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A Rooftop Solar System is the Solution for Puerto Rico

Illustration by Peter Hoey for Earthjustice

While most Puerto Ricans, relying on the electricity grid, lost power when Hurricane Fiona hit in 2022 — those with rooftop solar and battery storage did not lose access to electricity. Earthjustice is working on behalf of environmental, labor, and civil society groups in Puerto Rico to accelerate the transition away from dirty fossil fuels in favor of a distributed renewable energy system that ensures access to clean energy for all Puerto Ricans.

How much do solar panels and a battery for storage cost?

Solar systems will be free or discounted for those who qualify for federal funds through the Department of Energy. And those who don’t qualify can expect to spend $15,000, for a 3 kW, 10 kWh system that uses Lithium Ion batteries.

How strong are the panels?

Very strong. Solar panels can withstand 180 mph winds.

How much energy can the sun provide?

Puerto Rico gets enough sun to provide more than 4x its energy needs. And most homes in Puerto Rico, even small ones, may meet their backup power needs for essential appliances during hurricanes and power outages with rooftop solar and battery storage.

What power is supplied by a rooftop solar system?

A 3 kW system will generate on average, about 12 kWh of electricity. This is enough to provide backup electricity for a refrigerator (24 hours), lights, TV and other electronics (game consoles, mobile phone chargers, radios), clothes washing machine, and fans.

The Florida regional office wields the power of the law to protect our waterways and biodiversity, promote a just and reliable transition to clean energy, and defend communities disproportionately burdened by pollution.