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Smog in the Nation's Capital

Case Overview

The Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly approved inadequate plans to impove air quality in the nation's capital and Earthjustice has repeatedly filed suit to force the agency to obey the law. The agency -- and the city -- are stubborn, however, and the case goes on.

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Case Updates

February 2, 2011 | Feature

A Success Story, with Many Chapters Still to Come

The Clean Air Act has substantially improved the lives of millions of Americans. Polluting industries have fought progress every step of the way. To protect your right to breathe, Earthjustice is working to ensure polluting industries don’t stand in the way of clean air protections.

June 3, 2010 | Feature

Our Lungs v. Smog: Closing In On A Win

Air quality and public health could drastically improve in the United States if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency enacts stronger ozone protections now under consideration.

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