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Challenging Inadequate Protections for Salmon in the Northwest Forest Plan

Sockeye salmon.

Sockeye salmon.

Xuanlu Wang / Shutterstock

What's at Stake

Earthjustice successfully challenged an attempt by the Bush administration to hamstring salmon protection in Northwest forests.

Case Overview

The Northwest Forest Plan was written to balance timber demand with wildlife needs. One part—the Aquatic Conservation Strategy—aimed to protect salmon and clean water. The Bush administration drastically weakened the strategy, and on March 30, 2007, a federal court found that administration acted illegally by suppressing scientific evidence.

Case ID

05680, 05607


Case Updates

January 10, 2006 | Legal Document

Aquatic Conservation Strategy Complaint

Files suit to protect the Northwest’s watersheds by reinstating scientifically-supported logging rules in the Northwest Forest Plan's Aquatic Conservation Strategy (May 27, 2004)

May 12, 2002 | Feature

The Forest and the Trees

Starting after World War II, and accelerating rapidly with the administration of Ronald Reagan, the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest were being felled at a rate that would seem to make them disappear altogether within decades. Litigation to save the northern spotted owl from extinction slowed the rate of logging dramatically in the nick of time.

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