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Oil Refineries and Hazardous Waste

Case Number # 1768

As a favor to U.S. oil refineries, EPA has exempted hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous wastes produced at refineries (over 300,000 tons annually) from stringent federal regulation. With a sweep of the pen, these wastes are no longer considered "hazardous" if converted into gas and burned at the refineries. The waste, however, is known to be toxic, carcinogenic and prone to combust spontaneously and thus poses grave hazards to our air, water, and the communities in which it is stored, transported and burned.

Earthjustice has filed suit to strike down this exemption.

Press Releases

Friday, January 28, 2011
Agency affirms Bush-era loophole exempting refineries’ hazardous waste from public health and safety requirements
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Agency moves to free over 300,000 tons of hazardous waste for gasification at oil refineries