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Wolf Packs Targeted by Idaho Eradication Plan

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17 January 2014, 2:08 PM
Seven wolves dead as Earthjustice seeks restraining order
Two members of Idaho's Golden wolf pack, which is targeted for extermination. (Hobbit Hill Films LLC)

Despite enacting the world’s first and best endangered species law, our hatred toward the wolf continues to loom large in some parts of this country. Consider Idaho, where the wolf lost its endangered species listing in 2011 and faces hostile measures.

During the past two weeks, Earthjustice has been in court asking a federal judge to halt Idaho's unprecedented program to kill two wolf packs deep within the largest forested wilderness area in the lower-48 states. These wolves live on federal land, miles and miles away from ranches and civilization. As of Friday, seven had been killed by a hunter-trapper hired by the state.

Idaho's goal is to grow elk populations for outfitters and recreational hunters. To that end, the state's Department of Fish and Game sent its hunter-trapper deep into the 2.4-million-acre Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness to exterminate the Golden and Monumental packs. The U.S. Forest Service, which is responsible for preserving the wilderness on behalf of the American people, literally opened the door for the extermination program by providing use of a Forest Service cabin to support wolf extermination activities.

The Golden Pack and Monumental pack wolves are featured in the second half of “River Of No Return,” a film featured in the Nature series on PBS that can be viewed for free online. It offers a compelling depiction of the animals and the wilderness environment that we are fighting to preserve in this case.

With a wider angle lens, we’re also in court to challenge the federal government’s premature removal of Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in Wyoming, a state that now allows shoot-on-sight killing of wolves in more than 80 percent of its area.

Since the government’s 2012 delisting of wolves in Wyoming, 130 wolves have been killed, including numerous wolves that normally reside in Yellowstone National Park but occasionally cross the park boundary into Wyoming, where they fall under the jurisdiction of a state with a track record of hostility toward wolves. Among the wolves killed is one known as 832F, who was the alpha female of a frequently watched pack long studied by Yellowstone wolf researchers.

For more than 20 years, Earthjustice has been fighting to protect wolves and their native ecosystems. Last December, Earthjustice and our coalition partners delivered nearly one million letters to the Department of Interior, urging the Obama administration to not delist wolves nationally. The proposed rule is under consideration now. Those of us that find the cruelty of Idaho, Wyoming and other wolf-killing states intolerable will be watching.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Some computer geek out there needs to send all comments to all of the listed representatives in Utah then also to Wyoming!!!! Please!!

It would really be a shame if that "Hitman" somehow got his foot stuck in his own trap, etc.. I am so sick of the "ruling" class. Vote them out of office or don't put them in positions of power if they disregard "We The People". Those who kill by the sword (gun), die by the sword (gun?). Gee, where did that quote come from.

I hope Utah and Wyoming get overrun with real vermin, like rats etc.. Even though wolves go after large prey, when hungry they will go after small vermin.

Check out wildlife numbers in Utah for example.

Idaho's "leadership":

Governor "Butch" Otter

Senator James E. Risch

Senator Mike Crapo

Representative Raul Labrador

Representative Mike Simpson





Hunting should be banned! All the talk about gun laws, no one mentions how many of these so called "Hunters" are killed! Man is the cruelest being on this planet. Not all, but most are destroying this planet! Instead of wasting money on these poor animals, just leave them alone nature will take its course. Spend the money on all the children in this country that are homeless, are being abused, being starved!
Our priorities are a mess! Or better yet have a drastic pay cut for all our wonderful congressman including our president and feed these babies! Give them a warm place to live!
Give them Health Ins.? That's a joke! If they had food and a warm place to live their health would be better! Then give them Health Ins. Food, Heat, an affordable place to live.Should be every ones right to have! Leave all these poor animals alone! Man has to wake up and take care of its children they are suffering beyond belief!

Better not bring those wolves to my area I have a large cattle ranch and if they was to kill my calves or mess with my Angus herd I would shoot ever lasting one of them. You rich cats who run this stupid site have nothing better else to do, plus anything coming out of California is nothing nasty, nasty and stupid. I've been through that crazy ridiculous state!!

It amazes me that man knows there is a circle of life and each animal either small or large has a place in the circle of life. If man destroys any animal he interrupt the flow of nature. I only wish some day man sees he time, space and place in the world with everything the Good Lord created.

It won't be "Men" who destroy the world, these "Killers" don't fit that definition.

Idaho's Governor and all of Idaho's Congressmen and Representatives are Republicans.

About three percent of the "human" population carry Neanderthal genes and I believe DNA tests would prove that they did not descend from the same "human" ancestors that reasonable people did.

The court will drag its feet until both packs have been murdered, such is the power of big money - the likes of the Kochs, Otter, Siddoway, and other land- and power hungry folks. They can buy anyone to do their bidding and murdering, from bounty hunters to the White House. Wildlife Services has been in their employ for as long as it exists, slaughtering over a half a million wild animals per year in our most remote and wild areas where cattle and sheep have no business being or as in this particular case are not even there. Our tax dollars are spent to subsidize these same folks mentioned above because they see our public domain as their private property to use and abuse as they like. People keep allowing these folks to get away with it. What will it take to stop them? What needs to be done to stop this once and for all?

Surely there must be a better way to solve this wolf vs human problem. Our knee-jerk reaction to just annihilate a species is beneath us! We are smarter than this! We are better than this! - or so I thought...

We destroy our planet, we destroy ourselves.

I hope and pray that anyone that harms ANY animal will also suffer the same fate for eternity!!! I hate you killers! Satan can't wait to get his hands on you!

There is this saying ... treat others as you would like to be treated. We humans were not born into this world to be evil (or nice), it is a CHOICE, a CONSCIOUS CHOICE! All humans have a choice to help or to hurt. HUMANS ARE DEFINITELY NOT SUPERIOR OR BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLANET, it's so blatantly obvious that we're not because of our actions towards other living sentient beings and how we treat them EVEN other humans. We were NOT put here to abuse ANYTHING & animals were NOT put here for us humans to mistreat! What have they ever done to us humans to deserve this horrible treatment? The pain & suffering we humans put animals through is disgraceful, appalling, & barbaric … it’s totally unnecessary and the ill treatment and abuse of animals is deplorable. No animal should endure torture, starvation, abuse, or mistreatment of any kind that inflicts unwarranted pain or suffering. It's absolutely ignorant to abuse and kill another living, breathing sentient being. As Mark Twain put it … "The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot." Every animal deserves to live free and have the freedom to be themselves—to swim, fly, and run if they please. How we treat animals shows how we treat others, it shows the type of person we are ... are we cruel and evil or kind to others?? What type of person would you like to be known as? Have a heart, please be kind and do what is right.

Totally agree with your reasoning Anon. Money talks - sadly - and rich and powerful people are behind this extermination. for reasons best known to themselves...or merely because they can. They may be rich and powerful but they are the dregs of what humanity has to offer.

Totally agree with your reasoning Anon. Money talks - sadly - and rich and powerful people are behind this extermination. for reasons best known to themselves...or merely because they can. They may be rich and powerful but they are the dregs of what humanity has to offer.

And I love you for speaking so powerfully and true! Your words echo my sentiments exactly. Thank you! So proud! DAMN THE KILLERS OF LIFE.

I soooooooo agree with you guys 100%. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! I’m a VERY passionate person/human when it comes to animals and what humans are doing to them and after reading this the blood in my body boiled with hatred for those humans that are doing this barbaric treatment of these amazing, beautiful animals. I’m so appalled and utterly disgusted at this savage behavior that humans are doing to these innocent animals. WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE TO US HUMANS TO DESERVE THIS??? It’s not their fault, there has to be another way, a better way than to wipe a species from existence. In my opinion, and I have a very strong opinion about humans that do these evil and vile things is that these humans need to comprehend the magnitude of what they’re doing, what they have done to these poor innocent animals, so the same thing should be done to them, these humans need to truly FEEL what they’re doing/have done ... it is however only fair. Do unto them as they have done.

If I had any skill in doing so, I would go out to that FS cabin & hunt me some 'vermin'. Yes, I said it. It's time for environmentalists to get physically aggressive. Stuff like this, and the other major issues we fight for will never be won be only words. As a country, we need to slowly but surely 'disappear' all those individuals who have made decisions, on purpose, which harm humanity, the earth, or wild animals. Then we should take all the children who no longer have mommies & daddies doing evil works, & raise them into respect & love. Selfishness should be actively shunned & derided in public settings. We need to turn our communities into active incubators for understanding our place in the earth's balance & what we can, no, should do, to be responsible stewards & inhabitants. All creatures except man simply live their life; many humans feel they need to live other creature's lives for them.

I know it's a rough & dirty transition plan, but there seems to be no way to be effective in this sort of thing via words alone.

WOW! I so agree with you, hunt the true vermin here let's see how they like it. "Those individuals who have made decisions, on purpose, which harm humanity, the earth, or wild animals" ... should be no more, it's all because of those individuals that have caused problems with what is happening to this world today and I am ashamed to be part of a race that has become so evil and vile to everything on this planet. I am sick and tired of reading, seeing, hearing what humans have done, they're destroy everything that is good on this planet ... even other humans. Seriously, what is wrong with us?? It's disturbing. Look at the weather ... we humans are a cause of that. Something to be proud of huh??? What will be left for our children, what kind of example are we teaching our children? Very disturbing indeed. I can tell you I'm not a perfect person, no one is and no one should think they are but I can honestly say that I do everything I possibly can to help the planet and all that lives here and frankly I expect every other human to do the same thing, this planet belongs to ALL of us, this is OUR home and we should respect EVERYTHING on this planet ... humans, animals, plants, the environment ... EVERYTHING otherwise OUR home will be no more. We humans need to RESPECT AND PROTECT.

Why can't people look beyond themselves?? I know it is "human" nature to be greedy, selfish, hypocritical, judgmental, and materialistic but to a certain degree ... so why do we humans have to go above and beyond being greedy, selfish, hypocritical, judgmental, and materialistic?? Why can't they think about others in a kind way for a change?? Think about the planet and what's on it? Think about not littering, think about recycling, and think about not hurting others??? Haven't humans done enough damage to the world and its inhabitants? Isn't it time for humans to start doing what is right?? It is a choice, let's make the right choice and HELP those that truly need to be helped and stop being so gosh darn greedy and selfish.

While you wouldn't exactly get away with that particular conflict reduction method anywhere in any human society, I, too, am tired of seeing years of my money dumped into failures to protect wolves.

I do a few minor things to help prevent illegal activities on public and other wild lands, and would like to encourage you to go ahead and personally engage with those who persist in attempting to kill or destroy North America's native species and their habitats.

Having traveled with a wolf, introducing him and explaining his actions and communications to many individuals over this time, i recognize the importance of learning - in this case learning that the wolf is a highly conscious, deliberate individual, showing logic in every one of his actions and signals. Science is coming around to recognizing that consciousness, differential behavior toward different species and individuals, is the most efficient way for a neurologically equipped organism to function.
Humans have crazily killed any species not financially enriching them for centuries, and for humans to be able to do this, we use false stereotypes and inherently false generalities.
The wolf, essentially the apex predator of North America and other northern climes, has suffered from the emigration of humans from tropic and hot temperate lands. We are invaders, strangers in the land of the wolf, who is comfortable where we need shelter, hot where we are cold.
The wolf is in a word, natural to this continent, this land, and sufferes from the extreme disrespect of those who still do not understand its necessary part in evolution,.
A far older species than ours, the wolf species consists of highly variable individuals just as we claim to be. It is a more obligate social animal, living their lives either in bonds of relationship or seeking such bonding.
It is both kinder to other individuals within its social sphere (with individual variation - some, like some humans, are quite different personalities and reflect this in their interaction), and more tolerant of most other species. It does tend to strongly reduce coyotes, but without the consistent determination to eradicate shown by humans - thus the coyote has developed into a very wily, fast mesopredator and scavenger in wolf country.
In comparison with humans, however, it does not, has never attempted to eradicate snakes, vultures, eagles, hawks, plant species, entire forests, nor does it fragment habitat.
In the egregious efforts of humans to ravish (exploit, rape, take and never return to nature) the entire scope of North American environments, we see an animal which, although I disagree with epithet as such false branding is our own cognitive failure, comes closest to the connotation of the word you used, vermin.

In human actions toward wolf,we do see a monstrous sociopathic tendency - perhaps unleashed because we have such unlimited power - the gun, the pretension to the earth as personal property (Forever foreign to the wolf - he still, in old age, looks at me to see if I will prevent him from entering "private"property, as he and his kind recognizes the whole scheme as a social/danger issue.), essentially what Garret Hardin 1/2 century ago recognized as the tragedy of the commons - whatever is vulnerable to any human exploitation will suffer from individual humans, unless strong restrictions to our behavior are in effect.
Because this culture specifically, fails to protect living, intelligent individuals of another species from wanton murder by individuals of our own, once again, it might be of final value for you to check the pickups parked in wolf season, and see what you can find out about their owners. Should they be numbered among those psychopathic killers, there is a spectrum of possibilities open to you.
I cannot return to that country while the wolf here yet lives, and could only revisit during his active life. The failure to control those who would kill the wolf and the political destruction resulting from their pressures are indeed a tragedy of worldwide proportions.

All I got out of this whole thing was ... would like to ENCOURAGE you to GO AHEAD and personally engage with those who persist in attempting to KILL or DESTROY North America's native species and their habitats. So you're saying that you agree with the killings of these magnificant creatures??

Why would man's greed surprise you and why would the senseless slaughter of wolfs be any different, the people who shoot deer and elk for game think it's ok, for the trophy they hang on their wall. Looks great to them. Shame on you Idaho, most of you are Mormon, or is that morons, and all life is sacred.You who support big game hunting are not much different from murdering God's Creatures. I just can't understand doing that and making money off the pain and agony of killing for profit.

Its obvious that our culture of death and greed will not stop until it has destroyed itself....we can only hope that it collapses sooner than later, otherwise there will be nothing left.

Human life is no higher form than any other on this earth. All life has the possibility of death? Our culture has a an innate hostility toward all life in general. We are like a virus that plagues this earth...let us die in shame for what we have done.

Please STOP this insanity !!

I couldn't have said it any better myself! Shame on any state that thinks that the wolf doesn't belong here! I hear hunters whine all the time that "the wolves are killing all the elk!"
The animals the wolves kill feed them and any carnivore that happens upon the carcus. Be it coyotes, eagles, ravens, fox etc......the list goes on. It's the Lords way of keeping nature in check!
Leave them alone! Let mother nature take care of her children! She has her way of dealing with over population! Maybe you mormons need to check into overpopulation!

I couldn't have said it any better myself! Shame on any state that thinks that the wolf doesn't belong here! I hear hunters whine all the time that "the wolves are killing all the elk!"
The animals the wolves kill feed them and any carnivore that happens upon the carcus. Be it coyotes, eagles, ravens, fox etc......the list goes on. It's the Lords way of keeping nature in check!
Leave them alone! Let mother nature take care of her children! She has her way of dealing with over population! Maybe you mormons need to check into overpopulation!

These two wolf packs live far from man and civilization. They are a necessary part of our checks and balances culling out the weaker, young , and sick animals. It is asinine that we need to annihilate these animals so we can have more elk for organized hunting. This slaughter of two family groups is barbaric. Idaho sanctioning this makes me sick, your department of Fish and Wildlife should be fired.. When we go camping I will avoid your state .


It make take some time, but two things need to be done and the slaughter of these magnificent animals will end. Hunting is a privilege, not a right and since only 7% of the population hunts, why aren't animal lovers, people with compassion and the general non public hunting flexing enough muscle to abolish killing animals for "sport" and relegate this senseless slaughter to the dust bins of history. Its time the 7% minority answers to the 93% majority!

Just think how powerful the hunting lobby is and since their numbers are microscopic for only representing about 7% of the population, if we mobilized the other 93% and really committed ourselves to our cause, hunting itself would definitely be on the endangered list and before long it would be history. It can be done people, there is no written law in our Constitution that guarantees the promotion of killing animals for "sport" or hunters promoting their sick idea of recreation.

Get involved today! Join a group like Earthjustice, or The Defenders of Wildlife, be sure to write your elected officials, the Forest Service, The US Fish and Wildlife Service etc. I have been doing it for years and now more than ever, we have Politicians open to revolutionary ideas and agenda's.

Its time the 93% of the non hunting public has their say and we must stand united, offer no compromise and fight relentlessly to stop the killing of wildlife, which under the constitution, is the property of every citizen in the United States.

If we own it, then lets fight for it. We must stop hunting and establish real "conservation," by using responsible ecologists, implementing methods based on real wildlife science and replace the current crop of biased commercial Biologist's working for the hunting lobby, and wildlife commissions thus promoting the same outdated, non sensible, wildlife management principles which today has left our wildlife and environment in total disarray.

I truly hate killing as a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

What can we as individuals do to help stop this? It is tragic.

We're all just too damn polite to call a spade a spade - it's the 'vermin' who are killing the wolves. The fact that a creature walks upright does not make it 'human'.

This is a bad idea... you are going to end up with too many elk for the land to support, and very likely, you will have too many to be effectively controlled with hunting. There is a reason that the predator/prey relationship evolved in nature. These wolves do not seem to be posing a threat to ranchers or other humans. Stop this ill-advised policy now.

Senseless killing for what purpose and to serve who? Just stop it !!!

As an Idaho resident, I am surrounded by people that would kill a wolf on site. This is cattle and sheep country. The hate for wolves is bred in. I'm a native that somehow missed this gene. There is one thing most don't know about these new wolves. They can also be sport killers. The wolf that was re-introduced to Idaho was a Canadian Timber wolf. NOT A NATIVE species. The wolves that were here had learned to stay far away from humans. The enviornment for these new wolves had an extremely good food source, a severely overpopulated elk and deer population. Not to mention cattle and the easiest prey of all, sheep. These new wolves re-populated at an extradorinarily fast rate. We have seen them in the valley where I live. The people that brought in these new wolves did not do the wolves a great service. They brought in the wrong animal. Some control work is unfortunately required. But not a mass slaughter. I'm not a wolf "lover", but I am a wolf "sympathizer"

"The people that brought in these new wolves did not do the wolves a great service". SO, the gist of all this is that the human once again is at fault and because of their mistake they are trying to clean up THEIR mess by killing these animals ... boy - o - boy the human race is become more of a VERMON every single day. It's ebarassing and shameful. No animal should be treated like this. This is barbaric and it needs to be stopped. We’re supposed to be the superior being here but we sure as hell don’t act like it when we humans do things like this to innocent animals. What is wrong with us? What they’re doing is MURDER and they need to understand what it feels like, do unto them as they have done.

Has any of them ever read "Never Cry Wolf" by Farley Mowat? (Great and funny book) He proved that wolves are not the major cause of elk population declines - it is HUNTERS, not wolves!! Two packs cannot have that much effect in the entire state - it's just an excuse to kill wolves. This is inexpressibly sad.

Greed (as someone else suggested) is coupled with POLITICS. This is all about making money for hunting interests, tour guides (to hunting parties) and outfitters--big influencers in the state of Idaho, along with ranches of course. In this case, because of the location of the packs, it's mainly the hunting lobby that's driving the extermination of these packs. The federal government should remain neutral, but that's where politics comes in and carries the day (as well as the dead carcasses of these poor wolves trying to survive and live their lives in THEIR wilderness). It would be one thing if these packs were marauding in populated areas and preying on livestock, family pets and so forth. That's not the case. This slaughter is symptomatic of this country as whole over the past couple decades--selfish and driven by a political system that sells itself to the highest bidder.

As we move into 2014 I find that we have not made much progress as a species. The wildlife of this planet has taken the cruel brunt of our selfishness, ego, and instinct of survival above all else. "How will we feed the growing population...?" is the theme of humanity today. We do not keep ourselves in check, its time cull our herd. War, domestic violence against women and children, man's continued inhumanity to man, insane farming practices that murders the very system that feeds all of life as we know it and then
greed ... These traits make up our true nature and legacy thus far. Instead of doing things correctly and morally from the start, we just go ahead and do the same thing over and over again, History repeats as faithfully as the sun rises each day. Then the results are swept out to sea, wafted up to the heavens or buried only as deep as we can dig, only to surface again, embarrassingly and wreak havoc with our health and that of the planet. Is it not strange that man will bury his trash and waste in his own neighbors yard, then smile each morning without concern for the future and well being of those that will be violated when said refuse comes back to kill, infect and destroy all in its path. We are not evolved, we are not kind, we are not intelligent although at times we seem like we may be capable of it. Greed, monetary gains, religions and power rule humanity, isn't it time we admit to these foibles and make mindful, compassionate and loving decisions for our forests, seas, atmosphere and all living things from micro organisms to the largest living beings first. Them first, us second, only then we will find peace and harmony together and finally evolve as a species.
Wake up humanity, the trash is burning and we are next.. !!!

Shameful !!


The slaughter of wolves is barbaric and only serves the big ranchers interests. Most American s do not condone this slaughter of one of our countries biggest icons. STOP THE SLAUGHTER.....

Mankind/man is as ignorant and cruel as ever. Killing for killing sake. When will we live in total harmony with all of GOD S creations. This trapping is very cruel what a bunch of insensitive hillbillies.

This mass extermination inhumane. That is reason enough to put a stop to it. But, taking out the top predator in an ecosystem is detrimental to every species within that system. This includes humans, Stop this short-sighted policy that only benefits one moneyed interest group.

GREED , greed, greed .... This is what this has all come down to! Being a vet tech, the more I'm around humans, the more I like animals! This whole situation is inexcusable ! not only the horrid slaughter of such a beautiful animal who we've put OUR TAX DOLLARS INTO SAVING(!) , but the out right , obvious audacity, of this State to ignore and challenge all the legal decisions that have been made in the past. Why doesn't someone, from our government, who has the legal right, step in and put a stop to this!?? Or, would that constitute as WORK to another member of our government!?

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