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January 28, 2015 | Blog Post

Politics Leave People Gasping For Breath

For years, doctors have been saying that the nation's standards for ozone pollution, more commonly called smog, aren't strong enough to protect kids, asthmatics, seniors and many others in communities throughout the nation. Thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks each year are linked to this form of pollution, which is created from the exhaust of power plants, factories, cars and trucks.

January 27, 2015 | Legal Document

EPA Response Letter to AVGAS Petition

A response to a petition filed by environmental groups urging the agency to address lead emissions from aviation gasoline –– the largest source of airborne lead emissions in the country

January 26, 2015 | Blog Post

Celebrate the Protection of Some of America's Greatest Wilderness

Anyone who has ever stood in awe of a beautiful place, anyone who has ever felt humbled by the magnificence of nature, anyone who has ever been moved by the sight of an animal in the wild, and anyone who has ever wanted to save something precious -- anything precious -- should celebrate today. This is because yesterday, aboard Air Force One, the President announced a proposal to designate more than 12 million acres of the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness.


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