto will do to farmers for planting seeds left over from the year before. Monsanto is not going to buy back these seeds at full price paid. NOI - they want the money and the authority to rule how farmers farm.

When will the US wake up to the HARMS OF GMOs. WHY MUST THE US ACT SO STUPIDLY? Is it because European nations are banning GMOs so the US won't? Why is the US elected officials allowing companies to run this country? Companies do not vote. Why is the government allowing food to be changed from its natural state?

If GMOs are allowed to infiltrate our food and harm our people, next, food will be used to regulate people and their movements. What will it take for GOVERNMENT WAKE UP and stop buying the company line that is and always has been more crap than truth?

If a fly's stomach will explode from eating corn produced by GMO seeds, what do you thinK might happen to people in the short and definitely in the long run. How many odd births must occur for the US to wake up?

When am I going to be able to TRUST MY GOVERNMENT to put its people first and foremost, not secondary citizens with corporations of the utmost importance. When? When someone high enough in the government has someone close to them injured or killed by the food they eat.

Remember lead paint? That seemed like a great idea. The companies behind the paint said then it was safe and the US believed every word. What do we know about lead paint now? Will it take that long, or longer, for the US to wake up and decry GMOs in our food? I hope not.

May God help anyone who eats food grown with GMO seeds or modified once picked. This is BAAAD FOR PEOPLE. Think beyond the company bottom line and perhaps the money you receive and THINK ABOUT PEOPLE.


GMO will put the US on announcements from travel agencies around the world warning travelers to watch what they eat and to ask about how everything was grown. The US on a travel advisory. How nice. Starving countries will refuse our food, thinking the US only wants to harm them not help.


Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. What PEOPLE are our political representatives referring to? LOBBYISTS of all stripes that contribute (bribe) to get them elected, that's who the people are. Public funding of political campaigns with a little help from the IRS anyone?

Try reading the National Research Council (affiliated with the National Academy of Sciences) report from the same year that describes how the expanding use/overuse of the chemicals that go hand-in-hand with these GE herbicide-resistant crops is eroding what benefits were claimed for them. Adding to the environmental problems this whorish industry has brought onto us, are the health problems documented in multiple long-term studies. The only studies that have pretended there are no health problems, are the short-term studies (usually only for 90 day periods) done by the agro-chem industry and their "scientists" -- who trade their integrity for financial support. Longer term -- 1-2 year studies have demonstrated severe health risks.

Rebelpleb I agree with you 100%! It's all about the money. The government and big corporations have gotten away with this type of crap for so long that they don't think there's anything wrong with it and they really don't care about the people in this country or the world. This makes me so angry!! I believe GMO foods have been in our food supply for many years and none of us have a clue because the government and the food producers don't want us to know. I believe our wheat has been engineered so much that it doesn't even resemble wheat from 100 years ago and has caused much of the obesity in this country and is also the reason the incidence of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity has become so commonplace now. I also feel this could be linked to the major increase in mental illness in this country as well. No GMO foods! We don't want them! Organic and natural foods are the best for everyone!

Interesting reading for anyone concerned about genetically modified crop growing, especially corn and soy.

Does the 2010 report -Impact of GE crops on Farm Sustainability in the US-even cover health effects or citizen rights? You really don't think we have the right to choose or know what we are eating? I recommend a great documentary called-King Corn. The people who grow this stuff won't even eat it.

there are scientific studies done showing proof that GE crops are very bad for our health - just not done in this country since the USDA & FDA as well as all our politicians are lobbied by the chemical companies - MONSANTO and many others, large non organic Agri business companies to favor them and destroy all of us! Look on line for the testing done in other countries that prove this stuff is very toxic!

GMOs are banned in many other countries because they are no safe to eat. This country - usa - is getting worse for our environment and our health all due to the fact they just want huge financial profits all done to destroy our health and our environment.

Buy only organic, non GMO food to stay healthy!!!

Sorry folks, but the country we have always loved and lived in together is a thing of the past. It is now totally run for the yearly trillion dollar profits being made by the biggest out of control "capitalist" companies including oil and gas, communications giants, and chemical monsters like Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and Synergyst (sp). That puts 97 percent of the money in the hands of 3 percent of the people. The rest of us are suffering from low income,no income, and the side effects of these mega control machines. How did it happen? We let it. How many people dont know that buying weed killer is a stupid thing to do? How many pay super prices for the newest phone and data managemant gadgets? Who allows a congress to run our country whos members all get big payoffs by these evil giant greedy businesses? We do. Do we boycott them? NO. Most people dont understand what's going on. And if you do, you feel helpless to do anything about it. Remember bush II's "no child left behind" law. Do you know what that did? It meant that every class in the USA is now forced to "include" students who totally disrupt and prevent any education taking place. So every day, the number of people who could understand what is happening is fewer and fewer. They are creating a society of ignorant, money loving (but not having) people who will kill for a pair of tennis shoes, or cell phone, and cant buy enough of their gas, gadgets, and will eat anything. Look around. I'm 63. I have watched our country go from a great country to one where ignorance rules so the few mega wealthy can use the people as cogs in their machines of wealth. They want to hold all the power. And reduce citizens to expendable sources of revenue. They dont care if you die, just keep reproducing more to fill their franchise jobs, and buy their crap. Yes, they will be punished when it all collapses on them and their war games, but it wont happen soon enough for me.
My answer, somehow develop good workable plans for dividing up the country into small areas that take care of themselves. I mean small. Maybe 5-50 miles in diameter plots that work on getting clean water, growing clean food, getting along with each other, sharing ideas that work. No one trying to "hog" everything. They could trade goods and/or services. The goal being: a person's ability to have: clean air, clean water, wholesome food, adequate housing, excellent education, and plenty of good jobs that support this lifestyle and pays so each family can have a healthy happy life. This needs a ton more work to develop it, but we need that instead of the direction we are going. You see OK people on tv. But when you drive around the country, you see more desperate, hungry, homeless, unemployeed, sick people than you can imagine. You may think you will never be in that position, but you are alot closer to it than you realize if these monster companies are allowed to continue their robbing and poisoning of the citizens of the USA and the world.


Its so true. we have to boycott . stand together .

The author states in this article that 9 out of 10 Americans want foods labeled as to their GMO content. This is unfortunately not true. Witness the decisive deaths of I-37 in CA and I-522 in Washington. Labeling is such a no-brainier yet it lost in both states in the popular vote. Connecticut and Maine have initiated a labeling process, not by popular vote but by legislation.

Food should not be engineered to accept systemic herbicide/pesticide, and failing there, food that has been so poisoned should be labeled so it may be refused by discriminating shoppers.

Misstatements such as this do harm to the effort of removing poisons from the environment. A major part of this effort is demonstrating to those 'doubters' the error of blithely accepting mainstream policy. Minimizing their numbers is a mistake.

The whole GE and GMO concepts are getting carried away. It's no wonder the small family farm is on the way out or gone entirely. Megafarms are more concerned with the profitability than with the health and safety of consumers OR the long-term impact of their practices on our earth and its creatures. How shortsighted our culture is becoming. Greed and the competition for increasing $$$ has taken precedence over human, humane concerns.

This must stop before we wipe ourselves out as a country and culture. Move toward finding ways to grow unmodified crops and STILL make a profit. In the long run this will help preserve us all!!

The whole GE and GMO concepts are getting carried away. It's no wonder the small family farm is on the way out or gone entirely. Megafarms are more concerned with the profitability than with the health and safety of consumers OR the long-term impact of their practices on our earth and its creatures. How shortsighted our culture is becoming. Greed and the competition for increasing $$$ has taken precedence over human, humane concerns.

This must stop before we wipe ourselves out as a country and culture. Move toward finding ways to grow unmodified crops and STILL make a profit. In the long run this will help preserve us all!!

Once Obama gets his wish and fast tracks the Transpacific Partnership trade deal any resistance will be futile, as national and statutory laws will be nullified by arbitration panels on their whims. Global fascism eventually reverting back to feudalism. This is another reason I chose not to procreate.

The notion, of creating something that's bad and pay State to State to allow it in it self is Mental. But, whats even more harmful, is that your forcing people to spend their money on something that should never be created. If you understand on how destructive these peoples are, and the bad health that it brings to people, animals, and plants that it in self should let you know that something should be done to end these kind of harmful foods and products. The solutions is not to create a problem, its to get rid of it before it starts. Because in the time that it takes to get rid of it, it will hurt millions of people. Not including young children. No more GMO, and the chemicals that go along with it.! STOP!!! Have we not learnt from previous dangerous that where put in food why are we going in circles, why don't we open our eyes and see the destruction already been put up on us, and end it.

Doesn't it all boil down to profiting twice from selling the less nutritionally dense product from GMO seed after it's been sprayed with toxins made from the same company? Eat more food to try to get your nutrition. Toxins are meant to destroy life of plants, in this case weeds, none of these toxins are safe for human consumption, are they? GMO providers already have the data on how toxic their products are on many levels. Profits are the only real concern, the toxic effects on human, animal and plant life are of no concern at all. Now aren't all these points I've mentioned 100% true? Some people have delusions and might disagree the toxins on the food and water runoff are not injurious to life. The genetic material added to the seed might be more damaging or less damaging than the effects of the toxin. To be safer, one would have to pay the extra money to buy only certified organic food or for GMO free food. Agent Orange would have to be modified only very slightly to be marketed under another name, I would think. This point is only speculation on my part. I do wonder if the next generation herbicide is any less toxic to life as the original Agent Orange. For all we know it could be more toxic. Hindsight is not of great value after the damage is already done, just look at the hindsight on Agent Orange, they know the damage it has already done, but components of it are going to be dangerously used again.The earth is getting poisoned on so many more levels than one could realize. We're travelling fast down a very dangerous path.

I am a Pediatrician with thirty plus years of taking care of kids. The people at USDA are playing with the health of several generations of Americans. It wouldn't be so bad except that they are refusing to acknowledge any scientific inquiry into the safety of this mass attempt to take over our food supply. As a scientist I insist that they show clearly, through double-blind studies that these foods are safe both for eating and for the environment. This has not been done at any significant level. We could be on the cusp of unleashing into our environment an agent that will make the nuclear accidents look like childsplay!

What's the ultimate goal here? Why poison hundreds of millions of people?

What's the ultimate goal here? Why poison hundreds of millions of people?

Scary scary...Did anyone take into consideration the way in which he these "super" pesticides contaminate the larger food chain as well?

Scary scary...Did anyone take into consideration the way in which he these "super" pesticides contaminate the larger food chain as well?

Humans will NEVER control Mother Nature!! To try to go against her is futile, have we learned nothing from the dust bowl days?.

we all have the right to decide to eat, so support mentions labels where all ingredients are clearly

How can this country claim it's Democratic. A vast majority are against GMOs and corporations like Monsanto still get to do whatever they want including getting laws passed in their favor.

I suggest that you read "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire." It was greed, corruption, and a total lack of compassion that actually led to their fall. The immorality was only a tiny portion. When you are done, tell me whether you think we resemble the fall, or not. Hopefully, it might just scare enough of you into doing what's right "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Can't the corporations that are sabotaging our food supply, not to mention little problems like bees dying of colony colapse do any better than what they are doing, with all the talented and intelligent minds out there, there should be a better way to grow our food, without all this toxic
stuff, (chemicals) and franken fish & trees, it seems like Frakencorps, are in control of our country, and unless we grow our own food ourselves far enough away from all these GMO fields of soybean, corn, and who knows what else, that has been seriously tampered with by
Monsanto and Bayer, (honey bees) are dying because of chemicals produced by this last corporation, and we really do need the bees, just who is driving all this madness frightens me,
please stop fooling with "mother nature" seems like everything was in its perfect place, before
man stepped in and tipped the balance???????

Based on the Apr. 2010 report:
GE crops resistant to the herbicide glyphosate -- a main component in Roundup and other commercial weed killers -- could develop more weed problems as weeds evolve their own resistance to glyphosate

“…And as more GE traits are developed and incorporated into a larger variety of crops, it's increasingly essential that we gain a better understanding of how genetic engineering technology will affect U.S. agriculture and the environment now and in the future. Such gaps in our knowledge are preventing a full assessment of the environmental, economic, and other impacts of GE crops on farm sustainability."

To date, at least nine species of weeds in the United States have evolved resistance to glyphosate since GE crops were introduced, largely because of repeated exposure.

However, no infrastructure exists to track and analyze the effects that GE crops may have on water quality.

The report notes that two types of insects have developed resistance to Bt.

…more research is needed…as pests adapt to GE crops, other countries adopt genetic engineering technology, and more GE traits are incorporated into existing and new crops.

The higher costs associated with GE seeds are not always offset financially by lower production costs or higher yields, the report notes.

The economic effects of GE crops on farmers who grow organic and conventional crops also need further study, the report says. For instance, organic farmers are profiting by marketing their crops as free of GE traits, but their crops' value could be jeopardized if genes from GE crops flow to non-GE varieties through cross-pollination or seed mingling.

…some farmers have expressed concern that consolidation of the U.S. seed market will make it harder to purchase conventional seeds or those that have only specific GE traits. With the exception of the issue of seed industry consolidation, the effects of GE crops on other social factors of farming -- such as labor dynamics, farm structure, or community viability -- have largely been overlooked, the report says. More research is needed on the range of effects GE crops have on all farmers, including those who don't grow GE crops or farmers with less access to credit. Studies also should examine impacts on industries that rely on GE products, such as the livestock industry.

I believe we need ongoing and updated research to review long-term consequences and health hazards associated with Genetically Engineered Crops.

Stop the GMO Poison, we don't need it.
We request GE labels to be put on all food containers that are GMO GROWN.

'Genetically mutant LIFE, the LIBERTY to douse the soil and crops with toxins, and the PURSUIT of profits' should be the catchwords of a new U.S. Constitution.

Like fluoride in city water, this will be great for eventual population control of the masses in a generation or two. Only those that can grow their own or purchase organic food exclusively will be safe. How unfortunate for many groups, including the working poor. As a social worker I cannot afford to purchase much organic food for my family either.

I belong to the group of U.S. citizens that makes up a growing majority who feel abandoned by our federal government. I, along with so many other citizens, am clearly stating my desire to pursue careful and intelligent methods of farming and food production that do not involve the use of GMOs. When the profits of businesses are considered more important than the will of the people, we no longer have a democracy, and we no longer have a sense of community and national pride. When a government betrays the will of the people, the government loses credibility. The citizens of the U.S. do not will the use of GMOs.

GMO foods are shown to grow cancerous tumors in mice. It will do the same in humans.

GMO technology is not needed nor wanted. Only the chemical companies that use our world as their dumping ground for the purpose of making $$ at the cost of destroying our water, air and soil need us to believe we cannot live without it. Truth is, they lie and we know. We do not need gmo technology, it is a bad idea all around. The world has spoken and we have seen the effects that gmo are having on our health and the health of our environment and wildlife.

Allowing GE crops to grow freely will do irreparable harm to our land , our water and our health for generations to come.

Please don't let MONSANTO do even more damage
to our country!!

How sad that the USDA AND FDA, two government agencies funded by taxpayer money
are ignoring the tax payers themselves and feel themselves privy to not deal with issues
of concern. Folks we need to spread the word on the extremely harmful effects of GMO's
and their sister pesticides, with the same ferocity that companies like Monsanto, Dow,
DuPont and Syngenta are when trying to approve these products. Write your Cngressmen,
and Senators and please donate to companies like Earth Justice so that they have the
means and tools necessary to fight for us. It's apparent that the United Dtates Govermment
does not listen to individual citizens alone but rather only to masses of citizens. Please get involved we need to unite and fight back! For out rights, health, freedoms, future generations, current generations, and for the survival of out planet. If we destroy Earth we currently have no other place to go, we live in paradise among the stars and planets in the sky, so let's keep it that way.... SAY NO TO GMO!!! DEMAND IT! FORCE THE GOVERNMENT TO LISTEN AND ACT! The constitution does not read we the Government and destructive corporations, it reads WE THE PEOPLE!

The link provided does not work. When you fill out the form, it says certain fields are required even tho you have filled them out. The form can not be submitted. Furthermore, GMOs are harmful and the only economic benefit from their use is for the companies that manufacture them.

I have had several health scares in the last few years and when I have cut all possible GMO's, (that I've been able to identify) out of my diet, my health has improved dramatically. My scares have been digestion and skin related. I want to easily identify foods that are GMO's and foods that contain GMO ingredients. I don't think that's too much to ask from a moral and ethical perspective, but clearly it is. We need regulations requiring this information be a part of the labeling process.

Please share your story of health improvement at, click on "action". We are collecting hundreds of stories! We would really appreciate it :)

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