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The Latest On: Northeast

January 16, 2020 | Legal Document

EPA Lead Hazard Standards Opening Brief (Case: 19-71930)

The lead hazard standards updated in June 2019 determine whether lead in homes, child-care facilities, and surrounding soil poses a risk. But the standards the Trump administration unveiled are too lax to protect families. The lawsuit was filed in the 9th Circuit on behalf of A Community Voice, California Communities Against Toxics, Healthy Homes Collaborative, New Jersey Citizen Action, New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning, WE ACT for Environmental Justice, the Sierra Club, and United Parents Against Lead.

October 21, 2019 | Letter

Comments on EPA Proposed Rule Updating Regulations on Water Quality Certification

Letter to EPA administrator on behalf of Sierra Club and undersigned to submit comments on EPA Proposed Rule Updating Regulations on Water Quality Certification. The proposed changes largely violate the Clean Water Act, will have adverse and wide-ranging consequences beyond the purported impetus for these changes, and will not fix the alleged problems EPA aims to solve. EPA should abandon this proposal; if it does not, the Proposed Rule must be significantly changed.

August 22, 2019 | Article

Toxic Chemicals Leach their Way into our Food: Report Finds Hidden Harm

Today, we are exposed to the harms of phthalates through a variety of food service polyvinyl chloride (or PVC) gloves and food packaging materials, report found. This class of birth-defect-causing chemicals are known to leach into food upon contact. Good news is that a simple fix is available.