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Most Popular unEarthed Reads Of 2011

A Top 10 Countdown of the most read blogs from Unearthed.

Fans of unEarthed know Earthjustice has been sharing (and sometimes breaking) news on our blog this year. Which stories posted in 2011 generated the most reads?

Here is our Top Ten Countdown for the year:

#10 January 7, 2011
Commission Blames Entire Oil Industry for Gulf Oil Spill
Since last April 20, when BP’s well rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and sank, we’ve been referring to the ensuing oil flood as “the BP oil spill.” Today, as we analyze a preliminary report from the federal government’s oil spill commission, we are inclined to change our reference.

#9 October 21, 2011
Major Victory -- Court Reinstates Roadless Rule
In a major victory for Earthjustice and its supporters, today the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated The Roadless Rule, which protects nearly 50 million acres of National Forest lands against exploitation. Tom Turner, who literally wrote the book ("Roadless Rules") on the case, provides some background here.

#8  March 17, 2011
Congress v. Endangered Species - Wolves Up For A Vote
The fate of gray wolves—and of the Endangered Species Act itself—may be voted on at any time in the climax of an historic struggle in Congress over budgeting and political philosophy.

#7 September 22, 2011
House Passes TRAIN Act/Wreck
We all deserve to breathe clean air, but the House of Representatives today acted as if our air doesn't need to be quite so clean.

#6 October 14, 2011
Let's Unplug Dirty, Old Coal Plants
Across the nation, old coal-fired power plants are gasping for their last breath, having survived long past their prime because of political favors and weak government regulations. They would have died decades ago if not for a fateful policy compromise in the late 1970s that exempted existing power plants from new air quality standards in the Clean Air Act.

#5 September 24, 2011
Preparing To Stop Shell's Latest Arctic Scheme
The Palmyra Atoll is a tropical coral reef island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It’s warm, tiny and far from the vast, frigid Arctic. And yet these distant, disparate places are as alike in one sense as any two places on Earth.

#4 December 12, 2011
Obama's Historic Chance To Control Coal Pollution
This Friday, the Obama administration has the historic opportunity to rein in a coal industry that has been allowed to pour toxic emissions like mercury, benzene and arsenic into our lives without limit.

#3 July 22, 2011
Greetings From "Frackistan"
Up and down the Rockies, in Texas, across much of the northeast, and perhaps soon in your community, engaged citizens are coming together to prevent the harms of rampant gas development.

#2 June 21, 2011
Collusion in Kansas Force-Feeds Coal Power
Americans are worried about their government. We imagine backroom deals are cut, fates are foretold and the little guy always gets shafted because powerful interests own the cops.

#1 July 21, 2011
An Ill Wind Blows in Moapa
It starts with a warning. Then it's just a matter of which way the wind blows.