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This Is How Asthma Feels

Millions of Americans suffer from asthma. However, most people don't know how brutal it is to live with the disease. Breathing is a fundamental right, yet every day air pollution affects our right to breathe clean air.

People who suffer from asthma often say an attack feels like breathing through a pool of water or with a pillow covering their face.

In the United States, asthma is a bona fide public health epidemic: 17 million adults and 7 million children suffer from the disease. In thousands of severe cases, people die. Environmental triggers, like air pollution, can cause and exacerbate asthma—it's critically important that we defend existing clean air protections and work for new ones.

Smog is a Silent Killer

EPA needs to hear from you on stronger smog protections

EPA is asking to hear from the public on its proposal to strengthen the ozone standard. Tell EPA to follow the science, which supports a 60ppb ozone standard to protect us from asthma, heart attacks, and premature death.

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. But we all need to fight for it. Send your comment today

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The Right To Breathe

Every time you blow out a candle, every time you blow a bubble, you declare the right to breathe. Air pollution threatens that right. The Clean Air Act defends it. Everyone has the right to breathe. Clean air should be a fundamental right. Watch the Right to Breathe video.