The Latest by Jessica Ennis

Legislative Director, Climate & Energy

From 2008-2022, Jessica Ennis was part of the Policy & Legislation team in Washington, D.C., advocating for the protection of people, public lands, and the environment from the potentially devastating impacts of oil and gas development.

The U.S. Capitol building.
July 2, 2020

Five Takeaways From the House Select Committee’s Climate Crisis Action Plan

The roadmap includes bold policies that Earthjustice and our partners have championed.

Earthjustice’s Jessica Ennis recounts how environmentalists scored a surprise victory in Washington this week.
May 12, 2017

A Day to Savor: Beating Big Oil on Capitol Hill

Earthjustice’s Jessica Ennis recounts how environmentalists scored a surprise victory in Washington this week.

solar panels
April 1, 2016

Speaking Truth to Power (Companies)

The utility industry has launched a sophisticated disinformation campaign to thwart the development of solar energy and protect investors in coal and natural gas.

Methane: in November 2015, 35 people from 12 different states came to Washington, D.C. with one message: clean up the oil and gas industry’s air pollution.
November 30, 2015

Methane Fighters Take on Washington

Thirty-five people from 12 different states visited Washington, D.C., to share their stories with their representatives in an effort to build support for the EPA’s newly proposed Methane Pollution Standard.
Earthjustice and partner groups flew 35 people from 12 states to Washington D.C. to tell policy makes just how much methane pollution from oil and gas drilling has compromised their health.

In November, local elected officials went to Washington, D.C., to protest lax crude-by-rail regulations.
December 2, 2014

Locals Protest Lax Crude-by-Rail Regulations

Local communities are fed up with lax crude-by-rail regulations, so last month they took their complaints straight to Washington, D.C. and the Department of Transportation.

January 8, 2013

Arctic Needs Independent Review Of Drilling

Today, the Department of the Interior announced a 60-day assessment of the 2012 drilling program in the Arctic Ocean. Earthjustice legislative representative Jessica Ennis issued this statement: A review of Arctic Ocean drilling is the only reasonable option, given the continuous parade of mistakes in Shell’s operations. However, that review must be thorough, independent and …