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Diane Lewis Joins Earthjustice Board

Earthjustice welcomes physician, author and consultant to its Board of Trustees
February 14, 2017
San Francisco, CA —

Diane Lewis, founder of the nonprofit organization The Great Healthy Yard Project, has agreed to join the Earthjustice Board of Trustees. An M.D., she speaks regularly about the impact of water quality on health and has written opinion pieces about health and the environment for major newspapers like The Baltimore Sun and The New York Times.

Diane Lewis, Earthjustice Board of Trustees.
Diane Lewis, Earthjustice Board of Trustees.

“As a doctor and a mother, I understand the importance of clean air and water,” Lewis said. “The health of our families depends on it. Earthjustice is the legal firepower behind so many environmental organizations. Our lawyers are our strongest advocates when it comes to enforcing the laws that protect our water and air.”

Her book, The Great Healthy Yard Project, won the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Awards silver medal for Home and Garden Books. Lewis also received the 2015 Advocate Award from Environmental Advocates of New York, the 2016 Environmental Champion Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for The Great Healthy Yard Project, and in May 2016, the Zone III Conservation Award from The Garden Club of America.

“Earthjustice is excited to welcome Diane to the Board of Trustees,” said Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen. “She understands the necessity of clean water, clean air and a healthy environment in protecting public health. She will be a great resource and advocate for Earthjustice.”

Lewis is an environmental health consultant and serves on the board of Audubon New York and is also a member of the Bedford Garden Club, the Town of Bedford Planning Board and the Town of Bedford Open Space Acquisition Committee.


Phillip Ellis, Senior Press Secretary, Earthjustice, 202-745-5221