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EPA: Ban This Toxic Pesticide

Trump's EPA is allowing the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos onto your food. We're taking them to court to stop this madness.

Ban this pesticide

On February 24, 2017, President Trump gave Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris a small present: the pen he used to sign an executive order on regulatory “reform.”

On March 29, Trump’s EPA gave Dow a much bigger present.

They are refusing to ban Dow's toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos. The pesticide attacks kids' minds, giving them reduced IQ, memory loss and attention deficit disorders. It sickens workers, causing tremors and vomiting.

Earthjustice attorney Patti Goldman is in court fighting the decision.

Chlorpyrifos was banned from residential use 17 years ago. So, why is it still used on our food? Join our fight to ban this pesticide.

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