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Noa Banayan was an intern with the Policy & Legislation team in Washington, D.C. for the spring 2016 semester.

Orhan Cam/Shutterstock
March 29, 2016

Surveys Show Major Gap Between Voters and Their Representatives on Global Warming

Nearly two thirds of Americans agree that global warming is happening, yet the same proportion of voters is currently represented by climate change deniers in Congress.

El jefe
February 24, 2016

Only Known Wild Jaguar in the U.S. Spotted in Arizona

America’s last known wild jaguar, El Jefe, has been spotted on camera, highlighting the need to protect critical wildlife from extinction.

Climate change drought
February 2, 2016

No Big Surprise: 2015 was the Hottest Year on Record

Global temperatures in 2015 broke all previous records, beating 2014 and setting us up for an even warmer 2016.