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"State of the Climate" is Obama's Challenge

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28 January 2014, 8:45 PM
President can't rely on fossil fuels to achieve climate change goals
President Obama delivers the 2014 State of the Union Address. (White House Photo)

(The following is a statement from Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address.)

We are encouraged that President Obama made climate change a centerpiece of his speech tonight. We applaud his commitment to facing this challenge, for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

President Obama has taken courageous actions so far to back this commitment. His leadership in achieving strong clean car standards has been a huge accomplishment, and we are thrilled with his leadership in tackling carbon pollution from power plants, the nation’s largest source of climate change pollution. And tonight, the President went further and affirmed that we can’t allow destructive energy development on our pristine public lands.

The success of the President’s climate plan and our children's future depends on viewing all fossil fuels decisions through the lens of climate impacts, as the president has said he would do for the Keystone XL pipeline. Those agencies responsible for drilling off our coasts, fracking, mountaintop removal, and fossil fuel exports have to prioritize climate change just as the EPA is doing, and the President needs to ensure that they do.

An ‘all-of-the-above energy strategy’ cannot work for the President’s own climate action plan and the climate vision he espoused tonight. All energy sources were not created equal. Clean energy is better for our families, communities, future generations, and American competitiveness. The United States should be placing our bets on 'best of the above,' not 'all of the above.' The President rightly called out the need to invest in solar energy that can power our homes and our economy rather than fossil fuels.

While the President touted natural gas, we shouldn't be committing ourselves to a future fueled by gas. The President is right that we must protect air and water and stop the methane pollution coming from the gas sector now. But we should not be locking ourselves into fossil fuel dependence that doesn’t pass the President’s own climate test.

Yesterday I received the latest copy of the news letter, and at the very top under the section of 2014 Docket it read: "Earthjustice uses the power of the LAW to protect peoples health, preserve magnificent places and wild life, advance clean energy, and combat climate change". After reading this (several times!) it dawned on me why I keep donating to organizations like Earthjustice, to keep fighting the same old problems. It's not because these organizations are miss using the money, but because people like Big Oil, Big Ranching, Big Minning, & deeper pockets are all breaking the laws or at least stretching them in their favor as much as they can. Read those first seven words of the credo again and tell me if I'm wrong!! We shouldn't have to be in court rooms trying to convince some judge to find in favor of THE LAW!! If we are not fighting the judges, then we have to fight departments like the Environmentel Protection Agency to force them to uphold their own rules!!! WTF!! This makes no sense what so ever, and it is just going to continue until we get tough enough to throw a few of them in prison, before things are going to change. Nothing short of that is going to work!! Thank you, Denny

With most of the energy supply solutions off the table. How does Earthjustice plan to heat my Minnesota home at my near minimum wage job?

Where is Earthjustice's total America energy plan, white paper?

It's a well proven FACT that electricity can be taken directly from the Air and the government is directly involved in keeping it off the market or even being pursued. With the energy industry as powerful as it is and the number of people that it employs it's not at all hard to see why.

Once capitalism is finally dead then the chances for innovative power generation will be possible but not until then because every politician in the country is a devout capitalist regardless of the facts. Just like Bill Maher would refer to Republicans being in the bubble and not allow the facts to change their minds the Democrats are just as guilty when it comes to capitalism. The obvious fact that in 80 years it has failed, twice, completely escapes them and just like an addict you have to acknowledge there's a problem before you can start to look for a cure. I'm not saying that communism or socialism is the answer but we really need to find an alternative to this capitalism before there's no hope for humanity.

That said renewable energy sources have to be developed on the individual basis and used only to augment exist energy sources until everyone has the ability and then we can just cut the plug all at once. In a sense just get the technology out to keep the demand stagnant and eventually the suckling can be ended but not until we can all produce our own energy.

The best way to start and get a stronghold is to provide energy generating devices out to remote villages in Africa and South America and create a cartel that doesn't include the big guys.

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