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Policy and Legislation

The Latest On: Policy and Legislation

October 19, 2018 | Crónica

La Guía del Voto 2018

Esta es una elección de medio término, lo que implica votar por los 435 puestos de la Cámara, los 35 escaños del Senado, 36 gubernaturas estatales, tres gubernaturas de territorios anexos, muchos alcaldes y muchas normativas estatales y locales.

September 25, 2018 | Legal Document

Letter to Congress Opposing Expanded Wildlife Extinction Package

The House Natural Resources Committee meets this week for a legislative hearing on nine bills. This package of legislation would dramatically weaken the Endangered Species Act and should be labeled the “Expanded Wildlife Extinction Package.” These bills would undermine the role of science in the listing process, transfer undue authority to state officials, make it more difficult for species to gain federal protections (and easier to lose them), and undercut citizens’ vital role in helping to enforce the law. On behalf of our millions of members and activists nationwide, the signees urge you to oppose the “Expanded Wildlife Extinction Package.”