Defending Strong Oil And Gas Safety Laws In Colorado

After strong safety laws for oil and gas drilling were issued in Colorado, industry fought hard to undo them. Earthjustice defended the important rules and continues working to ensure they are strengthened.

Case Overview

In 2008, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission overhauled the state permitting process for oil and gas development in Colorado. Under the new regulations, public health, environmental and wildlife concerns for the first time became a central part of the permitting process.

Earthjustice represented the conservation community in the hotly-contested administrative proceedings, which lasted more than eight months. We advocated for regulations that opened the permitting process to the public and protected communities and the environment. We also worked to counter an intense campaign by the oil and gas industry to weaken the proposed rules.

After the rules were adopted in December 2008, we successfully beat back industry efforts to overturn them in the Colorado state legislature and in court. Colorado’s precedent-setting rules raised the bar for state oil and gas regulation and have served as a model for numerous other states and federal regulators in the years that followed.

Flaring in gas wells in Rifle, CO.
Flaring in gas wells in Rifle, CO. (Photo courtesy of Ecoflight)

Case Updates

February 25, 2014 Press Release

Conservation Groups’ Statement on Colorado’s Oil & Gas Air Quality Rules

Groups applaud tough, groundbreaking rules, but caution that more work remains

A fracking drill rig.
February 12, 2014 Article

Colorado Tackles Rules Governing Oil, Gas

Colorado has emerged as a western ground zero in the fracking boom, with more than 50,000 active wells in the state and 3,000 wells permitted annually on average in recent years. The state is struggling to deal with this staggering growth as well as the changing nature of the industry as operations have moved into communities along the Front Range.