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Ending the Extraction and Burning of Fossil Fuels

Oil spills. Climate change. Mass extinction. Plastic pollution. The fossil fuel industry is the main cause of these crises through the extraction, transportation, and burning of oil, gas, and coal. Unfortunately, communities of color bear the brunt of the impacts due to generations of environmental racism.

Fossil fuel companies and their toxic products are shortening our lives and endangering the natural world around us. Yet the industry is making record profits, and the U.S. government continues to subsidize it.

Earthjustice uses the power of the law to ensure the government protects and its people, not the profits of fossil fuel executives.

When we win, communities stay healthy and we move towards a clean energy future that is equitable and just for all. Learn more about how you can join the fight.

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Photo credits: Downtown Los Angeles skyline bathed in smog. (Daniel Stein / Getty Images); Signal Hill, an affluent suburb of Long Beach, has dozens of active oil wells and derricks, many in commercial parking lots and residential areas only feet from homes. (Tara Pixley for Earthjustice); A Louisiana Bucket Brigade bicycle tour in Norco, Louisiana. (Brad Zweerink / Earthjustice)