Cleaning Up the Danskammer Coal-Fired Power Plant

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Case Overview

The Danskammer Plant, located along the shore of the Hudson River in the town of Newburgh, New York, has been responsible for more toxic pollution than nearly all of the total 646 industrial sites in the state and numerous violations of federal air quality standards. According to EPA data, in 2009, the Danskammer plant dumped more than 1.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals into Newburgh’s air, land, and water.

One of New York state’s oldest and dirtiest coal plants, the Danskammer Plant has been shut down since October 2012.

The Sierra Club, NPCA, and Earthjustice took action in 2012 to demand modern pollution controls at the plant that would limit harmful air pollution. In December 2012, the plant’s then-owner, Dynegy Inc., announced it was selling the plant in bankruptcy proceedings and the plant would be torn down following its sale. But in November 2013, new owner Helios Power Capital indicated that it is evaluating the possibility of bringing the plant back into operation.

The groups are moving to revive an earlier lawsuit to ensure the plant doesn’t reopen.

The Danskammer Plant is located along the shore of New York's Hudson River.
The Danskammer Plant, located along New York's Hudson River, is one of the state’s oldest and dirtiest coal plants. (Imagery (c) 2014 Google)

Case Updates

Aerial view of Newburgh, a small city in the Hudson River Valley in Orange County, New York, on a cloudy autumn afternoon.
June 15, 2023 Press Release: Victory

Danskammer Energy Pauses Plans to Construct a Methane Gas Plant in Newburgh, NY

The permit proceeding will be paused for one year and Danskammer will not challenge recent rulings

June 15, 2023 document

Court order granting Danskammer’s request for a stay of the Title V permit proceeding

Court order granting Danskammer's request that the Title V permit proceeding be stayed for one year. Danskammer will not challenge recent rulings against its plans to construct a methane gas plant in Newburgh, NY.

June 9, 2022 Press Release: Victory

Danskammer Lawsuit Tossed: New York's Landmark Climate Law Upheld

Orange County judge rules Department of Environmental Conservation has authority to reject new gas plants under New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act