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Highwood Power Plant Challenge

Case Overview

Earthjustice, on behalf of local conservation groups, challenged state and federal authorizations for the Highwood Generating Station, a 250-MW coal-fired power plant proposed by a small group of eastern Montana electricity cooperatives known as the Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative. Earthjustice also challenged a $600 million federal subsidy of this power plant -- a power plant that would produce pollutants and greenhouse gases for decades to come.

This proposed plant would have been built on top of one of the last preserved campsites of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the National Park Service has reported that its destruction would represent "an irreparable loss to the national heritage of our country."

In February, 2009, the backers of the plant announced that they are reversing course and will instead build natural gas and wind energy facilities, and in August, 2009, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality revoked the air quality permit for the plant.

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Case Updates

July 2, 2008 | Legal Document

Highwood Petition (6/30/08)

Lawsuit to compel the Montana DEQ to limit CO2 emissions from a proposed new coal-fired power plant.

July 23, 2007 | Legal Document

Montana RUS Coal Complaint

Lawsuit challenging federal financing of a new coal-fired power plant in Montana

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